International Quilt Market – Spring 2011

If any of you follow along on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I just returned from International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was an amazing, inspiring trip, but boy am I tired!

If you are not familiar with International Quilt Market, it is basically a trade show for quilt shops and manufacturers.  There is a Quilt Market twice a year that is not open to the public (just to those in the trade) and then there is a Quilt Festival twice a year that is open to everyone. 

At quilt market there are tons of booths displaying all there newest and greatest products.  The fabric designers and manufacturers are there presenting their new lines, there are quilt, handbag and clothing pattern designers, button dealers, as well as trim, thread, interfacing and quilting batting manufacturers.  You can also check out the latest new gadgets such as the “Slice” fabric cutting machine and many, many more new products.

My mom and I met in Salt Lake City.  She flew in from Houston, Texas and I flew in from Chicago, IL.  So we got to spend an entire three days together, which is very rare these days living in different parts of the county.  I did have to leave my two girls and hubby behind, but we got a ton accomplished so it was definitely worth it.

See those fun “The Cottage Mama” bags we are carrying?  Well, I ordered those through an etsy shop called “Bag Full of Posies“.  The bags are made of jute and Kellie, the owner, will print any text you would like on the bag and then adds the rosette flowers.  She coordinated our bags to match my business card.  We got lots of compliments and it made it very easy for people to know who we were. 

Sample Spree

 Seven Islands – Japanese Import Fabric

All purchases made at Quilt Market are at wholesale pricing (which means large quantities as well).  But the night before the market opens, they have what’s called a “Sample Spree” where those that are attending market can purchase smaller bundles of fabrics, notions and patterns at wholesale pricing.

I had heard that the sample spree can be a little nuts, but they weren’t kidding.  Apparently people were lining up to go in four hours prior to it opening.  My mom and I weren’t that nutty, but we did get there an hour ahead and were way far back in line.

While we were waiting in line, I met Kari from Ucreate.  I adore her blog and she saw “The Cottage Mama” on my bag and came up and introduced herself.  She and I got along great and spent even more time talking at the blogger’s meetup that occurred on Saturday night (see post HERE for more info on the meetup).  We could definitely be friends if we didn’t live so far away!  I didn’t take any pictures at the meetup, but there are many shots on the Blogger’s Meetup page.

It’s a mad dash inside as people are rushing around to grab bundles of fabric before they are sold out.  We weren’t looking for anything particular at the sample spree, so it was just fun to take it all in.  The Moda table was the busiest by far since they carry the most bundles and cuts of fabric.   

Quilt Market

For the next two full days, Mom and I walked around meeting different designers and setting up our accounts with the different fabric and trim manufacturers.  There was something like 1000 booths there, so it was definitely sensory overload.  We tried to stay really focused and managed to get most everything accomplished.

Amy Butler and I

One of the first designers I set out to meet was Amy Butler.  I just love her fabric (notice the belt around my waist……that’s from her “Love” fabric line).  She was so sweet and just a truly genuine person.  She offered me some really great advice in regards to my pattern design and seemed so happy to be there.  Loved her!

 Joel and Laurie Dewberry

Next we met Joel and Laurie Dewberry.  Their booth was simply gorgeous and their new “Heirloom” line is to-die-for.  They were the sweetest couple and I think it’s adorable that they are a husband and wife team.  It really felt like you were entering an upscale boutique when you entered their booth.

Anna Maria Horner
We stopped by and met Anna Maria Horner.  She has a beautiful new, eclectic line of fabric coming out.  She also seems to be doing a lot with embroidery and hand-quilting which was really pretty to see.
Westminster Fibers

The picture above is the Westminster Fibers booth.  When you order fabrics at market you don’t order through the designers, you order through their manufacturer (such as Westminster Fibers).  You set appointments with different reps. and go through all the upcoming lines and place your orders.

Oh, and Kay Whitt, author of “Sew Serendipity” and an amazing pattern designer (Serendipity Studio), was just a doll.  Talk about a good soul.  She shared so much insider information with me about pattern design and could not have been any nicer.  She was truly a breath of fresh air and I feel so blessed to have met her and I’m very thankful for the time she spent with me. 

See the book she’s holding?  Well, she signed a copy of it for you guys and I brought it back and will be giving it away on the blog.  It’s fabulous, so stay tuned for that post!

Sarah Jane Studios

And one of my new favorite designers is Sarah Jane Studios.  She and I could definitely be friends.  She was so sweet and I love the concept behind her new line.  Will you believe me when I tell you that I ordered 10 bolts of fabric from this line? Yes. I. Did.  It is just too sweet to pass up!  Plus it had some adorable little boy prints which can be tough to find.

Riley Blake

How neat is this giant fabric wrapped tree at the Riley Blake booth?  Some of the most fun parts of quilt market is checking out all the creative booth displays.  It’s amazing what some of these people come up with!

Art Gallery Fabrics
Art Gallery fabrics had a gorgeous booth display.  The white background really helped all their vibrant colors to pop.  Their upcoming fall lines are amazingly beautiful and Pat Bravo (Art Gallery designer) was so fun and we had a nice chat with her.
So my spring International Quilt Market experience was a great one.  I feel like I made some wonderful connections to some truly great people and really feel up to date with what is going on in the current fabric market.
I’ll have to do another post showing you some of the goodies that I brought back with me, but for now, I’m sure you’ve seen enough.  I came back with some pretty fabrics, trims and buttons, but the really exciting part is the 35 bolts of fabric that I have coming to my house – yippee!!  I feel like I barely took any pictures – this is probably only a tenth of what we saw, but I hope I gave you a good enough insiders look into the market experience.
I’m so glad to be home and I’m really looking forward to sharing what is a new chapter of my business, Children’s Sewing Pattern Design!  Lots of exciting things happening over the next several months.  Thanks for joining me on this ride!!

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  1. Reading this post was a sensory overload so I can not imagine what it was like being there. Also on a side note I was curious how long you had to wait in line to use the loo, LOL, being pregnant at those large conference venues is not fun. xxxx thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Ah, I so wish I had been there too! We had other things going on. The meet-up looked like a lot of fun as well!

    I love that book from Kay Whitt–my sister had a copy and I was just thinking what a great price it is for all those patterns!

    Glad you had fun!

  3. oh my goodness…I think I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven being at such an event!!! As a seamstress and quilt lover, this is definitely a fabric lover’s paradise and what a great place to get some great new ideas!! How does one qualify to be able to attend such an event?
    Can’t wait to see your new children’s clothing designs 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! It seems like you had a wonderful time, met some awesome people and bought some beautiful fabric (can’t wait to see it!).

  5. I wish I could have gone, it looks like it was awesome. I met Joel Dewberry at last year’s sewing conference sponsored by USU Extension for 4H leaders, sewing teachers, and extension volunteers (I am an extension volunteer). He was such a nice guy, and gave a talk about how he designs his fabric, then he brought some of his fabric and a pattern for a bird pin cusion for us to make. If the other designers are as nice, I can imagine it was a wonderful time.

  6. Wow! Cute prints! Lollypop Colors! Looks like an amazing week!

  7. How fun for you and your mom! You look so cute with your baby bump 🙂 I love your bags too, i’ve seen them on Etsy and they are just too cute! Can’t wait to see what you create!

  8. what a cool trip Lindsay! looks like a total blast! thanks for sharing the scoop. 🙂

  9. It was so nice to meet you, Lindsay! Hopefully we’ll see each other at another Market in the future!
    p.s. And I’m pretty jealous of your 10 bolts of Sarah Jane :).

  10. Question! The belt your wearing did you say where the pattern was from? I remember someone saying that it was from a book of patterns but I don’t remember who but I’m hoping you did! I want to make one for my girlfriend who is having twins!

  11. look so adorable you gorgeous preggers you! Next year I wanna come!!!! So fun!!!!! Thanks for showing all the pics it was so fun to see!

  12. Hi Lindsay,
    I can’t imagine with all the excitement of being at QM and then being sooooo pregnant.
    I would have broken my water. lol.
    I too would like to know just as the other commenter how to qualify to get in to QM.

    Anyway, Thanks Lindsay for sharing and spending so much time on this post.
    And a very special thank you for e-mailing me back the last couple of days. I can’t believe you took the time e-mailing me while being away etc. So many thanks…

  13. Do you happen to know where I can find the fabric on those three bags that have the huge fruit on them. The second photo under the title Quilt Market. With the BIG cherries, strawberries and apples? I am in LOVE with the strawberry fabric.

  14. So fun meeting you and your mom!

  15. Lindsay! I’m so glad we had a chance to get together in real life! My mom spent more money than I did, too…our moms rock!
    I’m coveting all of the fabric you brought home…GORGEOUS! and YES, we can still be great friends even though we live so far away!! Talk to you later!