Playdate Outfit Sewing Kit

In exactly one week we will start the sew-along for the Carina Gardner “Playdate Outfit”.  I’ve already sewn my outfit since I will be spending this week preparing the five blog posts for next weeks sew along.  Starting Monday, and each day after that, we will sew a portion of the pattern and will have all completed our outfits by Friday.  If you missed the original details, click HERE to view previous post.

Above is my completed look for my daughter, Savannah Rose.  

I also wanted to offer a sewing kit to those of you who are interested.  I know it’s sometimes hard to find designer cotton fabric in your local sewing stores.  Also, ordering fabric online can be tricky because you can’t always tell exactly what colors go with what or the scale of the different printed fabrics.

So I’ve decided I’m going to try something new.  I am going to be offering fabric and trim kits to go with different patterns, whether it be my own patterns (coming out in the next two months) or other commercial sewing patterns.  These kits will contain the fabrics and trims needed to sew your own boutique clothing look at home.  I may occasionally offer a kit to go along with one of my free tutorials as well.  Some people love picking out their fabrics and others find it to be quite stressful.  So for those of you in the later category, I thought this might make life a little easier.

Don’t sew?  No problem.  Perhaps you have a grandparent, aunt or sister in your life who likes to sew.  Purchase the pattern and sewing kit and see if they will sew up the look for your little one.  Also, some dry cleaners have excellent seamstresses, so you might approach them to see if they can get the job done for you.

Again, the sewing kits may not be for everyone, but I just thought it would be something fun to try!

So, I have listed two kits in the shop for the Carina Gardner “Playdate Outfit” sew-along.  One is for size X-SMALL/SMALL and the other is for MEDIUM/LARGE/X-LARGE.  There is a slight difference in price due to the additional fabric and buttons needed for the larger sizes.

What does the Sew-Along Kit Include?
– Two coordinating prints of 100% designer cotton fabric from Anna Griffin’s “Carmen” line (you choose chocolate/pink or pink/green colorways).  This fabric is brand-new and cut straight from the bolt.  You will receive enough fabric to complete the dress or the top and capri look.  Plus you will have plenty left over to create any accessories.
– 6-8 coordinating buttons (depending on size of kit)
– Elastic
– Yellow and white woven jacquard trim
– One extra-large fabric covered button for the flower center (I will cover this for you)

There are two different choices in regards to colors for the kits.  You can choose the chocolate/pink colorway (pictured in the garment I have completed).  Or I have the same fabrics in the pink/green colorway (pictured below) which also coordinate beautifully with the jacquard trim.

The fabric kits will ship priority mail so you should receive them in 2-3 days.  If you are interested in purchasing one, head on over to my etsy shop and check them out.

To purchase the X-SMALL/SMALL sized kit, click HERE.
To purchase the MEDIUM/LARGE/X-LARGE sized kit, click HERE.

If the kit is sold when you go over to the shop, don’t worry, I will upload more listings until I run out.

There’s still plenty of time to prepare to “sew along” with everyone, so if you haven’t purchased your pattern or fabric, I hope you’ll join in the fun!!  Looking forward to sewing with you all next week!

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  1. Neat idea!!!

  2. Adorable outfit on your Savannah Rose! I love the colorway you picked.

  3. this is a lovely idea, I am yet to make clothes for my children!!