Week 3 Project Run and Play: Adult Fashion Inspiration

The Girly Girl Twirl Dress
This weeks Project Run and Play challenge was to take a women’s fashion trend, brand, or look and create an outfit for a child.  Rather than making a mini-version of an adult look, I decided I wanted to create my own unique look based on several women’s fashion trends that would be truly wearable for a child – thus, I created the Girly Girl Twirl Dress.
These were my inspiration dresses for creating this look………
I have been loving the soft, tiered feminine ruffles, the gorgeous deep jewel-tone colors, and the little lace details that we’ve been seeing in women’s fashion.
I used a super-soft cotton/spandex fabric to create the long-sleeved top for the dress.  I also added three tiered ruffles to the end of both sleeves.  On the bodice I added tiered ruffles, surrounded by a little lace detail and finished with a gorgeous piece of woven vintage trim.
The skirt of the dress is made from a spandex, ruffle fabric in the a mix of the gorgeous jewel-tone colors.  Underneath the dress, I added a pair of black leggings that have a ruffle edge at the bottom (it’s kind of hard to see in the photos).  I created a head-band from the ruffle fabric and the vintage woven trim.  The look is finished with a pair of Chanel-inspired, black patent-leather, quilted ballet flats.

Comfort is key when it comes to children’s -wear.  I really wanted to create a look that was truly wearable for a child.  She could run, jump, play or twirl and be incredible comfortable and stylish at the same time!  And I know this dress fit the bill, because Savannah did not want to take it off – she told me it was “SO cozy and soft”.  Perfect – mission accomplished!!

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  1. Oh my, how adorable!! You are so amazing!

    Have a God Filled Day

  2. Linds, you have THE most adorable, photogenic daughter! She is too cute. And I love all the ruffles- you have some serious sewing skills, mt friend!!! 🙂

  3. Beautiful! Both dress and model. 🙂
    I went over and voted for you. Good luck!