Weekend Sewing

First off, if you haven’t gone over to Project Run and Play to vote this week, would you mind heading over there and voting for #3 “Lindsay’s Girly Girl Twirl Dress”?  I usually ask you guys to vote for your favorite look, but this week I need your help! 

This was a particularly hard challenge for me (I’m not much into current women’s fashion trends).  We are definitely at risk for being eliminated and the next week is the vintage-inspired challenge which I know I can rock!!  So, if you all would please, pretty please, head over and vote, I would be so grateful!  Voting is only open until midnight tonight.

Click HERE to visit Project Run and Play!

This weekend I decided to take a little time to do some sewing for myself and my family.  I started my very first string-block quilt and these are my first four squares.

For those of you that sew a lot of clothing, you know how many scraps you end up having left over.  I thought this quilt would be perfect for using up all those skinny little scraps that I can’t bare to throw away.  Plus, I love the eclectic look of all the different pretty fabrics.

A string block quilt has a “constant” strip of fabric that is sewn down the middle on the diagonal that is usually some type of solid color.  I chose to use white.  When all of the blocks are arranged the “constant” ends up making a diamond shape.  Pretty neat, huh?

In the picture above, you can see how the thin white strip forms a diamond when four blocks are placed together.  I plan on this quilt taking me a very long time, but I love that I am using my scraps and I know it will be gorgeous when it is all finished.

I also decided to sew a quick peasant style dress for my daughter Savannah.  I used the pattern that was given to us during the last Leila and BenProject Run and Play Challenge (the Sweet Dress pattern).  I actually sewed the pattern the way it was instructed this time.

This dress pattern took me about 45 minutes to get sewn (garment label and all!).  I would say if you are a beginner it might take about an hour and a half, but no more than that.  It’s super-simple and only has two pattern pieces to cut! I would highly recommend this pattern to any new sewer that is looking to start to make children’s clothing.

The only thing I did different with the pattern was to add the ruffle detail down the front.  I think this is going to be a great little dress for spring/summer.  And what I really love about this pattern is that Savannah will be able to continue to wear this as a top when she gets taller – gotta love that!

I hope you all had a great weekend!
Cottage Mama’s Note:  The fabric used for the peasant dress is Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden – Rose Bouquet – Emerald.

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  1. I’d love it if you could answer this question. I’ve seen several blogs with beautiful garment labels like yours. I want some for my sewing!! Where did you get them?
    Thanks so much!

  2. Oh, I am so inspired by these colors!

  3. Such a beautiful quilt! And I love love the dress! Darling! Fingers crossed for you on PR&P!

  4. I voted! Love the little dress and the quilt blocks are gorgeous. The white strip pulls it all together – I never would have thought of that. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Hey Lindsay, Do you have a pattern for this quilt that you could share. So so pretty. Stunning actually. >3

  6. Thanks ladies!! Yes, I will post about how to make these string quilt blocks. I am fairly new to quilting, but this is an easy beginner pattern.


  7. Very pretty, love the colors. I would love a dress like this for my baby girl!

  8. I have never made a quilt before, but when I find out in about a month or so if I’m having a boy or a girl, I’m going to venture into making my first one! No matter how it turns out it will still be a fun thing to do while I’m waiting on the little one to arrive! 🙂 I LOVE those scraps you used! I had a quilt made with all of the girly girl fabrics for my daugther’s “big” girl bed & it makes me so happy everyday I go in her room! 🙂 I voted for you! I love vintage retro designs especially for little ones, so I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂

  9. Love all the fun color in your quilt square!! I wish I had a fun scrap pile like you 🙂 Also love the sweet peasant dress. I love little girl’s in peasants dresses. I too love that they last for a few years!

  10. I love that quilt square. It’s beautiful with those colors! I imagine it with either a solid black or white border in between each piece (1/2 to 1 inch wide). I hope you’ll show us the finished project.

  11. LOVE the string quilt! I’m a beginning quilter myself and I can’t bear to throw away scraps either! Looking forward to seeing your “how to” on that quilt. Voted for your twirly dress. =)

  12. I voted for you.

  13. The Twirl Dress is wonderful and the quilt block is very pretty. I can hardly wait to see the whole thing.

  14. Hi, adorable Lindsay! ^^
    I JUST LOVED your blog, and Flickr, and work! \o/
    I put a link on my blog.
    We REALLY are blessed for stay at home doing what we love! ^^
    I´ll be always around here!

    Regards from Brazil!

  15. What a beautiful quilt that is going to be! And I can just picture little Miss S in that adorable dress.

  16. I love this! I think I ought to start saving more of my skinny scraps. I jut love the love of all those fabric together.

  17. How do you make your ruffle (on the dress), do you use a ruffler? It almost looks like box pleats on a small scale.

  18. Dawn, the ruffle down the front is actually just a pre-made trim. And yes, it is box pleats. It would take a long time to make, but was super easy because it was already done for me!!