Felted I-Pod Cozy Tutorial

I wanted to share this post with you last week, but seeing as though this was a Christmas gift for my hubby, I had to hold off.  This I-pod cozy is made from the end of the sleeve of a felted wool sweater.  You can alter this tutorial to fit any kid of small electronic device – I-pod, I-phone, or use the entire body of the sweater and make one for your I-pad or Kindle.

This present was given to my husband from his two little girls – the gift tag said “Dad, you rock!”

Felted I-Pod Cozy
1 felted wool sweater sleeve (click HERE to learn how to felt)
1 button
1 elastic hair-tie
Sewing machine or hand-sewing needle

Place the I-pod (or other electronic device) inside the felted wool sweater sleeve to measure for size.  Cut the end of the sleeve, leaving an additional 1/2″ to allow for the seam allowance.

Turn the cuff right-sides together and stitch the bottom (raw end) closed (machine or by hand).  If you need to make the sleeve tighter, you can also sew down one of the sides and use whatever seam allowance you need to fit the electronic device you are using.  Cut the corners at a diagonal – be careful not to cut the stitching.  Turn right-side out.

Stitch the button, by hand, to the wool cuff.  Then sew the elastic hair tie as well.  Check for button placement by placing your I-pod inside the sleeve.  You want the elastic to stretch a little bit.

 Now your I-pod is nice and cozy!

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  1. What a wonderful gift! This is a great project and very stylish.

  2. Now that is too cute!

  3. This looks great! I featured you today! Hope you had a great holiday!


  4. Oh Lindsay. what a creative idea, I am archiving it … great job, great idea and so practical…
    Lot of thanks for sharing…
    Wish you a very Happy New Year
    I would love if you come to visit me at

  5. how cute Lindsay. 🙂 hope you had a fun christmas.

  6. This looks like a really fun project!!