Happy 7th Birthday, Josephine!

Happy Birthday JoJo

Dear JoJo,

No, it can’t be true! There is no way you are already 7 years old!! Happy Birthday to our sweet, sweet Josephine Mae. Today you are 7 years old and here are some things that you might like to know about yourself when you turned 7 and somethings I’d like to remember too.

  1. Your favorite food is still chicken, fries and ranch. You will order that any chance you get and you must have the ranch!
  2. You love gymnastics. You are still on the gymnastics team and competing Level 3 this year. You spend 16 hours a week in the gym and it is your favorite place in the world.
  3. You love school. You love learning new things and playing with your friends. Your favorite subject is art.
  4. You love to snuggle with me and you give the BEST hugs!
  5. You love your Bitty Baby Doll. You sleep with her every night and get her dressed for bedtime and morning.
  6. You love to organize. You enjoy organizing your room and are happy to help organize around the house.
  7. For your birthday this year, you did not have a party. You chose to spend the weekend in the city with me doing fun things like going to the American Girl store, mani/pedis and getting your ears pierced. Your new Truly Me doll is named Ava.
  8. You are SO funny! You do this super weird voice where you say ‘Bob Ross’ and offer people one of your ‘Bob Ross Mints’. Anyone reading this right now will have no idea what I’m talking about but it’s the funniest thing. ‘Anyone want one of my Bob Ross mints?’
  9. You are a good friend. You are kind and you include everyone. I hope you stay that way.
  10. You are fascinated by the ingredients in food and are always telling us how many grams of protein something has in it.
  11. You are a fashionista! You love accessories and pick out really cute outfits. You love to have matching hair bows (especially big JoJo Siwa bows), necklaces, shoes, etc. You are super girly and I love it.
  12. Your favorite color is pink, followed by purple and blue.
  13. You love taking baths. You’ll always jump at the chance to get in the tub.
  14. You love all the toys that are suprises/blind bags…. LOL, hatchimals, rainbocorns etc. I don’t understand why but you just love them!
  15. Daddy does bedtime with you most nights, but when I tuck you in, you still love to have me say prayers and then sing you rock a bye baby just like I did when you were a little tiny baby.
  16. You like going with Daddy on some Sunday’s to get donuts and you like helping in the kitchen on pancake days.
  17. You enjoy crafts and art. You like to paint, do beads, glue things, color, etc.
  18. Some of your best friends are Gabriella, Avery, Peyton and Jordyn.
  19. You love watching the show ‘Jessi’ which you call ‘Hey Jessaaaaa’. You will watch episodes of that over and over again. And you do not like scary shows or movies.
  20. You can ride a two wheel bike, swim on your own, roller skate…..pretty much anything you put your mind to, you can make happen.

JoJo, you truly are such a complete joy to parent. You are sweet, funny, smart, kind, loving, talented, determined and I can’t believe you are mine. When I think back to when Daddy and I were deciding if we would have a fourth child, I absolutely could not imagine this world without you. Thank you for all the love and laughter you bring to our family. You are the best little caboose that could have ever happened to us. Happy Birthday!

I love you from here to the moon and back again!



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