Patchwork Baby Bibs for Josephine

Patchwork Quilted Baby Bib Pattern.

My mom (aka Grandma Jane) is amazing. She sews more in a year, than I think most people sew in 10. It helps that she retired almost two years ago and has time to really sew, but even when she was working full time, she always amazed me with the amount of projects she could finish in such a small amount of time.

Patchwork Quilted Baby Bibs for Josephine

Patchwork Quilted Baby Bib Pattern.

Mom made these adorable Patchwork Quilted Baby Bibs for Josephine and I just love them. She used the Charming Bibs, Big Bibs for Little Ones pattern from Thimble Blossoms (full pattern found here). The great thing about these bibs is that they offer full coverage so they work really well for toddlers. A lot of the baby bibs are just too small, but these are great! I could even see these being good for adults who might need a little extra help.

Patchwork Quilted Baby Bib Pattern.

We received two bibs. One was created using Pat Sloan’s fabric line for Moda ‘Eat Your Fruits & Veggies‘. So fun for a bib, don’t you think? The other bib was made from some scraps I had given mom when she was up visiting last year (Milk, Sugar, Flower by Elea Lutz for Penny Rose Fabrics). I don’t use a ton of scraps since I don’t do a lot of quilting myself (at least not yet), so I wouldn’t ordinarily just pass my scraps along to my mom (it sounds kind of mean that I would just give my mom scraps) but she enjoys them for quilting and if you’re a quilter, then I’m sure you get the love of fabric scraps.

I really like that these bibs snap in the back. As my kids get older, I find that velcro just does not do the trick……it’s too easy for them to just yank off those bibs. Ties work well too, but I think snaps are the best!

Patchwork Quilted Baby Bib Pattern.

My mom and I have the same sewing machine (Baby Lock Unity Sewing and Embroidery Machine). She used some of the built-in fonts that come with the Unity to create the embroidery on the front of each bib. Mom changed up the pattern a bit to incorporate an area for machine embroidery. I love personalized embroidery and have a real soft spot for monograms as well. There is something so sweet about knowing that something was personalized just for you!

The bibs are backed with super soft flannel in coordinating fabrics too. Anything that is going to be touching baby’s skin…..I think the softer, the better!

Patchwork Quilted Baby Bibs for Josephine Pattern.

I just wanted to share these sweet bibs in case you wanted to sew some up for the little ones in your lives. Making a patchwork baby bib is a great way to use up fabric scraps and create a really unique design. These make wonderful baby shower gifts or simply an easy sewing project to create for your own kids.

And speaking of Grandma Jane, she has finally decided to start releasing her own quilting patterns, Jane Michel Quilt Designs! She has put a ton of time and effort into really great quality instructions. You’re going to love her patterns. You can check out her first patterns by clicking HERE.

Happy Sewing!

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