Lessons with Lindsay: How to Gather Fabric

Lessons with Lindsay: How to Gather Fabric. Check out this great video to learn how to gather fabric on your sewing machine and serger!

It’s that time again…….another Lessons with Lindsay sponsored by Baby Lock Sewing and Embroidery Machines. On today’s Lessons with Lindsay: How to Gather Fabric, you will learn traditional gathering techniques as well as how to use a ruffler attachment for a traditional sewing machine and how to gather using a gathering foot on your serger.

If you are new to sewing, or especially new to sewing for girls, you’ll definitely want to check out this video! Gathering is inevitable with sewing for little girls and is a wonderful technique to master for home decor sewing, clothing, baby gifts and more! Gathering can be overwhelming if it’s not something you are used to doing regularly, but don’t worry, I’ll show you how easy it easy to create perfect ruffles every. single. time. Everyone gathers a little bit differently and I’m excited to share my sewing tips and tricks with you in this new video.

So please come join me and check out Lessons with Lindsay: How to Gather Fabric in the video below and you can check out more Lessons with Lindsay Sewing Videos by clicking HERE.

Lessons with Lindsay: How to Gather Fabric

Today’s Lessons with Lindsay video will be available here on the blog for three weeks and then will move over to the Baby LockSew at Home Classes‘ website. You’ll still be able to access it for free. You’ll just add the video to your cart, check out and then you can view the free video. Again, there is no charge for the video over at Sew at Home Classes. If you haven’t visited Sew at Home Classes, I encourage you to go over there and look around. There are lots of great classes and instructional videos!

And for more Lessons with Lindsay Sewing Videos, please click HERE.

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Another great tutorial!! For me, this was the most informative, as I do lots of gathering for children’s clothes. Thanks for doing these and sharing these!!

  2. Best tutorial ever! I did not know there is a gathering foot for the serger.

  3. Great tutorial.

  4. Allie Burum Schellhammer says

    Hi Lindsay! I went out and bought a ruffler foot after seeing this video! Cannot WAIT to start using it. Like Pat, I didn’t know there was a ruffler for the serger so that might be my next purchase. I’m Re-watching your video this morning and then going to town when all my girls are in school today. Thanks for such a high quality video. You’re incredible!