Josephine Mae Turns One

Josephine Mae Turns 1 year old. www.thecottagemama.comDear Josephine,

Is it really true? My last baby, Josephine Mae, is officially one year old today. How can this possibly be? It truly seems like just yesterday that you became part of our family and yet, it feels like you’ve been a part of us forever. Today, on your first birthday, there are a few things I would like to remember about my sweet Josie Mae…….

  1. You are a very happy baby. You have such a joyful spirit.
  2. You love to eat and you especially love all kinds of meat and blueberry puffs.
  3. You like to dance. You are always bopping around to any song you hear.
  4. Mama was your first word. You were the ONLY one of the kids to say Mama before Dada (thank you, thank you, thank you!)
  5. You also love to say ‘hi’ and just recently said ‘car’. You wave to lots of people when we are out and about. You also love to clap your hands and say ‘yay!’
  6. You adore animals. You especially love our cat, Lily. Lily puts up with a lot from you…….laying on top of her, playing with her tail. Whenever she comes around you say ‘hi Lily’. And she seems to like you a lot too. You also squeal with delight when your grandparents dog, Bella, is near. We don’t have a dog, so it’s very sweet to see.
  7. You are such a great sleeper. You sleep 12 hours straight and night and take two naps (although I think you’ll drop down to one pretty soon). It was so great that you started sleeping so well all on your own.
  8. You had a family party to celebrate your party. You had a vanilla cupcake with pink icing and sprinkles for your birthday party. You absolutely loved it!
  9. You like to go swinging and really enjoy being outdoors.
  10. You are a very easy going child and a great traveler.
  11. You love your brothers and sisters and they sure do love you.
  12. You don’t do a traditional crawl…….you army crawl everywhere. You aren’t close to walking yet, but that’s fine with us because we are just enjoying every moment with you.
  13. Books are some of your very favorite toys.
  14. You are still nursing and I’m just going to let you take the lead on when you’re ready to stop. You do great with a sippy cup and we will probably try cows milk in the next month or so.
  15. You love to be tickled. You laugh so hard when we tickle your chin or your side.
  16. You have an amazing amount of squishy rolls around your legs, arms and tummy. And your cheeks are so chubby and delicious.
  17. You wore your oldest sister, Savannah’s, 1st birthday dress to celebrate your 1st birthday. It was so fun to see you wearing one of the very first things I ever sewed.
  18. You don’t fall asleep in your car seat very often. You do great in your crib, but when you are out and about, you want to experience and see everything. Luckily you are a pretty happy girl even when you’re tired.
  19. We call you Cutie Pie, Josie Girl, Josie, JoJo and Josephine.
  20. You have four top teeth and two bottom teeth and I absolutely love to see your toothy grin.

Josephine Mae Turns 1 year old.

Oh Josephine Mae, you truly complete our family in such a beautiful way. You are truly an angel. We are so happy that you have had such a wonderful 1st year and are looking forward to helping you discover and learn so many new things in the year to come.

Happy Birthday, sweet Josie Girl!

I love you from here to the moon and back again!!



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  1. Dennis Ashworth says

    Beautiful words from a beautiful Mother!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MISS JOSIE! Man, I know I have said Happy Bday, over the years, to our Miss Savannah and our Miss Matilda, AND our Master Caspian Finn! And now God Bless your Miss Josie on her 1st bday. You’re a great Mom, Lindsay and Brett is a great Dad too. Dads never get the kudos they deserve! 😉 Take care, Lindsay. xxoo
    Gloria xxoo p.s. I don’t even blog anymore, but still get your updates. 🙂

  3. My Abi Mae is a month older than your sweet Josie. I was “introduced” to you by your real-estate agent when we came to an open house in the spring. I love your style! Wish I had more sewing talent and time 🙂 Happy belated birthday to Josie Mae!