Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Happy 2nd Birthday to my baby girl, Matilda Jane!
I guess when you turn two, you’re not really a baby anymore and I’d definitely say this little lady has graduated to toddler status in the last six months.  She’s been a little slow growing in the hair department so she still kind of looks my baby.  But boy does she have some serious personality coming through.  She is a ray of sunshine every day and I can honestly say she is a joy to parent.
There are just a few things that I would like my sweet Matilda Jane to know about what she is like on her 2nd birthday:
1. You have some of the best expressions that make your family smile ear to ear.
2. One of your favorite phrases is “I do it!”.
3. You love and adore your sister, Savannah Rose.
4. You give the best hugs.
5. You make people smile wherever you go.
6. You look adorable with your little pig tails.
7. Your favorite television show is Caillou and your favorite book is Look and See Sesame Street.
8. You sleep with your stuffed Elmo and lamb every night.
9. You love your binkie and your call it “B”.
10. Whenever your sister says something, you say “Me too!”
11. You like to spin around and around until you are so dizzy you almost fall over.
12. You love playing baby dolls.
13. We call you “Missy Boo” – a name that your sister, Savannah, came up with and it has just stuck.
14. You are incredibly snuggly and loved to be cuddled on the couch.
15. You don’t like bugs.
16. Your favorite foods are hot dogs, pretzels, macaroni and cheese, popcorn and all kinds of berries.
17. You like to dance and love showing your mama all your ballet moves.
18. You love your cat, Lily and are always looking for her.
19. You have the sweetest looking face after you wake up from your nap.
20. You light up a room and bring joy into our hearts.
So, again, happy birthday to my baby girl!  We are all looking forward to your “Tea for 2” birthday party tomorrow.  Thank you for being such a sweet, loving child – you are such a blessing to our lives!
We love you,
Mama, Daddy and Savannah Rose

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  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Matilda! I didn’t realize Matilda and Reese had a bday so close 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday! What a sweet picture. She is adorable. I love her dress too. What pattern is that?

  3. Such a sweet post! Matilda, Savannah and the little one coming along are all blessed to have such a great family. I can’t wait to see pics of her little tea party (tea parties are the best 🙂
    Happy birthday Matilda!

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday Matilda!

  5. Sweet post. Happy Birthday, Matilda! They grow up so fast – enjoy every minute.

  6. Happy Birthday to your precious little one. Sweet memories – I especially love the sisterly bond – no matter what, it’s “me too.”

    Can’t wait to see tea party details!!


  7. Happy Blessed Birthday Matilda, and congrats to you too Lindsay.
    Have a wonderful tea party!

  8. My daughter is almost 22, and when she came over last week we had a tea party. I made leaf tea for her in the silver tea pot, and I had vanilla rooibos in the brown pot. We had the Wedgewood cups and saucers, and a lace cloth on the patio table. We wore hats. That is all that is needed for a tea party! 😀 tea and girls.

  9. Happy birthday to your sweet little girl!

  10. Happy Birthday Matilda 🙂 .. My little girl had her 3rd birthday not long ago and those years have just flown by .. they just go in a blink of an eye .. a very happy blink though 🙂

  11. What a beautiful post to your darling little girl! I recognize my favorite fabric- Sherbet Pips and that dress is just darling I hope you have a tute on that.

  12. Happy B-day to your little girl! You look pretty and always smile! Vale

  13. Happy Birthday Matilda. You look so pretty in your lovely dress.