Lessons with Lindsay: The Party Dress ~ Part 2

Last week I shared The Party Dress ~ Part 1 video and I’ve been thrilled by the response from you all. I’m so happy that you are enjoying these videos! Today I’ve got the second installment of this three part series where we finish constructing the bodice and the side sash pieces. Next week we will finish the series by adding the skirt to the dress. I hope this really helps those of you that are visual learners because personally, I think it’s so helpful to see someone sew right before your eyes!

Throughout this series, you are going to be able to watch me sew The Party Dress from start to finish in this three part video series. I’ll be showing you all the techniques found in the pattern as well as how to change up the pattern a bit and add in some of my favorite trims. And guess what? These videos are completely free! If you are new to sewing or just want to brush up on some of your basics, this video is going to be so great for you.

In case you are new to my website, Lessons with Lindsay is my free online sewing series sponsored by Baby Lock Sewing and Embroidery Machines. If you all love this video and think it could help others, please share it with your friends so we can continue putting on new and inspiring videos for you all. It’s wonderful being able to help all of you visual learners (like myself) with your sewing skills. You can check out more Lessons with Lindsay videos HERE.

Lessons with Lindsay: The Party Dress ~ Part 2

If you missed The Party Dress ~ Part 1, you can check it out HERE.

So what did you think? How is your Party Dress coming along? Check back next week for Part 3 of this series.

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Thanks so much for joining me today on Lessons with Lindsay! And big thanks to my machine sponsor, Baby Lock, for helping me bring these videos to you all.

Until next time……

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Excellent tutorial in Part 2. Can’t wait to see Part 3.
    We do a lot of the Party Dress for our Charity Sewing.

    Thank you Lindsay and Baby Lock for a great video.

  2. Excellent tutorial. I was glad to see Part 3 posted, but disappointed that it did not show a good view or photo of the finished dress. It would have been nice to see the finished project 🙂