Happy 6th Birthday Savannah Rose!

Happy Birthday Savannah Rose. www.thecottagemama.com

Dear Savannah,

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Today you turn six years old. I can’t believe how grown up you’ve become in this last year. You go to ‘big kid’ school now and are becoming very independent. This last year has gone by so quickly. It’s true what they say……the days are long, but the years are short and the years only seem to be getting shorter.

There are a few things I would like to remember about you when you turned six years old………

1. You are in full-day Kindergarten and your teacher is Mrs. Robinson.
2. You love riding the school bus as much as you love school.
3. You are having a Princess Tea Party for your birthday and were allowed to invite six little girls (since you are turning six). You invited Paige, Emma, Maggie, Hailey, Brissa and Isla. You are all wearing your favorite princess dresses and are going to decorate a giant cardboard castle.
4. For your birthday, you asked for Barbies that you can dress up. This is the first time you have ever asked for these. You also want a handmade unicorn necklace that you saw in a local toy shop. You are getting everything you want for your birthday.
5. You love, love, love cheeseburgers with ketchup, mustard, pickles and onions. We can’t forget the pickle because that’s your favorite part. You also love honey walnut chicken from our favorite Chinese take out restaurant.
6. You take ballet, gymnastics and swimming classes weekly. Your favorite is gymnastics.
7. Sometimes Mama thinks you are 6 going on 16. You’ve developed a little bit of sass this year (fingers crossed it’s a phase).
8. Everything in your life must be fair. We hear ‘it’s not fair’ daily.
9. You adore your little brother and he adores you. He will cuddle up to you and is always asking ‘Where is nah? (short for Savannah).
10. You are very smart. You test above average for most things and, even though you don’t particularly like it, you are very good at math.
11. Art is one of your very favorite activities. You like to draw, color, paint, stamp, etc.
12. You always say you love Mama more than Daddy. I think it might hurt Daddy’s feelings a little bit, but it evens out since your little brother is definitely Daddy’s boy. And it warms my heart to hear you say that there’s no one on earth that you could ever love more than your mama. You say that you love me all the way up to God.
13. You are very sensitive.
14. You love to play outside in the snow and can tolerate the cold better than any of us.
15. You sleep with your stuffed unicorn that was given to you by your Gigi and Grumpy on your 5th birthday.
16. Your teacher says you are very social and outgoing in class, but not in an obnoxious way.
17. I love watching you and your sister play pretend. You can go on for hours deeply into whatever your imaginations have dreamed up. Then one of you hurts the other and it’s over, but it’s beautiful while it lasted.
18. You are very excited to go to the beach this summer because you love the ocean.
19. You have been saving all your money for a very long time. You have about $50.00 and you have shopped in many toys stores, but you say that nothing you find is better than what you are saving up to buy. You are saving up to buy a yellow submarine. Not a toy submarine, a real submarine, so you can take your whole family on an under water adventure.
20. You are loving, sweet, kind, smart, beautiful and filled with personality!

I love you Savannah Banana! You are the best big sister and daughter anyone could ever ask for and I’m so thankful you are mine. Happy Birthday.

I love you from here to the moon and back again!

Love always,

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  1. Karen Misner says

    #19 -Going to buy a yellow submarine. I cannot wipe the smile off of my face! Precious!

  2. A yellow submarine! That’s ingenious! Love it. That’s definitely better than everything she could find in any toy store…

  3. Seems everyone is tickled by the yellow submarine! Lovely list.

  4. Libby Leatherwood says

    Beautiful child….just wish they wouldn’t grow up soooo fast!!