A little of this and a little of that ~ Kids, Hats and Dresses

Life has been very busy around here and I’ve been meaning to share some pictures of the kids I took recently.  These were taken a couple weeks ago.  Caspian Finn is getting into that adorable chubby, smiley, almost 6 months phase and I could just eat him up.  Of course I think he’s just too cute, I’m sure I see him differently since I am his mama, but even as I look at his picture right here, I just want to snuggle this little guy.

Here are some more pictures of Mr. Caspian at 5.5 months old:

I ordered these hats for the kids for Christmas from my lovely blog sponsor, The Hook Up.  I heard about her through a fan/friend over on The Cottage Mama Facebook page and have been in love with her work ever since.

And one more shot of my little snow bear.  I took this when I was in my studio working and my husband came to the doorway to tell me they were going out in the snow.  I couldn’t believe the cuteness and had to reach for the camera.  Caspian got those mittens for Christmas and they actually look like little bear paws.  So cute!!

Here are a few shots of Miss Savannah (who will be 4 one week from today):

And here are a couple of Matilda (who is very difficult to photograph these days):

This tongue is what I get most of the time these days when I ask her to smile for me.  I guess we’ll call it her ‘signature look’.

The girls hats are also from The Hook Up and they match their winter coats just perfectly.  The Hook Up will be participating in our Giveaway Day coming up on March 1, so if you like these hats, make sure you come back and enter to win.

Another few pictures that I’ve been meaning to share with you are these adorable dresses that my mom sent the girls for Valentine’s Day:

This dress is my ‘Janey Jumper‘ pattern that my mom where my mom added a sweet embroidery piece to the front.  We got this embroidery pattern by Aneela Hoey at our trip to quilt market last spring.  I ordered several bolts of this fabric line, Little Apples, and just haven’t had the time to cut into it, so I’m so glad Mom was able to start putting it to good use.  Mom made the girls matching dresses in size 3 and size 5.

Mom added a bow with a button to the front of the girls matching dresses.  But rather than sew it onto the dress, she made it on a safety pin so that it can be removed before washing.  Smart idea, huh?  We are really getting into embroidery over here, so you can expect to see some more things in that department soon.

On another note, I just sold my 1000th pattern!  I seriously cannot believe it ~ I am beyond excited.  When I ordered my original shipment of patterns, I was honestly a little nervous that I would be sitting with these for several years, but went ahead and took a chance.  It seems hardly possible that I’m almost ready for a re-order on both of the first two patterns.  A big giant thank you to all of you that have purchased patterns from me and another thank you to all the online and brick-and-mortar stores that are now carrying, ‘The Cottage Mama Sewing Patterns.’  Without you, I could not do what I do ~ you are helping make my dream a reality.

So now I’m in ‘orange’ party planning mode as Miss S’s party is this weekend.  Savannah’s dress is cut for the festivities, but not yet sewn together.  This dress has more pieces then I have ever cut in my life.  Not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but I’m hoping to make some serious headway on it today.

That’s what’s been going on over here…….a little of this and a little of that.  I hope you all have a great week ahead!
Happy Monday!

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  1. Lindsay,

    Love the pictures, love the hats. ANd LOVE the dresses! Absolutely beautiful (on all accounts!)

  2. Such cute pics, and love the new dresses

  3. Cute kids! Cute dresses! And congratulations on your 1000th pattern – so excited for you!!

  4. Your kiddos are adorable! And congrats on the 1000th pattern – that’s quite a milestone!

  5. Adorable pictures of your gorgeous kids! The dresses are beautiful and congratulations on the 1000!

  6. First of all that baby of yours is the most darling little thing I’ve seen for awhile! Too too cute! As are your girls.
    Secondly, I just LOVE what your Mom did with those dresses! I’m in love with them! I want one just to hang it up and look at it!
    and last but far from least I am SO excited for you about selling 1000 patterns!! Way to go! I can just imagine how you must be feeling;) God Bless!

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