Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: Book Release and Giveaway!

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My new book, “Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls’ Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama” is finally released and shipping! I have been talking about the book a lot over on Facebook, but I was waiting to do the official blog post until Amazon had started shipping the books. The official book release date was October 7, 2013 and I have been shipping books ordered directly from The Cottage Mama website for a couple weeks, but last week Amazon officially shipped out all the pre-orders. Yay!

For me, having written a book is about the biggest accomplishment I have achieved from a sewing career stand-point. It still doesn’t feel real. I’m sure the more people that buy the book and the more lovely creations I see from people using the patterns, it will all start to sink in fully, but for now I feel like I’m in a dream. A really good dream.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

So what’s inside the book? The book has 17 garment patterns and 3 accessories in size 12 month – size 10. All of the patterns are contained on a disk in the back of the book in PDF form. You simply place the disk into your computer, select the garment you wish to make and print out that specific garment onto standard 8.5″ x 11″ pieces of paper. There are marks on each piece of paper that tell you where to tape the sheets of paper together. Then you cut out your pattern size. The taping of the paper takes about the same amount of time it would take you to trace a pattern, but it’s much easier.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Why do you have the patterns on a disk? The publisher and I chose to do this for many different reasons.

1) The most important reason was that I wanted this to be an extremely garment heavy book with a wide range of sizing without a lot of filler projects that didn’t require patterns. I also didn’t want to give you a ton of measurements, I wanted you to have the pattern pieces. There would have been absolutely no way to bind that many different pattern pieces into one book. That’s why you don’t see many books like this on the market.

2) Secondly, having a disk secured in the back of the book ensures that the pattern pieces are not going to fall out of the book (a common problem with many sewing books). What good is a pattern book without the patterns?

3) The book also takes up less space on your shelves and the shelves of book stores and quilt stores around the country.

4) And finally, having the disk allows you to print out your patterns time and time again, meaning you don’t have to trace your patterns and you can throw away the pattern after you’ve made a garment and simply print it out if you want to make it again…….no need to store those patterns if you don’t want to.

So having all the patterns on a disk may be something new to you, but I promise you that it’s very easy to use.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

The book contains step-by-step full-color illustrations for each one of the garments. Not only do I give you my tips and tricks as you sew each garment, there is a large introductory section of the book where I show you all types of different techniques from making your own bias binding, using bias binding, creating custom piping, inserting piping, gathering techniques, how to make pintucks, using covered buttons and trims. I also write about pairing patterned fabrics and how to use those when creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces for your little ones. In the back of the book I give you a full two pages of additional design ideas.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

I am a very visual person, so I wanted to include many eye-candy and inspirational photographs throughout the book. My publisher allowed me to work with my friend, Amy Tripple of Amy Tripple Photography, who is a local Chicago-area photographer. It was wonderful because that meant I got to have my two sweet girls in the book and got to style and help with each and every photoshoot. The step-by-step technique shots were photographed in my studio and those are my hands in each shot. We had so much fun working on this book together and I think Amy really made the book come to life through her absolutely gorgeous photography.

So here are more photographs from inside “Sew Classic Clothes for Girls“:

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

If you watch the video and the very beginning of the post, you can see more patterns that are included in the book.

If you would like a signed copy of the book, you can order in through my website:

Or you can find it on, and Barnes and Noble and it should hit stores shelves very soon in stores such as Joann’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and all other major book stores. You can also find it in many of the local quilt shops around the country. I will not be selling the book wholesale, but if you are a shop and are interested in carrying the book, you can order through one of the many The Cottage Mama distributors such as Checker, Brewer, United Notions, CS Distribution or order directly through the publisher, F & W Media.

It really doesn’t matter to me where you purchase the book, I just hope you go out and get yourself a copy and love it as much as I do. This book was a labor of love and I thought of all of you as I wrote it. Were it not for you and this blog, I would have never had the opportunity to make my dream come true. So thank you, truly, thank you!

Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls' Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.

Today I would like to giveaway TWO signed copies of “Sew Classic Clothes for Girls: 20 Girls’ Dresses, Outfits and Accessories from The Cottage Mama.”

How to Enter: I would love if you would spread the word about this book. Maybe you could share it on your Facebook page, maybe you could pin it to Pinterest, or share it on Instagram, tweet about it on twitter, email your friends or maybe you could blog about it over on your blog. All I would love is for you to share this book with anyone else that you think might like it and just leave me a comment telling me how you’ve shared the book and what excites about “Sew Classic Clothes for Girls“. I will choose two winners from the comments. Please only leave one comment per entry.

Giveaway open until November 7, 2013 at midnight (CST).

Giveaway is open to US and International readers.

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  1. The book looks amazing! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment. I shared the book on pinterest.

  2. I have shared it on both Google+ and Pinterest. I have two great nieces AND a niece who wants to make clothes for them. I love helping my niece get started sewing. The process pictures would be a great help to her.

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  6. I shared about your new book on Pinterest!

    Congratulations! A whole book…that’s pretty much like having another baby in the amount of time and thought that goes into bringing it into the world! I’ve been a follower of your blog for years, so happy for you!

  7. I’ve put it on my Christmas list and shared on Pinterest as well. I’m most excited about the CD for the patterns. All of my other sewing books came with printed patterns, and it’s a total pain to use them. The CD idea is fantastic. Can’t wait to put it to use!

  8. Congratulations on publishing this delightful book. The outfits you’ve designed are simply lovely. This book appears to be a perfect ‘go-to’ pattern resource and sewing guide. I have shared it on Pinterest.

  9. Lindsey W. says

    I added this to my amazon wish list months ago – hoping I get it for Christmas!

  10. What excites me about your book is the inspiration of all those beautiful garments. Your ability to pair fabrics is beyond compare! I tweeted about it.

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    Shared on FB and Pinterest!! I would love to win!! Thanks for the chance =)

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    I love making things for my daughter and am always looking for new and fresh idea’s
    Which one would I start with if I won???

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  20. Melissa Guerrero says

    As always your designs never disappoint, they are gorgeous! Simply adore the dress with the button on monogram. Have purchased lots of your PDF patterns and would happily add this book to my collection! Already follow you on pinterest, so I’ve got you pinned and shared you on facebook. Please keep the creative juices flowing!

  21. Adrian Hagan says

    Congrats on your book! Everything looks amazing! 😉

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    I tweeted — There is so much to love about this book. It is great. I love that the patterns are included.

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  24. The minute I found out that you were releasing a book I messaged my best sewing pal. We are both so excited about this book. I love the fact that your patterns go up to size 10, the way you mix fabric patterns is inspiring, your patterns are timeless and flawless, and I’m a sucker for good photography. I could get lost in that shot with just the clothing hanging in the fence and that beautiful tree in the background. This book is on my Christmas list for sure!!! Congrats again on your first book. You deserve it and your sure are an inspiration to me.

  25. Cynthia Woods says

    Congratulations on your book! Your patterns are so cute! I would love to make my almost 1 year old one of your dresses.

    I shared on Facebook and Pinterest.

  26. i shared your book with my husband as it’s on my Christmas list!!! thanks for a chance to possibly get it early 🙂

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  35. Oh my, I wish my grown up daughter was little again…or give me a grand-daughter…so I could sew these beautiful clothes! I do have a new niece that I sew for, so she would be the one with the coolest clothes in Utah! Congratulations on your book! I know it will be a winner for all sewists!

    I pinned the book image to my “Books to Read” board where my husband looks for gift ideas for me. He’ll be sure to eye this one!

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  38. Carmen Statham says

    Wow! This a wonderful accomplishment.

  39. lisa b. hawkes says

    I’ve shared this on Facebook hoping to win a copy for my wonderful niece. She’s the mother of 3 (2 are special neeeds), a full-time student working on her Masters, and sews for her kids and to make a couple bucks for extras. If you’d like to check out her Fb page:

  40. Shared on Facebook and printerest 🙂
    Gorgeous book can not wait to use it!!!
    You are such an inspiration!!
    Thank you x


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  48. Erin Ladybug says

    It was your free sundress pattern that started me on my journey of sewing clothes for my daughter, so I was excited to see this book and knew it would be a great book. It’s beautiful, and I would love to add it to my growing sewing book collection. There’s something special about sewing books, and they always teach me new things. I can’t wait to get this one, which is pinned on my wish list, so if I don’t win it, I still think it will be under the tree in December. 🙂

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  52. I am so excited about the release of your book. As a SAHM, student, seamstress, and small business owner I can only dream about the accomplishments you have achieved in your sewing career. I have pinned this to my Pinterest, added this to my personal Facebook page, added to my business page, tweeted about you book, added to google +, instagram, and as soon as I finish scrubbing my floors this morning I will be writing a blog about your book. Thank you so much for giving me inspiration everyday to keep doing what I do and love.

  53. I shared your blog on my FB page. I am a grandmother but have many young ladies as friends who are learning to sew. Watching your video made me want to go find me a little girl to sew for, my youngest is 8 and outgrowing the classic little girl look. I love every outfit you designed, they are all right up my alley. I will actively start my search for a little girl to sew for. Thanks for bring me back to my first love in sewing…the classic girl clothes. Terri

  54. Robbi Sullivan says

    I have shared this on Pinterest! Co grays on the book! I hope it is a great success for you :)))

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  56. Jessica Phillips says

    Shared on Pinterest! This is on my Christmas list. Congratulations on a beautiful accomplishment!

  57. I can’t wait to get the book & it is on my Christmas wish list, so would be so fun if I won! You’re the best, Lindsay & I’m SO happy for all of your success! You are an inspiration to all of us! I shared on my facebook! 🙂 ~Stacy

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  59. Alicia Cecil says

    I would love to win this! I have been doing so much sewing lately, and this looks like it has a lot of patterns my girls would love! I’ve shared this publicly on facebook as well as pinned it to my Pinterest wall! Thanks, hope I win!!!!

  60. The fact that I could print out my patterns instead of tracing them (then trying to fold it all back up the way it come) excites me! I can picture my 3 girls in these gorgeous clothes.
    I shared on facebook 🙂

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  62. Hi!
    I shared your book on my Facebook page. I have 4month old twin girls and just recently got a sewing machine! I love all of the sweet outfits you create and I can’t wait to try and make them!!

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  64. I’ve actually put your book on my Christmas list. So I’m pretty sure that I’ll have a copy by January, regardless. Just wanted to complement you on such a lovely, useful addition to the sewing library. MORE than worthy of a spot on my shelf.

  65. Lindsay I received your book last week and I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed reading and looking at all the amazing pages! I am a quilter but I have a 16 month old granddaughter, soooooo I am dying to make her those darling dresses in your book. I love your dresses because they are made to allow a young girl “look like a little girl”. Thank you for that.

    I wish you all the best with this wonderful book. I have followed your blog for awhile and I love it.

  66. Jessica McCollough says

    Pinned on pinterest to my sewing inspiration page. Such a nice book. I’d love to try out all of your patterns.

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    I shared it on Pinterest!

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  82. Linda Cole says

    Congrats on the book! Would love to win one so I could make some things for my great granddaughters. Being on a limited income makes it hard to buy books. I sm sharing on Facebook. Thanks for the chance to win.

  83. Christine Goodness says

    I Pinned, Facebooked and Tweeted about this book. next is Amazon because I do want this for Christmas!

  84. Debbie Parker says

    I have shared your book on Pinterest and through email. I am also buying two copies for Christmas presents. My daughter and Neice started sewing for their new babies and I can’t wait to sew some of these with them. Thanks for a wonderful book.

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  86. Wow! Such beautiful designs….pinned, shared and added to my Amazon xmas list 🙂 Great job!

  87. Autumn Rigby says

    I shared on FB!

  88. I dream of your Book since i saw the preview a few month ago, we don’t have this type of pattern here in France and i love my girl to have One of a kind and girly outfits. Even if i’m not pick i’m want this Book and want that my sewing friends discovered your Book. Thanks for this opportunity.i’ll share on my FB page and pinterest.

  89. Awwww…. The dresses are so pretty. My entire pregnancy, I wished for a lovely daughter, so that i could dress her in lovely, pretty dresses. In 2010, just few mins before Valentine’s Day, i was blessed with a beautiful daughter. I didn’t know much stitching then. Just could stitch on a straight line, that’s it. Now i can barely manage to stitch a sleeveless tunic. Still need to learn to attach sleeves. So am looking for appropriate guidance to brush up my skills and learn a few new ones. Also looking for cute patterns to dress up my angel.
    Love Always…

  90. Shared on Pinterest ( – My 5 year old granddaughter would look FANTASTIC in these clothes. Thanks so very much for the work that you have done with this book. Would love to own a copy.

  91. Christy Canfield says

    This looks like an amazing book! What a wonderful talent you have.

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    I was so excited when you said you were giving away TWO of your books!! I seriously have my fingers crossed!! I shared your giveaway on my facebook page, twitter and pinned it on Pinterest!! Thank you for this giveaway and writing this gorgeous book!!

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  96. Absolutelykathy says

    This looks like a great book. My daughter and I kept saying oh that’s a cute one as we looked at all your photos on the blog. I shared on fb and plan to share some more. If I don’t win it’s going on my Christmas list for sure!

  97. Jeannie Pleban says

    I pinned this to my sewing board. I an excited by the patterns and fabrics and cant wait to make these for my six grandaughters so to win a copy would be wonderful. I also have it on my wishlist

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    I pinned this on Pinterest, and know that many of my friends will love it! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

  100. I shared your giveaway on Twitter! What excites me most about your book is how embellishments add so much to the finished design!

  101. Janet Jordan says

    These patterns and girls are beautiful!
    I shared your book with the Yahoo Groups, Martha Pullen Fan Club & Martha Pullen Sisters!

  102. You are one of my favorite designers. Your book is on my wish list…so I hope that I am a winner 🙂 I have shared on pinterest.

  103. I shared on Pinterest and also, of course, word of mouth 🙂
    I would LOVE a copy!

  104. I shared on Facebook. Hoping I win, but if not hoping it will be under the Christmas tree this year!

  105. This is such an awesome book! I love all the colors of the outfits and dresses and how the patterns in the fabrics really play off of each other. I am commenting to try and win this book for a really good friend of mine who loves to make clothes for her beautiful girlie. She has such a talent and passion for making clothes that I know this book would be well used. I can’t wait to see who wins the free copies :)! Good luck everyone! I shared on facebook and pinterest to get the word out for this fabulous book

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    I shared with all of my Facebook friends! I hope to win but if I don’t the book is on my Christmas list that I made for my husband to shop from! 🙂

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    I’ve shared your book on pinterest. I love sewing for my daughter and friends children. I love that your designs are classic and modest in a range of sizes.

  119. I love your “look” for girls! It’s nice to see something that looks uncomplicated, yet beautiful! I would love to win this book and get to sewing for my 3 girls!

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    I shared on facebook! This is definitely going on my wish list for xmas!!! ;0)

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  126. Congratulations on such a wonderful book. I have a 2 year old granddaughter that I sew for and your book is “sew” inspiring!! I have put it on Pinterest and it is on my Christmas List. So happy for you and wish you much success!

  127. Emily Steiger says

    Shared on my Facebook and on my business page!

  128. Melanie Gordon says

    I shared on Fb.I already see a few things I’d love to make for my girls?Well done!

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  131. Starlette Twining says

    this would be just a fantastic gift for myself. I can only imagine the great things I could make for others.

  132. Will share on FB. I love sewing for my girls. Looks like a great book.

  133. Love your new book! Shared on Facebook.

  134. Jolene Dubonnette says

    I love this book. So many options. The two I love the most are the trench style coat and the European style blazer and short set!! I have shared this on Facebook and Pinterest.

  135. Kelly Brandon says

    I gave my 6 1/2 year old her first machine sewing lesson this week! She beamed from ear to ear the entire time:) She and I just might end up sharing this as a passion. Ella (my daughter) can’t wait to pick her next project. I’d LOVE to have your new book for her to choose one from:)

    CONGRATS!!! And I LOVE the CD concept.

    I shared on Pinterest.

  136. I love sewing books with CD patterns so thanks so much for presenting the patterns this way! I have three nieces so I am super excited to have this book. I haven’t pre-ordered but am planning on buying when it hits the shelves at Jo-Ann’s! (I also shared on my facebook page as well as pinning the book) Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  137. Arizona Dutt says

    I love the selection of different patterns that you’ve created and included in Sew Classic Clothes for Girls!
    Thank you!
    [email protected]

    I shared Sew Classis Clothes for Girls on my Pinterest:

  138. I make childrens clothes and some stuffed animals for the police and firemen to hand out to traumatized kids at the scene; whether it be domestic violence or a fire. clothes and a stuffie are sometimes needed and welcomed.

  139. auchenshugglegranny says

    I shared your post on facebook…I am now trying to herd the queue of mummies at the door looking for items to be made from your book for their little darlings…..congrats on the book

  140. Hi Lindsay,
    I featured the book and your site last week on my blog. I just now tweeted, G+ed, and pinned! : ) I would love this book because I admire your techniques and the way you put them together for your little clothes. I use your tutorials all the time and expect the book will have similar well done tutorials.
    Thanks, Debbie

  141. Dear Lindsay,

    You are so talented and hard-working, I just adore the effort you put into this lovely book.
    Surely I could use a copy for sewing for all the seven god-daughters of my sister and my own and for other little ladies as well.
    So I just pinned a picture from this post to my Inspiration-kids clothes board on Pinterest, as you can see it here.

    Thank you for taking the time for making this book and giving us a chance to win a copy of it!

    Hugs, Zsuzsi from Hungary

  142. I shared on pinterest. It looks like a great book.

  143. I love the idea of the disc, and the pictures are beautiful, I have pinned it to my wishlist.
    I am going to tell my friends about it and put it up on Facebook hoping someone in the family will gift it to me so I can make my daughter some more wonderful clothes, Congratulations on a lovely book.

  144. I pinned on Pinterest and I also am following your board now, I subscribed to your blog and I showed the pin on Facebook 😉 Thank you for this opportunity!

  145. stacie bourque says

    Pinned to pinterest!! 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!!!

  146. Hi I shared on Facebook. I am just starting out sewing and am nervous to begin sewing clothing.

  147. A CD with the patterns in PDF form is BRILLIANT!! I’m pinning this and will definitely be purchasing if I don’t win! Congratulations on having your book published!

  148. So lovely, Lindsay! I shared on Pinterest.

  149. Love the sneak peek! I’ve shared on Pinterest ( and emailed my girlfriend with little ones. 🙂

  150. I pinned it! I am excited about this book because it looks gorgeous and every one of those projects looks like something I would love to make for my girls!

  151. I’ve sahred on FB and Pinterest, my only 2 methods of social media right now. I’ve never purchased a sewing book before, but seeing the pictures of these clothes makes me giddy thinking I could make these adorable outfits for my toddler girl for years to come. The outfits look so modern and stylish and I LOVE so many of them. Congratulations on your amazing achievement 🙂

  152. Gorgeous! Shared on pinterest

  153. Ann McCracken says

    Love to have the book. Glad you did a video and put patterns on a disc.

  154. Congratulations on your new book. I tweeted

  155. I tweeted! The designs look so lovely. I’d love to make them all!

  156. I’m sharing on fb! I’ve read your blog for several years and I’m thrilled for your continued success.

  157. Sarah White says

    I pinned this. I have 4 little girls and I love sewing clean classic looks for them. The jacket and shorts combo from the book is one I would love to try. 🙂

  158. I liked and pinned I would love to get this book!

  159. shared on pinterest!!!

  160. I shared it on Pinterest. I love your blog and the pictures from the book look awesome! 🙂

  161. This book looks wonderful! I’m sharing it on Twitter, but I’m also sharing it with some of my sewing friends. Thanks for the chance to win.

  162. What an awesome looking book!! I shared it in person witha coworker in my office. Thank you so much for the chance!

  163. Shared on Pinterest. I would love to sew your adorable shorts!

  164. Lovely, girly outfits! They would look beautiful on my four granddaughters. Since I don’t do Facebook, Twitter or have a blog, I did pin it to share it. Best I could do!

    Hope you sell a bundle of them!

  165. Cindy Oosterhof says

    Love your stuff!!

  166. Gorgeous book. It is already on my holiday wish list. My daughter is all grown and I don’t have granddaughters yet, but I know that I will be making outfits from this book when I do. I am sharing on Facebook. Thank you for the chance to win.

  167. Latoya N Harwell says

    Sew Excited about your new book! LOVE your patterns!!

  168. Great book! I shared on Facebook.

  169. emailing some friends about it and pinned it. I’d love to try a coat!

  170. I just emailed the link to the other Mimi I know who sews up a storm for her grandgirls. She will love this as much as I do!

  171. Congratulations on your wonderful book! I’ve pinned it.It’s also on my wish list at Pinterest and Amazon. Thank you for the chance to win.

  172. The book looks amazing! Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment. I shared the book on pinterest, FB, G + . I have 3 young granddaughters and love sewing for them, but I am new at it. The disk will help me keep it at my finger tips and I am a visual person too.. Thank you for the opportunity.

  173. I shared on pinterest and fb. Love the cute clothes and would love to have this book to make my Matilda some fab outfits!!! So cute!!!

  174. Mickey McMillen says

    I shared your new book on my Facebook page. I LOVE the patterns in your book! I have 9 granddaughters and do lots of sewing for them and I can see myself making a lot of use from these patterns!!
    Great work!

  175. what gorgeous patterns. would love a copy of your book. shared on Facebook.

  176. I love the idea of putting the pattern pieces on a disc! I shared this on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook 🙂

  177. Congrats on the book release! Such a huge accomplishment! I’ve pinned it here:

  178. Your beautiful book is pinned here — My sweet niece would look so pretty and unique in your creative outfits. She’s 9 years old and I’m sewing for her as much as I can because I’m afraid there may come a day when she won’t want handmade pretties in her closet. If I keep her outfitted in one-of-a-kind beautiful and well-constructed clothing, I’m hoping she’ll never settle for the mass-produced items. Thanks so much for writing this book for us Lindsay!

  179. Nikita Smith says

    This book looks amazing and if I don’t win I will be purchasing a copy.

  180. Jacqui Kelly says

    Love your work can’t wait to sew some dresses up for my three girls. I shared on Facebook.

  181. What a wonderful collection! Shared on Facebook and pinned!

  182. I pinned it! Congrats on this lady! I love your work and seeing you interact so personally in all my sewing groups!

  183. I tweeted and pinned! I would love this book…trying to make more of DD clothes and would LOVE the help, pictures, tutorials and patterns! I put it on my Christmas list as well 🙂 Congratulations 🙂

  184. Congratulations!!!!!

  185. I’m hoping that if I don’t win a copy I’ll get one for Christmas! I want to have a new go-to book – I’ve been using Kristin Masterson’s book, but I need more classic patterns for my daughter, who I sew for more than my son. She’s a very girly girl but also very active so I’m excited to try new patterns.

  186. Brandy McCall-Rios says

    I actually already bought your book and love it. I entering to win one for my friend. I am working on the Sweet Dress right now! I love how the book includes helpful hints on fabric coordination to adding piping. Very informative. I am sharing on FB and Pinterest. Oh, and FYI I am in Houston and mistakenly thought you would be at the Market and the Festival. I spent a day at the Festival and after walking up isle 1800 5 times finally realized you were only at the Market. 🙁 I was hoping to meet you. Maybe next year!

  187. Sarah Terkay says

    So excited for you. I have followed you for a long time !! congrats! Shared on Facebook 🙂

  188. Barb Jolly says

    I shared on Facebook. You have the cutest models!

  189. Darling patterns. It’s so fun to dress little girls like little girls. Look forward to perusing your book. 🙂

  190. Sarah Terkay says

    Shared on Pintrest!! So Excited if I don’t win I will be buying maybe i’ll get it for my Birthday with all this posting 🙂 hehehe

  191. Hello, I love your blog and have made some of your patterns, thank you! And thank you for what looks to be a fantastic book. I have a grand daughter who will be one this month and walking soon so I am very excited to start making her dresses. In the crawling stage, dresses are harder for them to wear. And, I have not wanted to ‘wish’ her through any stages. It would be such a gift to win a copy of your book.

    I am pinning it to my Pinterest page and I will post it to Facebook too. Also, I am on a yahoo sewing group and will share the information about your book there too. We are a large group of sewists who quilt and sew garments. Your creations are so pretty, I am sure they will be excited to buy your book. I know I am.

    Thank you for sharing your creative ideas with us and for the opportunity to win a signed copy! Oh, and I want to say thank you for the disk with the book. I am completely behind your reasoning. It makes good sense.

    in Seattle

  192. HandyManda says

    What a gorgeous book! Congratulations on being an author as well as everything else!
    I love all of your patterns and my friends all love them too.
    You have an amazing blog which is such an encouragement and an inspiration to me. I would love to do the things you do. Your family is blessed to have such an amazing woman by their side and your friends are just as blessed. I hope you continue to write your blog and many more patterns and books in the future!
    We all look forward to following along too! (At least we can see someone else doing it all…)

  193. HandyManda says

    Oops, forgot to mention shares on fb and pinterest.

  194. Lindsay, I so enjoyed taking classes with you at Riley Blake Fabric Fest in La Vegas. I have been following your blog for quite some time and have purchased several of your patterns to make for my little granddaughters! CN’t edit to get your book! I would love to win a signed copy!! I am sharing on Facebook and Pinterest

  195. Inspired to actually try sewing clothing again instead of just quilts. My granddaughter would be completely adorable in these dresses. Shared on pinterest.

  196. I shared on facebook and pinterest. I love the patterns and of course the fabrics you used to make the cute outfits. I plan on making some of them for my granddaughter. would love to win a copy of the book–keep sharing your ideas, helpful sewing hints and patterns. Thanks.

  197. What a dream to be able to win a copy of your new book!! I plan to order one for myself and one for my daughter who has our beloved and only granddaughter! Just gave our daughter a new sewing machine for her birthday in Sept. and this book would be just the inspiration she needs to sew for her daughter. Appreciate all of the hard work that you have put into producing a sewing book!!!! Will share on facebook.

  198. This looks such a great book!
    I don’t have a blog so I’ve emailed my sewing group!

  199. I shared it on Facebook and Pinterest as those are the only two I subscribe too! I love your patterns and have 2 girls (ages 3 and 8) of my own that can’t wait to have clothes made from them out of your book. I have shown them pictures over the past month of items you have made and they are so excited! My older daughter has already picked out her first outfit and the fabric she wants it in!! I love how they are excited about me sewing them clothes! thanks for your awesome website and book!!

  200. The book is gorgeous! I am excited to try the vintage style patterns. I’ve shared on Facebook! Thanks for the opportunity!

  201. Courtney Schreiner says

    Congratulations! I think this looks like an amazing book!
    I shared it on Facebook 🙂

  202. Jennifer Weed says

    Pinned to my “Sewing” board in Pinterest. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book! 🙂

  203. Emma Wisby says
    I have pinned on to pinterest and have shared on my fb page!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work, and really hoping I can get my hands on your book!!
    LOVE seeing what hard work can bring – well done!!!!

  204. Jessica Van Vleet says

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Shared on Instagram 😉

  205. I shared on Pinterest. Congratulation on a wonderful book, I have been sewing a long time making children’s clothes, quilts and appliqué on my embroidery machine. I love PDF patterns!!!!

  206. Oh me, me!!! pick ME! 🙂 I shared on facebook, twitter, pinterest and shared it with my favorite sewing sisters! 🙂 Can’t wait to get my hands on this book!

  207. I have shared with my close friends, and would so love to win the book as I am a new sewer, about to start trying to make clothing for my little one.

  208. drue hartwell says

    How wonderful to take your career to this next step. Emboldens me in a way and certainly makes me want to make some new outfits. I just love to see women doing great. Will share in as many ways possible.

  209. Renee A Davis says

    Thank you for the Giveaway, & congratulations on your new book. I love the clothes & patterns you make, absolutely darling…I shared on FB & Pinterest.

    God’s Blessings to you & your family…;0)

  210. this book looks amazing! i love the versatility of all the patterns and how they suit a wide range of styles! can be dressed up or down with a million different options which i LOVE from patterns! thanks so so much xx
    i shared via facebook and pinned on pintrest

  211. I hope I win! I have , three grand-daughters who would look extra darling in your creations made by me, of course! I pinned your book onto my sewing board. Congrats on the book. , I enjoy your blog….

  212. Jasmin Ellerbee says

    Im a visual learner so just looking at your pictures from the book have me excited!! I love, love, love pictures and can see why little kids are so drawn to picture books. Shared on my fb page. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  213. I shared on Facebook! Would love to win this book!

  214. Jacquelyn Gessner says

    Oh my I love it! I can’t wait to order it (if I don’t win) 😉

  215. Hi, I shared on Pinterest. I like those dresses-ruffles without being too ruffly!

  216. Lindsay, I just received my book and can’t wait to start sewing. I saw your booth at Market and was so impressed! Congratulations.

  217. I get so inspired every time I see your work !

  218. Chiara Aldridge says

    I shared this on Facebook and on Pinterest. This book looks fantastic!

  219. Paula Titel says

    I’m a visual person too and I’m really looking forward to sitting in front of the fireplace and looking at all the wonderful photographs!! I shared it on Pinterest since I have many friends who sew. I really like that the patterns are on CD. I’ve bought sewing books before with pattern inserts and it’s hard to trace close to the book binding. I can’t wait!!

  220. I am in LOVE with these photos and can’t wait to get my hands on your new book. I just love your style and classic designs. I’ve shared on my Facebook page.

  221. Cassie Banks says

    Before I knew about the giveaway I actually took a picture of my book and texted it to a friend who I’m teaching to sew. If I won, I’d give a copy to her 😉 I also pinned to my sewing board on pinterest!

  222. Congratulations on publishing your book! It looks fabulous! I’ve shared it on my Facebook page and on Pinterest and would LOVE to win a copy!

  223. As a teacher to beginning seamstresses, I am always looking for new, fresh ideas to spark an interest in sewing. I believe your new book offers just that!
    I have sent email and text messages to all my students suggesting they consider this book. I will post to fb when I get home and have a faster system to work with!
    I am waiting for students right now, ready for another seriees of beginnings! 😉

  224. Amanda Gardner says

    LOVE IT! It’s on my Christmas list and I have pinned it to my SEW IT board on Pinterest!

  225. B.J. Peters says

    Love your styles and cute samples. We have the book in the shop but would love my very own copy!

  226. Shared on Pinterest. I can’t wait to grab a copy of this book. I love your patterns and fabric combos and it looks like it will be such great inspiration for me.

  227. I am excited about receiving this book. I want to make the coat on the front cover for my granddaughter. Also, there are many dresses and outfits are will be making for her for the springtime.

  228. I would love to win the book as I have sewed a number of your patterns and find them easy to follow. I have share on FB and Pinterest 🙂

  229. Virginia Alexander says

    I would love love love to have your book. I shared it on my Facebook page. It is so beautiful.

  230. I have been looking forward to the release of your book for months! It is beautiful! I’m excited that all the pattern pieces and all the sizes are contained on one thin CD. I hate having to trace patterns and this will be so convenient. The photography and instructions in the book make sewing such lovely garments easy and I appreciate and need the inspiration of the photos rather than just a pattern sheet which tells me the next step. This book will encourage me to create and what an incredible bargain for all these patterns. Congratulations on a wonderful contribution to all the sewing moms and grandmas!

  231. Melissa Williams says

    I have 3 daughters I love to sew for and the pictures I have seen from your book are amazing. Just sitting here dreaming about the beautiful creations I will be able to create from your lovely patterns for my 3 sweeties. I love how all the pieces coordinate so well together .
    I shared on pinterest and facebook.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  232. OOh I would love to win. I have shared on facebook 🙂

  233. I tweeted this blog post! Love your new book and can’t wait to start creating from it! You’ll be teaching a class in Huntsville in February and I really hope I can register and participate!

  234. Crystal Baker-Hanson says

    Love this book!! I shared on Facebook for all my sewing friends to see. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  235. shared on facebook and pinned to my pinterest! congratulations on the publication of your book.

  236. So glad to finally see pics of the projects in this book. I’ll definitely be adding this to my library! Posting on fb!

  237. Marie-Aude says

    Shared on Facebook and pinned to my pinterest .

    I like books with colors and nice pictures. Looking at them and taking my time to choose a pattern gets as fun as sewing the garment itself.

  238. Marnie Houston says

    I love the book AND what a smart idea to include the disc so I can print and use patterns in the size I need without tracing! Love love love it!!!!,

  239. Lisa Sagunsky says

    I shared on my FB page in the hopes that if I don’t win the book, someone will buy it for me as a Christmas gift! 🙂

  240. Looks fantastic! Can’t wait to get a hold of it! I share the book on my Pinterest page 🙂

  241. I love how you combined unique fabrics with classic designs to create such unforgettable apparel!
    Pinned on Pinterest, thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  242. Awesome giveaway! I shared on twitter:

  243. Thank you for the chance to win! I shared on twitter!

  244. Congratulations, love the choice of fabrics. Pinned on Pinterest.

  245. i was so excited to share about my daughter yesterday that i forgot to mention that i shared about the book on FB. Just this morning got to know that my cousins have loved it and shared further on their timelines……yippeeeee

  246. I shared on my Facebook page. 🙂 I totally need to get this book.

  247. I shared it on my fb page for all my friends who sew.

  248. Michelle Racher says

    I am so excited for you Lindsay. The book is gorgeous and I am so happy I got to have a sneak peak of it at Fabric Fest. I have pinned and shared on FB. Congrats beautiful!

  249. WOW!!!!! Really Like ALL the Beautiful outfits, and all the Beautiful pictures!!!! You really put so much time in this very thought-out book. Would definitely like to Win a Copy, but will put it on my to get list Very Soon.
    Liked , Shared on FB, Twitter and Pined to Pinterest…….

  250. I shared on Facebook. I am so excited for this book. My sister and I just made our daughters dresses with the Georgia Vintage pattern and we loved it! I have the book on my Christmas list but I don’t think I can wait that long! Thank you for the giveaway.

  251. I pinned the pic of the pants–love the details! I like sewing for my daughter because the clothes will actually fit–most pants I need to shorten for her.

  252. Jessamyn Hawkins says

    I pinned this! Hoping I get it for Christmas!!

  253. Brenda Bush says

    I got my book in today. I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to sew something from it. I would love to win another one to share with a friend. It’s fantastic. You did a great job explaining everything, great ideas, great photos….I could go on & on. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  254. Shaena Green says

    Your book looks absolutely amazing, if nothing else to look at the photography! 🙂 If I don’t win, may just have to go and buy it! LOVE!

  255. So happy for you on your book release! I would LOVE to win this and test out ALL the pretty designs you have. I am drooling … 🙂

  256. Mechele Johnson says

    I shared on Twitter,, on Google+ as Mechele Johnson, emailed it to a friend and emailed a link to the book to my husbands work email as a hint for Christmas 🙂

    • Mechele Johnson says

      Oh, and I am soooooo happy and excited about the patterns on a disc idea! It will more than likely become a very popular method in the future thanks to you! I have never enjoyed tracing patterns, and I suck at using measurements. I would love to just print out my pattern as needed and get to work! Thank you so very much for making life easier!

  257. I shared on Pinterest! This book looks absolutely wonderful . . . I would love to get it because I love sewing sweet clothes for my 7 year old daughter (looking forward to teaching her to sew before long, too!).

  258. Sherry Fram says

    I shared your book on Pinterest. I absolutely love your book & website. Your patterns are beautiful. My granddaughter has already pointed out the ones she wants from the photos!

  259. congrats!

    pinned, tweeted and fb’d!

  260. I love the potential for an amazing closet full of timeless pieces that will let me daughter look and feel like a young lady! What a pretty book!

  261. I posted a shout out on Facebook. I LOVE the way the book looks and am dying to make some of the beautiful clothes for my granddaughter!!!! Thank you!!!

  262. Shared on Google+

  263. I tweeted 🙂

  264. Nancy B from Many LA says

    I would love to win this – my first grandchild (Hannah) was born today! I shared on Twitter and Pinterest (the link wouldn’t work for me on Facebook).

  265. I also shared on pinterest.
    These images and designs are simply lovely. Congratulations!

  266. The book looks wonderful, congrats! I have shared it by pinning on pinterest.

  267. I just sent an email out to all my sewing sisters with a link to this post. I told them, “this new precious book just got released. It is definitely going on my Christmas list!”

  268. A sewing friend shared with me and I’m sharing with another sewing friend. spreading the love of sewing for those little girls in our lives. They grow up so fast it keeps us busy buying more fabric and bigger patterns. Such fun in doing that for them!

  269. Stephanie Ng says

    I love the pictures. I am sharing on Facebook!

  270. Kellie Bybee says

    I have been following your blog for a couple of years now, and I am always blown away by your designs and attention to detail. Congratulations on your new book! I shared it on Pinterest.

    [email protected]

  271. Lisa Cowell says

    So many outfits I would love to make for my granddaughter. Sharing on facebook.

  272. Glad to see you have a book out now, have always loved your patterns looking forward to this book can’t wait to put it on my shelf as I am sure everyone is thinking. God bless you and your book!

  273. There’s nothing sweeter and more thoughtful than a handmade garment. I’ve shared this book with my best friend via Facebook who’s due with a sweet little baby girl in February! I can’t wait for the two of us to make things together for her out of this book!

  274. Shared on fb! LOVE your book!!

  275. Seeing this post made me want this book even more! I would LOVE to win it, but if not it’s definitely going on my Christmas list 😉 Shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, g+…

  276. This book is at the top of my Christmas list, if I can wait that long! Beautiful!

  277. Pinned it! Even if I don’t win it, this is going on my wish list. Thank you for the opportunity!

  278. I have been following your books creation and think it would be fantastic to find this under the Christmas Tree. The disk is a brilliant idea. Shared on

  279. Peggy Dwyer says

    What excites me about this book is I am a sewer and I have 2 gradchildren. Both girls.. Everything in this is amazing adorable.I need to get this book.I pinned this and FB.ed it.Shared in a message with a few freinds.Great Job on ther book. Thanks.

  280. I shared your blog post at my Patchabilites class today. We are all excited to get the book.

  281. 3 kids, a husband AND a book! ….wow!

  282. Sona Jacob says

    Pinned it!

    Am going to buy it if I don’t win it!

    As I had written to you earlier, the book is fab and the patterns are so classic.

    All the best, Lindsay. And congratulations!

  283. Jasmin Walsh says

    Great book! I have shared on Pinterest! Awesome work!

  284. Flavia Pais Gaspar says

    Love, love your patterns and fabric combinations, they are always so lovely!
    Just pinned some of the fabulours pictures on pinterest, here’s the link:

  285. I emailed a friend your blog!

  286. congratulations Lindsay!! the book look great.
    Shared in Pinterest.

  287. I’ve pinned on Pinterest.

  288. I posted this as my cover pin on my Pinterest board “Sewing Ideas”. It’s on my Amazon Wish list. I would love to win this book to sew these beautiful patterns for my 2year old granddaughter. Thank you for your wonderful blog.

  289. I shared on pinterest, I love the patterns on cd!

  290. Think the concept of a disk with the patterns on it is genius and always having the patterns available to print out a new one in the correct size. The patterns are very sweet and make me happy.

  291. Jillian Murns says

    I am super excited about this book! I’ve been telling the hubs that I want it for Christmas. I will def share it so he knows exactly what it is. Thanks!

  292. congrats on your book!..Cant wait to order one!

  293. Melinda King says

    I don’t have any other “fancy” accounts, but I posted this on my facebook page! I am being lazy and waiting for it to come to Hobby Lobby so my mom can buy it for me for Christmas…unless I win it here!!!

  294. Congrads on the book, just love everything in it, would love to win a copy!

  295. I commented yesterday but my comments seem to have disappeared. Congratulations on a beautiful book … what a huge accomplishment. I blogged about your book and giveaway, and also pinned it to my Sewing Projects Pinterest board. In addition I added your book to my Amazon aStore.

  296. Jess Musumarra says

    The book looks amazing!! I have shared it on Pinterest as well:

  297. I have been so excited for this book to come out! I plan on going through the book from cover to cover reading it first and then making every pattern in turn from beginning to end. I have 7 daughters, 3 of which will fall into the size range of these patterns and I am so excited. Good job and thank you for all your hard work!

  298. Marilyn Tucker says

    Shared on FB, tweeted and pinned. I love the thought of having patterns on a disc. And the book looks easy to follow. Thanks for the chance to win.

  299. I pinned it! These patterns look great! I love all of the color combinations. You can tell that a lot of time and love went into this book. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

  300. I would love to have a signed copy of you new book Lindsay! I’m sure my granddaughters would love for me to have your book, also:) I can’t wait to read all of your little tips and tricks and try to implement some of your techniques myself. I always look for to seeing what Cottage Mama is up to! I have posted it on Pinterest and shared to Facebook.

  301. What a lovely book! Congrats on such an amazing project! Best of luck to everyone! I shared on Pinterest

  302. Shared on Twitter. Your book looks amazingly beautiful! Must be a very proud time for you and deservedly so.

  303. Book looks awesome…my G-Kids would love for Nana to make them something out of it. I shared on FB, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest:)

  304. love all the patterns in your book. I use to sew for my daughter when she was young and now I just got my first granddaughter and can’t wait to sew for her. I pinned it

  305. Janine Fields says

    I shared on Facebook! Just love the idea of a DVD and having a book right there with instructions! Such cute designs too!!

  306. I love these dresses and my nieces would look adorable in them. 🙂 Posting this on my “Sewing Ideas and Inspiration” Board on Pinterest.

  307. Stefanie Ware says

    Lovely book! Shared with my sewing friends on fb!

  308. Laura Clark says

    I am so excited about this book and thank you for the giveaway. I am putting this book on my Christmas wish list, but will definitely buy it if no one gifts it to me. Love the preview pictures of the patterns and cannot wait to dive in.

  309. What a dreamy book! I can’t wait to have one in my hands! I shared the link on my Facebook page 🙂

  310. First off let me say CONGRATULATIONS on getting your awesome book published. I would love to win this book and make some clothes for my daughters before they decide they are too cool to wear things their mama made them. But even if I don’t win I love the book and have added it to my Christmas wishlist 🙂

  311. Love all your creations and this book is just amazing looking!
    I shared on Pinterest, Twitter and on my own FB Page!
    Thank you so much for a wonderful giveaway!

  312. Nicole Martinez says

    The book looks really awesome. these pattern and your style are so cute if i had daughters i would make your patterns in a heartbeat and would definitely have this on my bookshelf

  313. Liz Silvis says

    I shared the give away on Facebook! I love your patterns and would LOVE to have a copy of the book with re-printable patterns!Thanks for the opportunity!!

  314. Kathy Garringer says

    Sharing on Pinterest!!!

  315. So excited about this giveaway! Your book looks absolutely wonderful, I’m very excited about all of the visual aids and having the patterns on a disk. I would be so thrilled to make my first coat from the book, I just love your vintage flair you always bring to patterns.

  316. Shared on Facebook! I’m so excited about this wonderful book! I just love all the visual aids and the fact that the patterns are on a disk. I also love the vintage flair you bring to your patterns, its my favorite way to sew for my 3 yr old daughter!

  317. Patt Clancy says

    I am so excited about your book!
    My precious Granddaughter, Rowan, always asks when I go to visit, “What did you make me Grandma Patt”
    This warms my heart.
    If something is ripped or torn she collects till I come, so I can fix it. (The dogs tend to make a somewhat productive pile)
    I like to send items every so often so she thinks of us back in Texas. So many great options in your book. Love it.
    Thank you for sharing your talents.

  318. Patt Clancy says

    Sorry this Grandma forgot to tell you I shared on FB.

  319. These patterns/book look so beautiful!

  320. Oh my!!! These are all AMAZING! I’m off to check out buying this but would LOVE a copy that is signed! 🙂 I’m pinning now and will share on facebook and instagram! 🙂

  321. shared it on pinterest: love the style of your patterns!

  322. I told all my friends about it!!

  323. Margaret Schindler says

    Love this book shared on Pinterest and twitter. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of the dresses.

  324. Christy Grayson says

    I have shared it on Pinterest. What cute clothes!

  325. My twin sister is the mastermind behind chickadee chickadee. While I swear Ashley stole all the sewing talent from the womb, she excites me about every dress and coat that she’s made from your patterns…and she’s convinced me I can do them because of how much time and care you’ve put into each design and instruction. So congrats on a fabulous job well done! Can’t wait to order one if I don’t win 😉

  326. I will gladly pin it and would love to know what size the patterns go up to.

  327. Teresa Cochran says

    Your new book is stunning. I love the idea of all the patterns being on the disk. The photography really expresses the feel and look of each article of clothing. Wishing you the best.

  328. Beautiful book and great clothing to match! I shared on pinterest. I also recommended my local library to buy for their shelves as well as 7 other libraries and for their remote traveling bus.

  329. Constance Harris says

    I am so excited I came across this on Pinterest!! I can’t wait to have a copy & start sewingthese beautiful items for my daughters!! I hope I win I’m so anxious to start!!!:) <3

  330. What beautiful dresses! I love to see for my girls, it would be so fun to use your book! I pinned it on Pinterest! Thanks!

  331. I pinned your book on Pinterest! I can’t wait to try your adorable patterns…my baby girl is due in February 🙂

  332. Love the book! It is so wonderful to see moms sewing for their daughters and to know its not a dying art. I sewed all my girls clothing and now this book would be wonderful for my daughter and her two little girls. Beautiful patterns and cloths! And thanks for all the tutorials. Just sent your web to daughter to share and show.

  333. I would LOVE to be entered in your giveaway. This book may be just the inspiration I need to begin sewing for my girls.:) The pictures are beautiful. Those dresses SO SWEET!! Thanks for the chance to be entered. I blogged about your giveaway.

  334. I shared on pinterest! I would love this book. We are waiting on baby girl #5 to arrive any day. Our oldest daughter is 8 so this would be used a lot!

  335. I added your giveaway to my board on pintrest.

    I would “sew” love to win this book :).

  336. Amy Shoemake says

    I am very new to sewing and have an eight ear old little girl that I know would love to learn also. Your book is a wonderful idea with the cd included. For those of us that are starting out I feel it will be a big help in not feeling to over whelmed. Plus your outfits are very modist. A must for our house plus they are very beautiful on top of that. I pinned it on Pinterest hope the word spreads. Best of luck on your sells. I know it will do beautifully. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  337. I shared your book on Pinterest!

  338. I pinned it – I have the most followers there! 🙂

    Congrats on the book!!! So excited for you and cannot wait to get my hands on it!!

  339. I shared on Pinterest and told some of my sewing friends! I’m so excited about this book! Thank you for the chance to win!

  340. Looks like a beautiful book full of great projects. Will be spreading the word!

  341. I posted on facebook where my sewing friends can see. I love sewing girls clothes so much more whimsical and fun with few fitting challenges!

  342. Shared on facebook and pinterest. i hope i win 🙂

  343. Putting you on my Pinterest board. Thank you for the chance to win. I love to sew.

  344. I pinned your book on Pinterest. I have two young girls, with different body styles and different tastes, so I would love to be able to sew more for them! Some of those pictures of final products are adorable!

  345. Congratulations ! I have been so inspired by your blog having found it 18 months ago. I now have a little corner of the dining room set aside for sewing with a new machine and overlocker. Your book will be on my Christmas list for even more inspiration.
    I have raved about your site and book to staff and students at school. (Even given a tutorial on making your tissue paper pompoms for the students to decorate the carnival float and they produced lots of pink ones for our recent Macmillan Cancer Coffee Morning too. They looked great. Thanks for the ideas!)

  346. Cathy Lighlty says

    So many pretty things to make for my granddaughters. Would love to have the book. I shared on Pinterest.

  347. Pauliina O says

    Lovely book! I shared this on pinterest 🙂

  348. Molly Waren says

    I would love add in your giveaway i did facebook,google,pintest, Twitter. I so happy for you…God bless Molly Warren

  349. Hello! I just found your site and I am thrilled to share your book. Your clothing oatterns and clothing are timeless, classic and beautiful! I am sharing with friends and family! Facebook and pinterest…and word of mouth. I am a beginner to sewing and I am excited to try out patterns for my 5 year girl.
    Thanks and I’d love to win! 🙂
    Happy fall!
    Julie 🙂


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