Spring Cleaning – $100 Visa Gift Card AND Libman Spray Mop Giveaway

I know this is going to sound very strange, but I actually like spring cleaning.  Do I love the everyday picking up of toys, crumbs and other surprises that my girls leave around?……well, not so much.  But I have to admit that a good deep cleaning around this house feels really good (while it lasts, that is).

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  1. I don’t enjoy the cleaning, but I love the results!!

  2. Emilee Klein says

    My spring cleaning starts at the end of the winter since by then I need some lightness and a fresh start so that when spring comes I’m ready! I start off in my upstairs and work my way down. I take a laundry basket into each room and take all the “extra” stuff an put it in the basket..when all the furniture is devoid of stuff I start the cleaning..I use all natural products, vinegar, tea tree oil, baking soda and bamboo cloths..Oh..and the winter curtains come down to be washed and put away. Each room gets everything wiped down, the walls get cleaned with a special towel that grabs up all the dust. I clean the ceiling fans, then the walls, then the furniture and then the floors..I work from the top down, one room a day. When I’m done I only put back a few of the decorative items that I had out and put the rest away until I want to change out my decorations. My last room is the kitchen since that is the hardest room in my opinion and one I have to use still while doing my cleaning. This all generally takes me about 2 weeks and I always take Sunday off and sometimes Saturday. When I’m done we have a blanket picnic on the livingroom floor to celebrate the coming of Spring. (it’s still too cold outside to have a picnic out there lol)

  3. Just a little addition..read up on Dr Bronners soaps and placed an order. It’s hard to get an organic cleaning product that doesn’t have flowers in it and they have it!! I’d love to be able to use lavender or rose but I’m highly allergic. Thanks for the suggestion. I got the 8 oz. bottle of the peppermint, and a few small bottles of the lemon, baby, and almond..and tossed in a lip balm for my husband! Thanks!!