No-Sew Family Sign: Nancy Zieman’s Applique Tour


Today I’m part of Nancy Zieman’s Laser Cut Applique Tour. I’m really excited to share this new product with you all.

As you may know, fabric applique’s can be very tricky to cut out, especially extremely intricate designs. Well, leave it to Nancy Z. to come up with an easy solution with her new Laser Cut Applique Designs.

Here are the current designs:

I used the Family applique to create an easy piece of art for our family room. I can’t tell you how easy these appliques are to use!

All you have to do is iron your fabric, then iron the applique to make sure it’s nice and flat.

This is what the applique looks like when it arrives in the mail.

Once the applique has been ironed, peel off the paper backing, place it on top of your fabric and iron it on to fuse it in place. The appliques do not need to be sewn down unless it’s going to be for a product that is laundered quite frequently. Since I was planning this as home decor., I didn’t sew mine down.

I cut up a cardboard box that we had around the house to just the right size to fit the applique. I placed the cardboard on the wrong side of the fabric, centering the applique design in the middle.

Then I used packing tape to wrap the fabric tightly around the back of the cardboard. You could also use duct tape for an even stronger hold. I thought this was a great option because if I ever wanted to turn this into a pillow, I would simple remove the tape and I have a great piece of appliqued fabric to work with for another project.

The great thing about using cardboard is that the art piece is so light-weight that you can put it just about anywhere. If you were wanting to hang it on the wall, covering an artist canvas would be a better option. But I like this just sitting on our mantle.


I arranged the birds under the word family to look like a mommy and daddy bird and their three little ones (just like our family).


These appliques are a great way to bring in some fabric to your home decor with a saying that means something to you. This project probably took me 30 minutes and was 100% no sew. If my sewing studio wasn’t completely filled to the brim with sewing things, I would definitely have loved to use the different sewing appliques. So fun!
To check out more of Nancy Zieman’s Laser Cut Appliques, you can click HERE.

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  1. Great idea for Christmas and birthday gifts.

  2. Lindsey, thank you for participating in the blog tour. I was thrilled to see how you used my “Family” laser-cut applique. What a clever use of the birds! Thanks again and great job on your design.

  3. I looovvvveee this design.