Skinny Cow WoCave: Part 3 Treasure Hunting


As you already know, I have a wonderful sponsorship going on with Skinny Cow brand and have been working with them on their WoCave campaign. For the second mission, Skinny Cow sent my good friend, Jen, and I out for lunch and for a day of antiquing searching for items to add to our WoCave’s (aka Woman Caves). So here’s a little bit about our fun adventure treasure hunting……..

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Biaggi's Lunch Menu

We started out our afternoon at Biaggi’s restaurant. It’s a national chain so I’m sure many of you have one in your area. If you’ve never tried it, you must…….it’s very tasty. Skinny Cow gave us a gift card to use here, so we lived it up for our girls lunch out!

Lunch Biaggis The Cottage Mama

Here’s my dish pictured above. I had this delicious grilled salmon with grilled shrimp on top of saffron risotto. Seriously delicious.


The Cottage Mama Ginger Freckle

Here’s my good friend, Jen. She’ll probably die when she realizes I posted this picture of her on my blog, but we were having a great time. Jen is super busy with her kids these days, but she blogs from time to time at Ginger Freckle and is a super-talented sewist and knitter. It’s so fun having a friend that is into the same hobbies as I am.


We started out treasure hunting for our WoCave’s (aka Women Cave……which for Jen and I is our sewing studios) at an area Jen had never been to before. We usually hit up the Kane County Flea Market (which is a fabulous flea market in the Chicago suburbs), but today we were searching for something new.


This mannequin would have been great in my studio, but it was just too big for my current space.



We found some pretty gorgeous vintage quilts. It always amazing to me that these items are for sale……how could someone ever part with these? The amount of time and hand sewing that goes into each one is incredible.


Now how fun is this thread cabinet? Again, it would have been perfect for me, but I just don’t have the space right now. Note to self: Must get larger sewing studio.




Next we headed over to a new store we had just heard about called ‘ReClaimed‘. It’s just like what it sounds. They take old pieces and make them over so that they are new again. They had a great mix of vintage and industrial in the store and the prices were really reasonable. But neither of us found just what we were looking for……


Finally, we stopped off at a little shop in town called Carriage House Antiques. This is one of my mother-in-laws favorite spots. They had lots of great things and I saw a bench that I kind of wanted, but it just wasn’t quite the right size for where I needed it.

So what did I end up finding for my WoCave? Well, I’m surprised to say……..nothing. I didn’t want to buy something just for the sake of buying. I wanted it to be something I truly loved and wanted to add to my space. I’m definitely in a place in my life where I don’t need more extra stuff around me unless it has purpose or meaning. But that’s the fun of treasure hunting. Sometimes you find tons of things and some times you don’t, but it’s the journey that is the fun part. Jen and I had a great time spending some girl time together having lunch and wandering through all these hidden little gems of antique stores in our area. And that experience and fun made it all worth it……..treasure or not!

For my next and final mission, I will be doing a little at home spa crafting with my good friend Stacey. We are pretty excited to try some of the ‘at home’ kits that were sent to us from Skinny Cow. A big thanks to Skinny Cow for sponsoring this great campaign. And wait until I show the ice cream they just sent over……it was delicious!

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  1. OMG, your girlfriend is just too cute! I love her vintage barrette and her hair is just awesome!