The Cottage Mama Sewing Patterns Now Availlable in PDF / Digital Form!

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that, by popular request, The Cottage Mama Sewing Patterns are now all available in PDF / Digital form at I know some of you who were living overseas didn’t love having to pay international postage on pattern orders (I don’t blame you). And some of you just love to be able to print out the pattern at home and have it right away.

What is a PDF sewing pattern? A PDF pattern is a digital file that you download and you can print out the pattern sheets and instructions on your home computer. It prints out on 8.5” x 11” paper and you tape the pieces of paper together to make the full sized pattern sheets. I will warn you; however, that one of the reasons I avoided PDF patterns in the first place is because some of my pieces are very large. A size 10 A-line is a large pattern piece, but if you don’t mind putting them together, then it shouldn’t be a problem. The nice thing about PDF’s is you can put them together, cut out the size you need and if you want to make it again in another size, just print it out and cut out another size……no tracing necessary.

I am a paper pattern girl at heart, so I will definitely still have the paper versions available for those of you that prefer patterns in that form. But if you love the instant gratification of PDF patterns, those will be available too! You can find all of the pattern available by clicking here.

Also, the blog and website will be undergoing a redesign this summer, so once that happens you will be able to instantly download the patterns directly from the website. It’s going to be really nice…..I can’t wait!

Finally, I will have a new pattern release coming up in about two months, so stay tuned for some new children’s clothing designs. I had to take a break designing patterns this last year while I was writing my book. But the book is turned into the publisher and now I’m back designing individual patterns again!

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  1. Hi Lindsay,

    Not sure if I’m the only one with this problem, but since yesterday, 3/20, I can’t read text on your blog. It’s weird because I can read it on my iPhone, but not my iPad. Just curious if anyone else has this problem? Thanks!

  2. Hi I am soo excited !! Just one thing in Australia and many other countries we don’t have access to your size paper , we use A4 which is longer but not as wide (210mm x 297mm) , I have brought patterns from different etsy sellers and we just can’t front them as the printable area of the pattern is to wide, do you think we will be able to print your patterns? I am a such a fan of your work and love it to bits!!!

  3. Just yesterday I was looking for PDFs! It is like you read my mind!

  4. Very excited for this new venture of yours! I’m sure the PDFs will be a HUGE hit!

  5. Yay! That’s so exiting! I saw your patterns in my local quilt shop the other day and said (okay, maybe shouted… A little) I know her! Haha the quilt shop laidies were impressed, until I confessed I just know WHO you are from your blog and love your things! Haha whoops! 🙂 thanks for making beautiful things!

  6. I just made one of your designs and posted it on my blog.

    I thought you might enjoy seeing how it turned out.