The Cottage Mama’s Favorite Ice Cream ~ Graeter’s

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you are new around here, I used to be into musical theatre. I mean, really into it. Singing, dancing and acting was pretty much all I breathed growing up. It was my passion and it was what I thought I would end up doing with my life. However, life doesn’t always go according to plan.

I majored in musical theatre at University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (CCM). It was a very prestigious school for musical theater, but after my first year of school there, reality sunk in. My parents ended up getting divorced and I realized that if I wanted to truly be able to support myself in life then theatre probably was not the most practical degree. I ended up transferring to DePaul University in Chicago and getting a degree in Finance. Yes, it was the polar opposite of musical theatre, but it was the most practical degree I could really think of obtaining at the time. Working in finance didn’t last long…….definitely wasn’t my cup of tea, but I have used the skill sets I gained from that degree in all different areas of my life.

So why am I telling you this long story since this post is supposed to be about ice cream? Well, when I was living in Cincinnati for a year, I fell in love with Graeter’s Ice Cream. It is the best! Have you ever had it? There was an ice cream shop in walking distance from campus and I’ll never forget my first taste of their pumpkin ice cream. It seriously knocked my socks off!

Well, guess what? You can buy Graeter’s ice cream in stores all around the country now! Why did I not know this? I feel like I’ve been missing out on this deliciousness for too long.

So I was not paid to do a review on Graeter’s, but I was sent a lot of ice cream from them (being a blogger does have it’s perks). Talk about a happy mail day when a giant container of ice cream packed on dry ice arrived at our home. We were sent six pints of ice cream and the girls could not wait to dive in.

Graeter’s carries all sorts of flavors, but the three flavors pictured here are (from left to right) Black Cherry Chocolate Chip, Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Chocolate Chip.

The chocolate chunks in this ice cream are out of this world. I got one chunk that was about two inches long. The chocolate is dark and rich and a perfect compliment to the fruit flavor of the black cherry and raspberry ice cream.

Graeter’s ice cream is produced in small batches using the french pot process and uses the very best ingredients. Think fresh cream with no artificial growth hormones, sweetened with 100% cane sugar, hand selected Oregon black raspberries and strawberries and Madagascar vanilla beans.

I’m really not kidding when I tell you that Graeter’s is the very best ice cream ever! You can find it in many of your grocery stores these days (even though I was a little late to the party finding that one out), especially the specialty stores, but if you can’t find it then you can order it and it is shipped directly to your home. To find out more information about ordering, you can click here.

While my time in Cincinnati did not last long, the deliciousness of Graeter’s has stayed in my mind forever.
PS: I had way too much fun taking pictures of all of this ice cream!

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  1. I live in Oklahoma so we don’t have Graeters. We also discovered it while in Cincinnati with our son. We’d made a few trips to Cincy for medical appointments before we stopped for some Graeters ice cream. Wow, it was amazing. I’m excited to see if we get it in any of our local stores.

  2. Blue Bell Ice Cream is king around here {Texas}. It’s made right here in my hometown, Brenham, TX!

  3. I, too, lived in Cincinnati for a while and fell in love with Graeters. They are available at the Kroger affiliate here in the Phoenix area. I was over the moon a few months ago when I was looking for a small treat to take over to a friend’s house for a Friday night movie night. YIPEE!!! How I missed the Black Raspberry Chip!

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  5. Darn, no where near me. Thank you for sharing this, I thought all hope was gone for an ice cream that wasn’t loaded with stuff that’s so bad for you. I love Blue Bell but it has HFCS and other less desirables. I will have to try some next time I get to a Kroger 🙂

  6. My husband and I hit Graeter’s when we’re in Columbus, Ohio, visiting my mom. You’re right, it’s really gooooood.

    On the other hand, my bil owns an ice cream shop here on Long Island and his chocolate ice cream was voted best by Newsday (LI Newspaper). It’s good stuff, which is lucky because we don’t live anywhere near Ohio and there are no Graeter’s ice cream parlors here.

  7. OMG – OMG – OMG!!! Are you serious!? I friggin’ LOVE Graeter’s ice cream AND I can buy it local now? You’re going to ruin my diet, but thanks so much for the tip!!!

  8. Loved Graeters when we lived there also! But the item we fell in love with the most was Cincinnati Chili! I buy the packets by the case from I think you can buy Graeters there also. Yay!

  9. I’m kind of drooling over your pictures. I love that they mailed them to you that’s fantastic!

  10. Graeter’s is my absolute favorite! My best friend once brought a cooler full of it on the plane when she came to visit me. Now they have it at the grocery stores here and I have to be careful or I’d eat a pint a day!

  11. My mouth is watering! Such yummy flavors and pretty colors!

  12. Your post was so tempting…I started checking our local stores an found it today! Stop and Shop is carrying it and I can’t wait to share it tonight with my family. Don’t tell…I already tasted and it’s YUMMY!

  13. Love it, Makes me feel like a having a taste of each one.

  14. Grew up in Cincinnati & my little sister *knows* that I miss the Skyline, the Montgomery Inn Ribs, the Busken Bakery cookies [my son’s fav] and oh my, the Graeters Ice Cream! My sister will send us a ‘care’ package once a year of all the above in one dry’iced box at Christmas. Lucky us! Also we are lucky now that most Krogers [Ralphs, Food4Less, etc] also now carry them at times. If you ask they usually will bring it in. Everytime we go back up to Cincy for a visit there’s ALWAYS a Graeter’s run for one night of decadent ice cream pints! We pick up a flavor fav each & share. That way we don’t feel *too* guilty! Great write up … Ree Drummond [The Pioneer Woman] also loves Graeters and has created a recipe that resembles the Berry Chip. Not exact but in a pinch if you close your eyes you can remember what that amazing ice cream from Graeters tastes like!

  15. When I lived in Lexington, KY there wasa Grater’s right next to my very favorite place to go have dinner.When we moved I missed their ice cram so much, I had no idea they were selling the icecream in grocery stores now and it looks like mine has it:) Guess what my husband and girls get for a Valentine’s surprise tonight