Green Mountain Coffee and Keurig Coffee Maker Giveaway

My husband and I are huge coffee drinkers.  I’m not quite sure how people, especially mom’s of young children, are able to function without it.  But what I am even a bigger fan of is when an item or product that I love and consume daily is socially and environmentally conscious. 
I also love my new Keurig Coffee maker and today we are giving away a brand new Keurig Coffee Machine and Green Mountain Coffee to go with it.  To read more about the benefits of Green Mountain Coffee and enter to win these wonderful prizes, please click HERE.

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  1. hmmm. The link doesn’t take me to the right post.

  2. I didn’t find anything with the link either–but I would love to win a Keurig–fell in love with my sister’s a month ago and now I totally regret telling my husband I “didn’t need something else on the counter” back at mother’s day!

  3. Sorry, ladies…..the link is working now 🙂


  4. I am a big coffee drinker – always was. My morning must start with java or you better don’t talk to me. I love to have it before the kids are up, so I can actually enjoy it.
    I don’t know how people can live without it…. so I am all with you!

  5. I like my coffee black, please. I tried some Green Mountain coffee made in a Keurig at a friend’s house. It was very good. Would love to have a Keurig of my own.