Baby Lock and The Cottage Mama

I’ve been wanting to share my new machines with you for several months and now it’s finally time!

Meet the two newest members of The Cottage Mama team…….

I was recently sent these amazing new machines from the folks over at Baby Lock and let me tell you that they are truly “dream machines”. I was content sewing on my Brother Sewing Machine (CS6000i) and Serger (1034d), but these Baby Lock machines take things to a whole new level. I kind of feel like talking to them and saying “Where have you been my whole life?” But the truth of the matter is that I just didn’t even know some of these fantastic features existed on the higher end sewing machines.

I am thrilled to be working with Baby Lock and to have them here as a sponsor. I will be doing some new tutorials and sewing projects for them over on the official Baby Lock blog, Totally Stitchin‘ coming up soon. You will be able to find a link to their blog under the sponsors heading in the right side-bar of The Cottage Home.

So let me tell you a little bit more about my new machines…….

First up is the new Ellegante 3 Sewing and Embroidery Machine. I guess you could say Miss Ellegante and I had sort of a ‘Love at first stitch’ experience when she first arrived. She is so quiet and just purrs along as I sew… to my ears.

Here are some of the features on this fabulous machine that I really enjoy:

  •  Automatic Needle Threading. Just push the button and in 4 seconds the machine is ready to go.
  • Automatic Thread Cutting. Again, just push the button.
  • Two Thread Spool Holders
  • Drop-In Bobbin
  • Low bobbin thread indicator
  • Stitch memory library – Great for stitches that you use a lot such as gathering and machine applique. It saves the stitch width, length and tension for easy recall.
  • LCD Touch Screen that shows you your actual designs and stitch settings and also has a informational guide included so you never have to pull out the manual!
  • On Screen Embroidery Design Editing for combining words, pictures, frames and more.
  • 531 Built-In Stitches – Everything from a wide scallop stitch, heirloom stitches to borders and decorative characters.

  • 492 Built-In Embroidery Designs – Including 14 different font libraries for personalizing and monogramming, applique embroidery, gorgeous floral and seasonal motifs. I love that you can view the designs in the different size hoops before you actually embroider.

  • Gorgeous fonts, including a floral alphabet.
    • Direct connectivity to your PC and can be used with external drives (floppy, flash, CD)
    • Circular Sewing Attachment to make perfect circles with straight or decorative utility stitches.

    More specific details on the Ellegante 3:

    So not only did they send me the Ellegante 3, but I also received the Baby Lock Evolution 8-Thread Serger:

    This serger is so easy to use. If you’re not familiar with Baby Lock, their sergers essentially thread for you and they don’t have tension dials to fuss with when you switch stitches.

    You see those little holes in the picture above (the ones labeled U, L and C). Well, you put your threads in those holes and the machine sucks them in and threads it for you. It is incredibly cool!

    Also, one of the biggest challenges with my other serger was that if I wanted to change out one of the threads or if one of them broke, I had to re-thread the whole thing from start to finish in the appropriate order. Well, not with the Evolution. If I want to just change out the upper-looper, I simply remove it, put the new thread in the hole, push the button and I’m ready to go!

    I absolutely love not having to worry about the tension on this machine. I just pick my stitch and the machine knows how to adjust the tension for perfect serging every time.

    Here are some more specifics about the features of the Evolution:

    To say that I was excited when these machines arrived a few months ago is probably an understatement, I was ecstatic! I can’t wait to incorporate more machine embroidery, monogramming, serging and more into my designs. Like I said, these machines are truly a dream to sew on and I am so excited about my partnership / sponsorship with Baby Lock.

    Look for upcoming projects and guests post over on the Totally Stitchin’ blog (the official blog of Baby Lock Sewing Machines and Sergers). Also if you have any questions about my experience with these machines, feel free to email or leave me a comment.
    To keep updated with Baby Lock feel free to visit their website, blog and facebook page.

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    1. those look like lovely machines! I would love to have a new machine, but the amount of time to learn how to use it makes it less appealing than just staying with my old Necchi.
      This just might convince me to go shopping though.

      a self threading serger? how cool!

      By any chance, did they give you extra machines for a giveaway 🙂

    2. So happy for you – what a fantastic Sponsor to have. Incredible machines. Cant wait to get a look at the at Sewing Summit. Go Lindsay!

    3. You had me at automatic threader…..

    4. I had no idea a machine has those type of features! I mean, a low bobbin indicator??? Really??? That is so awesome! My MIL has a Babylock (not sure what it’s called, but it’s the machine that is used primarily for top quilting). I goofed around on her Babylock for about 5 minutes and then started stippling on my son’s quilt. Easy peasy! Loved it! And the serger…wow…that is so awesome! I think if I end up getting a serger, it would have to be this model because the whole having to thread one has turned me off from even wanting to buy one. Thank you for the reviews! That was awfully generous of Babylock!

    5. Oh you lucky thing! I want that serger SO bad! Mine is old and has serged so many miles it is about to the end of its thread!! LOL! I want that 8 thread serger so bad – I watched a video online of that think in action and I was just drooling. Wish I could get them to send me one!!!
      congrats to you – you deserve them both!

    6. WOW you are a lucky girl!

    7. You are a very lucky mama! I have used Babylocks for years, and for my 40th wedding anniversary, my husband bought and surprised me with the Ellegeo Plus. I had also owned a Janome 11000, which I loved, but I wanted the longer hoop.
      I’m sad to say this machine is somewhat of a disappointment. I’ve had to have it repaired twice for major things, and it was acting up again yesterday. I’m hoping if it messes up again BL will consider replacing it. This will most likely be my last embroidery machine to own, and I just want it to last.
      I have the BL Imagine serger, and it is wonderful. I’ve never had a problem with it at all, and I will hang on to it until I can no longer sew.
      Can’t wait to see more of your projects!!

    8. They are beautiful, I think you used to have the same machine I have (a Brother). I love all your stuff!!!

    9. Beautiful machines. I’ve had my Evolve for many years. Never a problem. You will love it. Wish I still had my Elegante but traded it for a Pfaff Creative Vision. Congratulations on you great Babylock family.

    10. Okay, you have me salivating over here LOL. Congrats on your new machines, they are both awesome! I can’t imagine having anything that nice to work with LOL. I’m debating putting an embroidery machine on layaway at Walmart 😉 soooooo these are in a whole different world for me, but they are in good hands! 🙂

    11. How exciting for you, what extraordinary machines! I just bought a new Brother HE-240 little baby embroidery machine and haven’t had a chance to break it out of the box yet, since I’m staying at my moms and it arrived while I am here, but I am sooo excited to get playing with monograms, appliqué, and such. Looking forwards to seeing what you come up with!

    12. Hi, I also have an Evolution serger and it is absolutely the best machine I ever used! No embroidery machine yet.