Easy $1.00 Mirror Makeover

There are so many decorating projects I would love to tackle around our house, but there just isn’t a lot of time (or extra money) to get those done.  So many of the projects will have to wait, but I figure I can do a little something here and there to make myself feel a little better in our home.

We have had this mirror since before we even moved into this house.  I absolutely love the shape of it, but it really doesn’t pop on our beige family room wall.  When my mom was visiting I was telling her how I wanted to do ‘this and that’ to our family room like bringing in some blue into our palette of beige, sage and cranberry.  I recently changed out the curtains, which have some blue in them and my mom suggested that I paint the mirror to bring out the blue from the curtains.

I head to our local Joann’s a picked up a small tube of Martha Stewart Craft Paint in a Satin finish.  I thought about spray painting the mirror, but I really couldn’t find anything that was just the right color.  When I saw Martha Stewart had a color called ‘Blueberry’, I knew that would be just right.  This paint is usually $1.99 at my Joann’s, but I had a coupon, so it was only .99 cents!

I taped off the interior of the mirror with painters tape.  Got out our art brushes and began painting.  I’m kind of glad I decided to paint the mirror rather than spraying it.  I had forgotten how soothing painting can be and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.  It took me about 1 hour to paint the mirror and I let it dry overnight.  I thought the craft paint covered surprisingly well.  I wasn’t quite sure how it would do since I didn’t prime the mirror at all.  The next day, after the paint was dry, I removed the painter’s tape and hung the mirror on the wall.

The mirror seems to have a new life again.  A once nice, somewhat drab mirror, now pops off the wall in this deep blueberry tone.  The great thing about working with timeless shapes is that you can always incorporate them into your decor.  In our next house, the blue might not work, but then I can just paint it again!  And for .99 cents, that is no problem!

This mirror makes me (and my wallet) really happy because my favorite kind of makeovers are the ones where you take something you already own and make it new again.
Hmmmm……what can I paint next?

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  1. It is so great!! I need a little mirror like that! Great job.

  2. It looks beautiful Lindsay. What a lovely little reading corner!

  3. well done!

  4. Love the new look. I liked the distressed and vintage look, but I am sure that the color makes it pop out more.

  5. Very awesome! It looks great as a pop of color and I agree – the shape is totally cool!

  6. thanks for sharing.