Zealous Good: A Meaningful Way to Donate

I don’t promote a whole lot of different organizations on this blog, but when I was contact by Zealous Good in Chicago (about guest posting on the blog), I knew I wanted to share them with you all.  They are a wonderful organization, doing wonderful things for the community.  Please take a moment and read the following post from Zealous Good………

Zealous Good: A Meaningful Way to Donate 

Giving your old stuff away to a charity is a great thing. However, when you donate, do you really know whom it’s going to? How it’s helping? If it’s actually helping that much?

You donate a bag of old clothes to a charity. Great— but what if the charity could use your old children’s toys and games more? Would you know?

Now, all these questions are silenced by the Chicago-based organization Zealous Good. Zealous Good matches people with excess goods to donate to the needs of local charities, providing an efficient and effective way to donate your old, no longer needed items.

The average American household has $7,000 in unused items. $7,000! So give all those old children’s games, old sports equipment, or arts & crafts supplies you know you’re never going to use again new life, by placing them in the hands of a child who really needs them.

A local charity is waiting on the other side of your computer for help. And the best part– the donation process is easy.

To donate, go to zealousgood.com and submit what you want to donate. Then let Zealous Good start the matchmaking. You’ll be notified which local charities are interested, and you can pick which charity suits you best and schedule a time to pick up or drop off your item. Once your donation is in the hands of your selected charity, you get to see the difference you made and the lives you affected.

Or, if you’re a charity and need donations, it’s just as easy. Simply make a Zealous Good page and request what kind of donations you want to receive. After Zealous Good matches the donations with your needs, you receive the donation and your charity is fulfilled.

Simple. Powerful. Good.

So take a look around your house. See what extra stuff you don’t need. Maybe even ask your kids if they have old toys they would be willing to give to a child in need. If they do, you and your child can pick together which charity think would be best and which one you want your items going to, so you can both feel good about whom you are helping.

There’s never a bad time to do good. Why not make it today?

Click HERE to read more about Zealous Good.

Yes, Zealous Good is a Chicago-based organization, but even if you aren’t in the Chicagoland area, maybe you will think twice about where you take your donations.  I love the idea of knowing that what I no longer need will go to an organization can put it to great use!

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  1. So enjoyed your blog post today. I shared it in “Hoarders”. We need to be aware of every possible way we can help people who aren’t as fortunate as we. Belated birthday wishes to Matilda Jane. Love the pics. :Deb

  2. Anonymous says

    I send my childs out grown clothes to school so the school nurse can have extra clothes in case of emergencies. I also send extra school supplies, art supplies and anything else I think the teachers can use. If my childs teacher cannot use what I send, I request that they put what they don’t want in the teacher’s lounge and let others have it.

  3. Thanks for this post! I live in Chicago and the moms ministry at our church(www.parkmoms.com) is always on the lookout for ways to help our city. I’ll be passing on this information for sure!!

  4. What a super organization. I have always wondered if our things were actually going to the right place. I will have to look this up in Texas.

  5. I wanna have an organization like this.