Skinny Cow WoCave: Mission 1

Several weeks back I shared with you that I have a wonderful new sponsorship from Skinny Cow brand (they seriously are the best) and I am participating in their Skinny Cow Brand Influencer for the WoCave Program.  If you missed the intro post, you can check out more information about it by clicking HERE.

So for my 1st WoCave mission, Skinny Cow sent me and three of my girlfriends to do something a little outside of our ordinary routine. My friends and I all love to craft, decorate, create, etc., but generally we get together at someones’ home for our creative night once a month. So for this mission, we were taken outside of our comfort zone and sent to paint pottery at a local shop in town.

I was really excited when we received our mission. I’ve painted pottery once before, but it was a long time ago and I knew my girlfriends would be up for the mission as well!

We were all give a large mug and saucer upon arriving at the shop. We walked around taking in all the inspiration and planning out what we wanted to paint on our pottery. The planning part was the hardest part for me since I agonize over my creations.

My friend, Jen, had a pretty good idea of what she wanted to paint on her pieces. She had an inspiration print that she had been thinking about so that really helped her create her design.

The colors at the pottery shop were very muted when you first put them on, but they had examples of what the different colors would look like once they had been fired and were ready to go a week later.

My friend Laura ended up doing polka dots with some sponges on her big giant mug and plate and stuck to really sweet palette of colors. It was so cute!

Ellie has a really beautiful home decorated in blues, greens and earth-tones, so she stuck to those colors in creating her two pieces.

So here I am with my mug. And here’s the thing……I had a little problem…….I needed about 8 more hours to actually paint the design I had planned. It was pretty funny. I had an intricate design drawn out in pencil (since the pencil marks burn off when the pottery is fired) and ended up just having to paint right over it because I only had 45 minutes left to finish. Same thing happened with my plate. Note to self for next time: ‘must arrive when shop opens in the morning’.

But with that being said, I think there will definitely be a next time. We all had such a great time trying something new. Isn’t that what life is all about? Getting outside of our regular routine and experiencing new things together. I think so. And what’s even better is when you can experience these things with your good friends and build memories to last a lifetime.

We just completed our second mission and I can’t wait to share more about it with you, if you follow me on Instagram (@thecottagemama), you may already have an idea where we went. Thank you to Skinny Cow brand for helping me experience such fun missions and activities with my girlfriends (and thanks for the Cookies ‘n Dough ice cream bars…….they were delish)!

Products and mission tasks were provided to me free of charge from Skinny Cow Brand, however, as always…….all opinions, ideas and experiences are 100% mine.

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  1. Looks like a really fun time, skinny cow is very generous and what a great campaign for Moms.

  2. I like painting pottery too, isn’t that another whole world of craft, with endless possibilities, what we would explore (if we have another life for that as well)? :o)