Inexpensive Wall Art ~ Decorating with Paper

I love when I find a great print that can bring an entire room together.  Usually I’m looking for it in the form of fabric, but when I can’t find exactly what I want, sometimes I have to turn to other sources ~ like paper.

Several months back I was shopping at my local Home Goods store and as I was going to check out this fabulous wrapping paper caught my eye.  You know how much I love patterned fabric so it was no surprise that I was drawn into this bold wrapping paper.  I needed some wrapping paper for a wedding shower gift, so I picked it up and it said $3.99 and I said ‘sold!’.  Well, I wasn’t even paying much attention, but when I got it home I noticed that is was Vera Bradley wrapping paper.  No wonder I liked it, I love her designs!

I used this wrapping paper to wrap of the wedding shower gift and then had quite a bit leftover.  I noticed that it actually picked up quite a few different colors that I have going on around our house, especially in the family room.  So I pulled two frames off the wall that were needing an update, cut the wrapping paper to size and framed them. 

Instant wall art ~ how great is that?  And inexpensive, to boot!

Here is a little corner of our family room with the two framed pieces of wrapping paper.  In addition to wrapping paper, think about framing fabric, wall paper or sheet music as well.  It’s an easy update that can really bring a room together.  And if you get tired of it, no biggie, just change it out and move on to something new that you love.

Above is a picture of our bedroom, where I simply framed two squares of fabric to tie the room together.  Another easy, inexpensive wall art project.  Definitely a great bang for your buck!

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  1. What a great idea! Love how they turned out!

  2. I love this idea! I will be on the lookout for some nice wrapping paper now!

  3. I love it!

  4. Such a neat idea and it looks great in the rooms! They match perfectly:)

  5. I love that Vera paper! Great idea! I’ve used fabric in frames to tie in with something I’ve made. Also, I have used fabric to cover a matte. Also a fun look.

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  7. hello,
    these seem like Turkish designs. Usualy flowers are used as patterns in these kind of drawings, very lovely.

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