From Grandma with Love………A Christmas Quilt

So is it too late to share something from Christmas?  Well, maybe so, but better late than never!

My mom and Allen (aka Pepo) flew in from Texas to celebrate an early Christmas with us the weekend prior to the actual date.  We had such a lovely visit, though it’s always shorter than I would like, but it certainly makes me appreciate the time I get with my mom and Pepo all the more!

Mom made this gorgeous, twin-sized Christmas quilt as a gift for us this year.  I can’t even express how much I love it.  It’s big and cozy and can cover up our entire family snuggling on the couch.

Last year I had given mom, The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman, so the pattern she used for our quilt was ‘Small Plates’ from this book.  The front is basically done using ‘Flurry’ charm squares (5″ precut squares), ‘Flurry’ jelly roll strips, Moda white solid squares and cut 2 1/2″ strips.  She also cut some additional pieces from yardage she had on hand.  This is a wonderful quilting book that ranges from beginners up to intermediate quilters.  If you are looking for a new quilting book to add to your collection, I can’t recommend this one enough.

Now for the backing, Mom had to do a little creative improvising due to the amount of fabric yardage she was able to purchase.  So, she came up with this (see picture below) backing that I almost love as much as the front!

Pepo helped Grandma Jane sandwich the quilt, so he got a little credit on this one.  Mom includes a label on each one of her quilted creations. These items will be passed down for generations to come, so I love that she dates each quilt.
I don’t know if you remember, but Grandma Jane made the kids Christmas outfits from the same line of fabric (click here to read more) ~ Kate Spain’s ‘Flurry’.  Even though the kids will eventually outgrow their Christmas outfits, we will have the Christmas Quilt to remember Christmas 2011.

This quilt will be pulled out each and every Christmas and will be treasured always and forever.  There is something so comforting about snuggling up in a handmade work of art made by someone you love.  It really feels like my mom is here hugging me even when she’s miles and miles away.
On another note:  Grandma Jane has agreed to guest blog this year with some quilting tutorials for everyone.  I hope you all will welcome her with open arms when she makes her first appearance on the blog.  SO excited that she’s agreed to share her talents!

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  1. un lavoro meraviglioso i miei complimenti!
    ciao Dany

  2. Beautiful!!!

  3. What a wonderful gift!! Such a legacy.

  4. Love this quilt, and I’m sure you could probably still cozy up under it… Snow Snow up your way again today. I can’t wait to see your mom’s posts!

  5. Please ask Mom to put her “real name” on the quilts (& maybe her town, who it was given to & why, etc.) so generations from now folks will know more about it. As an “artist,” she should sign her work – after all, so much time & love were put into it.

    I remember going to a “label class” years ago where the teacher said “never sign your 1st grandchild’s quilt “Grandma,” as you never want it to be mistaken that the OTHER Grandma made it.” I thought that was funny.

    [email protected]

  6. Lindsay ( my daughter’s name as well)….
    I just bought this book to make my grandson this very quilt for his twin size bed!! So happy to see how she created the back as well. Have I told you lately how much I LOVE your blog? 🙂

  7. So gorgeous!! Your Mom is so talented, I cannot wait for her to guest post!

  8. Just lovely, all the pieces, I too really like the back she created. I cant wait to see/read her guest posts.

  9. I love that quilt, I’ve been trying to decide on a quilt for my mom, and that might be the design I go with!

  10. That is just beautiful! Your grandmother did a wonderful job. The fabrics are clean and I love the way they go together!

  11. Oh yes, Lindsay, I will welcome your Mom with open arms to your blog! I love comments/thoughts on my blog, so I will be sure to leave a nice comment for your girls’ “Grandma.” And I will welcome Pepo too! LOL! Hey, I remember your lovely wedding post for them! It was beautiful. 🙂

  12. I love the Tie Shirts those are way cute.

  13. How crazy is this? I was just looking through this same book, because I found the Flurry charm packs on sale. Can you tell me which pattern your Mom used?? Thanks so much for all your lovely work and words. Congrats on the Riley Blake appointment – what an honor!


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  15. What a pretty and lovely gift! We just received over a foot of snow here so it is definitely still quilt weather!!

  16. Oh my! I love this pretty Christmas quilt, and the back is just as pretty as the front!

  17. Great job Jane! I love the front AND the back!:-)