‘Sew Serendipity Bags’ by Kay Whitt ~ Book Review

 Kay Whitt has done it again!  A few months ago I was sent a copy of Kay’s second book, Sew Serendipity Bags, and it is absolutely fabulous!

I’m not sure if you remember my review on Kay’s first book, Sew Serendipity, but I loved it too.  Sew Serendipity, has a larger emphasis on clothing, but what do you need to go with your lovely outfit?  A beautiful, super-hip, ultra-chic bag!  And what’s even better is if you can make that bag yourself.

Sew Serendipity Bags has the same feel as Kay’s first book with beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations helping you sew each and every step of the way.  The book is arranged by skill level or by the amount of work you are willing to take on.  The easier bags in the book contain fewer pattern pieces, less stabilizers and hardware.  As you progress, you get more and more fancy with the amounts of pockets, zippers and overall pieces involved in constructing the bags.

Kay is my kind of girl, using beautiful, patterned fabrics for all of her bags in the book.  I feel that a bag should be a statement piece and if you are going to all the effort to create it yourself, then you should choose a gorgeous, fun fabric.  Sew Serendipity Bags has such beautiful, eye-candy photography as well.

My favorite bag might be the one on the cover, though it’s really hard to choose just one.  The cover bag is fun, flirty and gives the option of pairing so many of my favorite designer quilting cotton fabrics.  There are many others in the book that caught my eye that would be perfect for different occasions such as a diaper bag, grocery bag, overnight bag, ect.

If you have a sewer on your holiday gift list this year, I would definitely recommend Sew Serendipity Bags by Kay Whitt.  Or perhaps you should add it to your holiday wish-list!  Just forward your sweetheart this blog post and say “hint, hint”.  
Anyone else have one of Kay Whitt’s books ~ either ‘Sew Serendipity‘ or ‘Sew Serendipity Bags‘?

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  1. I have the Sew Serendipity book and I love it. I don’t make bags much but I love all the hardware on the bags and that bag on the cover is just adorable. I might buy this book after all.

  2. I have the original Sew Serendipty book, with about 3 patterns marked for ‘immediate creation’ (that is immediate in the next 6 months sort of a way ;o) ). I’m drooling over this book now too though…

  3. I have Sew Serendipity Bags. I haven’t had it very long so I have not made anything from it yet. It does have lots of cute bags!~Patti

  4. I have Sew Serendipity and love it. Kay’s designs are amazing….I think this new book might have to be on my Christmas list!

  5. Yes! I have both books now. They are beautiful. I am so ready to dive into some projects, but they may have to wait until after the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!