Seams Unlikely

Seams Unlikely by Nancy Zieman. Review by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage Mama.

If you sew, I’m sure you know Nancy Zieman (aka Nancy Z.). Her name is synonymous with sewing as she has been making waves in the industry for many, many years. As a small business owner, I was very excited to read her new autobiography ‘Seams Unlikely’ to find out more about Nancy’s journey on  her path to success.

I feel so blessed to be able to stay at home with my children, running my own business and getting to do something that I feel passionately about everyday. I feel Nancy was instrumental helping to bring sewing into the mainstream and inspiring more women to take up this amazing hobby. So it’s thanks to Nancy for being the trailblazer in the industry and helping me to be able to do what I do.

I think so much of what shapes us into who we are today is where we came from. Where were we raised, who were are parents, what struggles did we experience and overcome. In Seams Unlikely, Nancy Zieman gives us a look into her childhood, her adolescence, her college years and so forth. What stuck me so deeply was the fact that as successful as Nancy has become, she has overcome more struggles in her life than I think anyone should ever have to endure, including Bells Palsy. But through it all, it shaped her into the woman she has become and enabled her to tackle success.

Seams Unlikely by Nancy Zieman. Review by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage Mama.

Seams Unlikely also offers you an in-depth look into how Nancy’s Notions and Sewing with Nancy came to be. Did you know that Sewing with Nancy is the longest running sewing show? How amazing is that? You see how she grew up from a farm girl in WI to becoming the famous sewing icon that she is today.

Seams Unlikely by Nancy Zieman. Review by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage Mama.

When I originally started reading this book, I thought it was going to be more of a business centered book, but as I continued reading I felt as though I was on an emotional journey with Nancy. And by the end, I felt as if she were a friend. An amazingly talented, strong, beautiful, focus-driven woman who had overcome deep struggles with an amazingly positive attitude that brought her to success. It’s no wonder she is loved and adored by so many. Nancy Zieman is to be honored and admired for what she has done throughout her life and what she has done for our entire sewing industry.

Thank you, Nancy!

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  1. I think she is an inspiration to all!!! It shows what determination, fortitude can do for anyone!

  2. Wow, great review Lindsay. I’m definitely going to read this book. It sounds so interesting and inspiring!

    • I had the privilege of meeting her and watching two of her lectures in January 2013. It was a fabulous weekend, and she was just so personable and humorous.
      It is something I will never forget.

  3. I bet she is truly inspiring in person, I hope to read this book too….please Stop by my blog and share a love story and read others.. Happy Valentines..