In-Home DIY Spa Kits: Skinny Cow WoCave

As I have mentioned for the last several months, I have been working with the lovely Skinny Cow brand on their latest WoCave campaign. They have been so great to work with and have sent me to do many different activities with my girlfriends that I might not otherwise have done. For the last mission, they wanted me to grab some friends and do some in-home DIY crafty spa activities. Does that sound like fun? I thought so!

I had no idea that there were so many different kits available on the market that are great for DIY crafty ‘spa-themed’ get togethers. I wanted to share with you a few of the kits that were sent from Skinny Cow and show you where to get them in case you want to get together a group of your girlfriends for a crafty spa night.

DIY Lip Balm Kit.


DIY Lip Balm Kit

(photo via UnCommon Goods)

This kit can be purchased over at Uncommon Goods and you can make several different scented cocoa butter lip balms. All the ingredients are organic and the box is even recycled. All of the instructions are included so you just need the kit, your girlfriends……..and maybe a glass of wine.

DIY Bath Salt Kit.

DIY Bath Salt Kit

(photo via Uncommon Goods)

The DIY Bath Salt Kit is very similar to the Lip Balm kit and can also be purchased at Uncommon Goods. Again, all ingredients are organic and there is nothing fake about these bath salts. Even the dried lavender is organic! This kit contains all the instructions you need and two jars for putting together your bath salts. The great thing about these kits is that once you have the instructions, you could go out and purchase more ingredients to make these for gifts or if you were having a larger DIY get together. This also makes a great gift for a crafty friend. And who knows…….maybe she’ll invite you over to make some too!

DIY Perfume Kit.

DIY Perfume Kit.

DIY Perfume Kit

(photo via Vetiver Aromatics)

Now this is probably my favorite DIY crafty spa get together project. It’s a DIY Perfume Kit / Introduction to Aromatics Kit from Vetiver Aromatics (you can purchase the kit here). This kit comes with everything you need to create your very own custom scent. It has a large booklet of instructions showing you which scent goes with what and step-by-step directions. Each person can mix and match the different extracts to create something that is unique to them. How fun is that? The kits come with different size packages, so you could buy one that is just a beginner set or a super-deluxe set. The one that I received and got to play with is the one pictured above. This really is so much fun!

Skinny Cow Limited Edition Ice Cream.

And if you are going to have your girlfriends over for a get together, you better have some food, right? So why not try these two limited edition ice creams from Skinny Cow brand? The one on the right is the Chocolate Covered Cherry Cone and the one on the left is the Pretty in Pink Velvet Truffle Bars. Both are To. Die. For. Seriously……you would have no idea these are not full-fat ice cream bars.

A big thank you to Skinny Cow brand for putting together this girlfriend-centered campaign. I really had so much fun focusing on time with my friends!


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