{ Nesting } – Organization Overload

It’s less than two months now until little man’s scheduled arrival.  And when I say scheduled, I mean really scheduled since, unless I go into labor early, I have a c-section date already on the calendar (due to my previous c-section with Miss M.).  Anyway, I have since realized that there are 5000 things I want to get done before this little angels arrival and SO little time to get it all done.

Recently I went slightly crazy organizing the house.  I think my good friend, Lara, thought I had lost my mind when I was showing her all the insides of my cabinets.  Do any of you get crazy-organized before a baby arrives?  I have done this each and every time during all three pregnancies now.  I think it’s my last ditch effort to have total control over my life until chaos ensues with life and a newborn.

I love feeling organized and I am feeling pretty good about the state of our house right now.  Here are just a few things I’ve been up to with my home organization………

The Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets:  I only did a little organizing in the kitchen cabinets, but I love having things placed in containers.  I think it makes the cabinets so much more pleasing to the eye.  I also think you can store so much more when you get rid of the bulky boxes.

Kitchen Drawers:  Ok, you might find this crazy, but I measured all of my cabinets, shelves, drawers, ect., before I went shopping for any containers.  I wanted to make sure I got the perfect fit and didn’t over-buy or under-buy.  I headed to the dollar store (Dollar Tree) in my area for all these different drawer containers.  I find they have a great selection of organizing supplies, some even come in sets of three, and for $1.00, you can’t beat it!

Corner Kitchen Cabinet:  This cabinet has always been a little awkward.  It’s really deep and in the corner of our kitchen.  Things have tended to get lost towards the back.  I found these two shelves in my in-laws basement that they were using and I think they make the cabinet feel so much larger.  I’ve always loved having our cereal in these plastic containers.  It makes it easy to see how much is left and keeps it fresh longer.

Spices: I keep the majority of my spices in the double-tiered, lazy-susan pictured in one of the earlier cabinet photos.  But for the spices I reach for frequently, I keep them stored in this rack that is attached to our kitchen walls.  We found this one at IKEA several years ago and it has been great!
I keep all my cooking utensils in this tall white container (to the left) and our oven mitts in one of my favorite white woven stone bowls.  I always have a cookbook out and we keep our olive oil and white balsamic vinegar on the counter as well.

Kitchen Hutch:  This is one of my favorite additions to our kitchen – the hutch.  I bought this about four years ago from the JC Penny catalog.  It was not a very expensive piece, but it has provided us with so much additional storage that it was well-worth whatever the price was back then!

We keep our pasta stored in plastic and glass containers on the main shelf.  Baby bibs are concealed in that brown box and the little silver platter on top is a great catch-all for hair ties and little things that just end up out of place.  Our dinner plates are kept here and are easy to access.  I added a hook to the side of the hutch to hang all of our aprons (the girls each have one and I have one as well).
I keep some things we use less frequently in the bottom cabinet of the hutch.  I’ve got our salad serving bowls, decorative plate chargers, ramekins, creme brulee dishes, individual casserole dishes as well as some cocktail napkins and paper plates.
The Downstairs Bathroom
Downstairs Medicine Cabinet:  I kind of feel like we are getting personal here, showing you the inside of our medicine cabinet, but we’re all friends, right?  Again, I got these sets of three little baskets from the dollar store as well as the one long basket.  Total cost of organization – $3.00 – totally worth it!
The Family Room

Media Storage:  I’ve stored all of our movies under our entertainment center.  I know it’s hard to believe, but yes we still have a VHS player, therefore, we still have VHS movies.  Don’t worry, we’re not totally in the stone-age……we have DVD and all that other stuff too.  But if you are in the market for movies, I’m telling you, they are practically giving away VHS tapes at your local thrift stores.

I purchased these plastic bins at Wal-Mart and they fit the VHS movies perfectly.  We already had the photo storage boxes which work great for DVD, video games and VHS.  The one wicker-basket are pretty much all my husband’s movies and the rest are all kiddo movies.

Someday when I’m being really organized, I’ll use our DVD burner and burn all the VHS onto DVD, but who knows when that day will come.

Side-Board Storage: This is where my OCD measuring came in handy before I went shopping.  I found these three baskets at TJ Maxx and if I wouldn’t have measured, I probably would have only bought two because they looked so big in the store.  But I pulled out my handy “Notepad Holder” and saw that three would fit exactly in our side-board.  We keep diapers and wipes in one basket and right now the other two are pretty open.  It’s always good to have additional storage for the future so we’re not constantly having to try to figure out where to put things.
Dining Room

Corner Hutch: I love this little corner built-in, in our dining room.  It’s very reminiscent of the 1930’s-1940’s (which was when our house was built) and is original to the house.  I keep all our non-everyday glassware in here arranged by type.  I also keep some special occasion dishes on the bottom shelf as well.  It the bottom cabinet, I’ve stored our margarita glasses as well as some other special occasion tableware.
So that’s what I’ve been up to lately……..nesting, BIG time!  I’m trying to take full advantage of this amazing energy burst because I know it will soon be disappearing and I will be heading into the “I’m done being pregnant mode” during my final month.  I’ll soon be showing your our “Nautical” themed nursery. It’s not quite finished yet, but it’s coming along.
What kind of crazy nesting activity have you all gone through?  Anyone else go organizationally crazy?

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  1. Maybe after all this inspiration I’ll start that long-awaited organizational spree I’ve been promising myself….

  2. When we found out we were expecting our third organizing the house was the first thing that went on my to-do list, that and getting rid of anything and everything that we don’t need or use anymore.

  3. I’m heading to Dollar Tree, because I really need to organize the stuff in my kitchen drawers! Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

  4. I hate to say this but if you have started nesting, I don’t think you will be attending your appointment, I think the sproglet will be on his way really soon… make sure your bag is by the door!

  5. Oh Lyndsay…you’ve done a fabulous job!!! I love organization!!! Great way to week through stuff and have just what you need at your fingertips! I have been trying to clean stuff and organize a little myself! Hope you have an easy two months!!! Get rest and enjoy!!!

  6. Oh wow, do you do flying organisational visits? ;o)

    Happy nesting!

  7. My baby is due in about 2 weeks, and I have been cleaning totally random places lately. I got out the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed the corner and edges of every room in our house, looking for cobwebs, I guess… I also have been vacuuming out the insides of drawers and getting out that corner attachment and getting my closets really really clean… odd compulsion, nesting isn’t it? 🙂

  8. I totally get where you’re at. I go through a massive cleaning of weird things (like the sliding glass door track and cleaning all the walls & baseboards) and random “projects” I haven’t finished yet – like patching small holes in the walls and completing sewing projects that I’ve had fabric for for years. Your house looks fantastic and spankin’ clean – great job and Happy Nesting!

  9. Everything looks great. I actually like cleaning & organizing. I can get things organized, but they don’t stay organized. I can’t wait till my daughter goes to school in Sept, so I can start a massive organizing of the house. I need to get to Dollar tree to get some of those plastic containers.

  10. Too old to ever be pregnant again but I sure could use those nesting hormones just about now! Your house looks fabulous and happy nesting!

  11. Nesting — good instinct — keep it! I am also on the downside of the birthing babies spectrum, but every winter solstice I get the urge to purge!

  12. It’s been a long time since I nested like that but you are an inspiration. I am hoping to move to a different senior community and will have a wonderful 5 x 8 walk-in closet. Your nesting will servce as inspiration for my own organizing. Good luck with your upcoming delivery.

  13. I absolutely adore the corner hutch you have in your home, and how you make it look modern even though your house was built in…40’s? I don’t remember. I love how it has SO much storage, and looks like a little secret door to Narnia or something on the outside.

    I consistently feel the need to nest, but then realize that I need to have the proper equipment before I can really get started. I organize things into piles, but have nowhere to put my piles and they end up all over the house because LO loves to “help”. 🙂

  14. Thank-you so much for sharing, I’m a new doula and would love to hear your birth story. You have done a wonderful job of nesting.
    I just went through a major re-organise of my home, we moved house 12 months ago and I have been getting restless so we have moved all the furniture around and re-purposed the downstairs. It feels so much bigger and more organised now.
    Lots of love EvolutionDoula x