Decorating ~ Girls Shared Toddler Bedroom

About a month ago we moved the girls into the same bedroom.  I’m not going to lie, I was extremely nervous to make this move, but we knew it needed to happen well in advance of the other big adjustment in our future (baby brother).  It was a big transition for them and for us into their Girls Shared Toddler Bedroom.  It was Matilda’s first time in a “big girl bed” and the first time either girl has ever had a roommate.  We had a rough first couple days, but since then it’s been working out pretty well.

The girls bedroom is not a huge room, I think it’s 11′ x 13′ and we weren’t really sure if both beds were going to fit.  Sure enough, they did!  I just love these beds.  They were given to us after my husband’s Grandma passed away last year – they use to be in her guest bedroom.  I love the ornate lines and the creamy white color.  It’s exactly what I would have picked out for the girls had I gone shopping for these myself.  And I’m sure Brett’s Grand-Molly loves looking down seeing her great-granddaughters snug as little bugs in the beds she picked out.

I’ve been collecting embroidery hoops from local thrift shops for the past year or so.  Just picking them up here and there, not quite sure what I was going to do with them.  These were so inexpensive, maybe .25 – .49 cents a piece.  I used my designer fabric scraps and just stretched them into each canvas and then trimmed around the edges.  They are each hung on a nail and are very light-weight.

The embroidery hoops on the wall is not my original idea, I’ve seen this done in designer magazines as well as on lots of online websites and I have always loved the look.  We used to have Savannah’s name on the wall, but when we moved Matilda in, we had to come up with something new.  I have so many fabric scraps that I just love, I knew this inexpensive art work would be just perfect to fill the large wall in the girls room.

The pink polka dot duvet covers and pillow shams are from Potterybarn Kids.  The twin-sized quilt on the foot of Savannah’s bed is one that I made for her from Heather Bailey’s “Freshcut” fabric line before Matilda’s arrival.  I haven’t had time to make Matilda a big quilt yet, so her quilt is store-bought.  It’s really cute with owls, flowers and birds.

The cream colored drapes were in the nursery, but didn’t really go with our new “Nautical” theme for baby brother.  So I moved them into the girls room, but they needed something against the yellow wall.  I found these two valences at Home Goods store in the clearance section – $3.00 a piece.  I stitched them to the top of each curtain panel to add a little interest around the window.  They are trimmed with ric-rac and were just the right colors.

I covered this lampshade for Savannah’s original room and I still love it.  I covered it with fabric and then made fabric yo-yo’s that I hot glued all around the bottom.  It is finished at the top with a pink, ruffle trim ribbon.

Above are a couple pillows I made for their room.  I haven’t gotten around to making an “M” pillow, but hopefully that is on my short list of to-dos.  The other pillow is made from scraps from Savannah’s quilt and several handmade fabric yo-yo’s.

The elephant wall art was made by me from different fabric scraps that I cut up to create the piece.  There are two other similar pieces in the room (though I didn’t get a photograph of them) – one has two little birds and the other has a lion and a whale on it.  All three photo mats are covered in the same pink polka dot fabric.

Matilda’s bed is still a little high up for her to climb in, so she uses this painted trunk to climb into bed.  It’s great because it also doubles as storage and looks pretty too.

The girls are having a great time being roommates.  Since they are only 16-months apart, I think it works out really well for them to share a room.  I’m currently having them nap in separately (Savannah naps in Mama and Daddy’s bed), but other than that it’s worked out really great!
Shared Toddler Girls Bedroom from The Cottage Mama.

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  1. My kids are sharing a room right now – I’ve got an almost 4year old girl and a just-turned 2 year old boy so this isn’t a long term solution… but it’s what we have to do right now! I’m getting ready to decorate their newly painted and re-arranged room later this week, just gotta pick up some spray paint today 🙂 I love this room, the embroidery hoops with the fabric are lovely!

  2. Your daughters’ bedroom is lovely, I love all the use of fabric. My daughters (5 & 3) also share a room. There are some moments, but it mostly works out fine and I think they enjoy it. The biggest issue is finding sufficient space for their clothes.

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  3. Gorgeous!! I love everything about this room! When my daughter graduates from her crib to a bed I’m totally going to revisit this post for ideas!

  4. This is beautiful! So girly without being overwhelmingly pink. My two girls room together (6 & 3) and they wouldn’t have it any other way. We have a 3rd bedroom, but after I took over the entire basement for my studio, my hubby needed a place for himself. Since the girls always roomed together, and are happy doing so, we will keep them together until they tell us otherwise. Thanks for sharing this lovely space.

  5. I was the only girl in the family so I always had my own room growing up, but it was decorated in dull beiges and brown (a 70s nightmare). I would have given an arm for a room like your girls’!

  6. The room is so sweet. I love all the details. I always shared a room with my older sister. I loved it. My girls shared a bedroom. I love your hoop art and that elephant is amazing!

  7. Beautiful girly room, love all the details and accents. Kind of makes me with my girls still shared a

  8. Beautiful! I love the beds, they are just gorgeous. The hoops, the fabrics, love, love, love!

  9. Oh you’ve just done a GORGEOUS job on their room!!! My two girls share a room and my son lucked into his own room…and the mess may be twice as much with two bunking together, but there’s nothing better than going up to check on them after bed time and hearing them giggling and shushing each other frantically from under the covers when they’re supposed to be sleeping…

  10. I love every bit of this room…the plates, the lamps, the curtains, the bedding…and all the embellishments! Soo cute!

  11. Love how their room turned out! The embroidery hoops are my favorite!

    Stopping by from

  12. what a beautiful room for your girls! I have girls that are 12 months apart and they are now sharing the nursery (with seperate cribs) and it’s working great. We also let them nap seperately, but at night they both sleep in the same room. The bedding is beautiful and I love the headboards as well! I’m visiting from Someday Crafts.

  13. My two girls shared a room for most of their growing up years though they hated it. I think it’s because they both had totally different styles and one was a neat freak while the other wasn’t. When big brother moved out on his own, my youngest started moving her things into his room before the dust had settled on the driveway when he left. It was quite hilarious! LOL

    The girls’ room is so cute. I love your lamp idea with the ribbon trim and yo-yos. I may need to do that for my granddaughters. By the way, I absolutely love the little trunk…was it something you bought or finished yourself?

  14. What a beautifully decorated girls bedroom. Just darling!

  15. I am visiting via Someday Crafts. This is an absolutely adorable project!

    If you have written a post about a great restaurant, store or perhaps taken a fun trip I am now hosting a new linky party entitled Wayfaring Wednesdays. Come on by!

    Happy Wednesday!

  16. Love your use of fabric in the room! Great job!


  17. I wish my room had been this cute when I shared with my sister!

  18. Such a gorgeous room! I LOVE how you used the embroidery hoops with leftover scraps. The pillows you made are truly lovely. Thanks for inspiring!!!

  19. I’m glad to see you did something great with a small-ish room- it’s gorgeous! We’re moving our 2 girls into the same room to make room for our baby boy on the way (+ 2 older boys!). I’ve always wanted the girls room to be a creamy yellow like you used. Can I ask what color that is?? It’s perfect! Thanks for letting us peek!

  20. what a pretty bedroom Lindsay! our girls share a room and it’s been hit and miss, but now they’re totally used to it, so it’s pretty nice. 🙂 i’ve got a cool story to tell you too, by the way. 🙂

  21. This is such a pretty, relaxing looking room. I love all the colors and the decor

  22. Cute, cute, cute! We just recently moved my son and daughter into a room together (they’re 21 months apart – 5 and 3)since we have another little one on the way and it’s working out great! I LOVE the embroidery hoop idea and just may do that in the new nursery! Check out my kids room…

  23. That room is absolutely gorgeous! Literally the kind of thing I aspire to for my ‘one day’ house! How do you get such nice designer fabric scraps?


  24. Oh my goodness! Sooo Cute! LOVE the hoops on the walls!

  25. What a lovely room! I have a set of hoops on my bedroom wall, with Amy Butler fabric in them. I love it! But you took it up a notch with the custom bedding. Just lovely! How do you get so much work done with two little girls in tow!

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  26. It’s gorgeous! I also have two girls (6 and 4) who I just bought mattresses for them today to share a room (brother needs his own room at almost 2). I love your room and it came together soooo well. I’m struggling a bit in incorporating my two girls’ interests (one likes horses, the other ladybugs).

  27. Lindsay, thanks so much for sharing your photos and ideas. I do not know how you find the time to make so many lovely things but I am glad that you do and that you share them. I am a mom of one in a new (to me) house where it seems each room needs so much work! You have given me some wonderful ideas for my daughter’s room that even this newbie to sewing can do. Thanks again!

  28. Lindsay,

    This room is so adorable! I love everything about it. Those headboards are so adorable – and that much more special because of great-grandma!

    Hope all is well with you and yours!!

  29. What a sweet room for 2 little girls! I LOVE the fabric wall art. So fun!

    My sister and I shared a room always, until we were about 11 or 12 when we got our own rooms. We missed each other so much, we had to get walkie talkies to talk to each other every night before going to sleep.

    My kids share a room now as well. They both have their own rooms, but they prefer to sleep together 🙂

  30. I shared a room with my sister for most of my child hood. I remember us both having Holly Hobby bedspreads at one point. My brother always had his own room.

  31. Grandma Jane says

    Grandma Molly is smiling down on this precious room. The colors are so warm and cozy!Lucky girls!

  32. Whoa! This is the cutest little girls room I’ve ever seen! You guys did a fantastic job! Love how bright and cheery it is and love all the fabrics you chose! Fantastic job, Lindsay ;o)

  33. I found your blog over at Someday Crafts. I love everything about your girls’ room. It is absolutely precious!! I am now a follower of yours. I have a new blog of my own, feel free to stop by 🙂

  34. That is absolutely adorable! My boys just started sharing a room about 2 weeks ago – they are 3 1/2 & 1 yr old. It was a few rough nights there in the beginning but we’ve got it down to a science now with bedtime.

    By the way – I want to hire you to do my boys room! 😉

  35. Adorable Room. Right now my kids don’t share a room since I have a boy and girl. But when we have another baby, some one will have to get a roommate. I’m an only child, so I think sharing a room sounds like so much fun!

  36. Wow, this is beautiful and inspiring! My girls are 15 months apart and I’m starting to think about setting up their room. We just moved so the rooms are a blank slate and what a wonderful surprise to see your post today. Makes me feel better about starting this project. I was feeling nostalgic because it means my babies are getting older, but having something beautiful like this helps.
    Thanks for sharing!

  37. The girls bedroom is so pretty! I love the embroidery hoop/fabric idea and may have to start collecting the hoops!

  38. This is so stinkin cute. My little girl would love this room!

  39. very cute! love all the fabric too! yes my girls share a room, here is their small bedroom for the moment… and i shared a room with my sisters growing up! it worked out fine, until i got older and wanted more space of my own, but then again we are 7 years apart so go figure! it’s good to have them share, gives them the experience they need for college roomates too 🙂

  40. The girls’ room is beautiful. I remember sharing a room with my sister. We were opposites (and really still are), so it did not work well. My sisters then shared a room and this worked better. But for us, it was more because my sister and I had trouble getting along to begin with than the actual sharing of the room.

  41. Can I come stay in the room? I love it! My little one is 18, sniff, sniff. But she wants a lamp shade like yours! I guess she is still my little girl.

  42. I love it! This is exactly what I have been envisioning! We have the same store blanket with owls from home goods store..the room is yellow and we are getting an antique bedframe from my husbands mom that I’ll be painting white…my 4 yo daughter keeps asking to paint her walls dark pink so I just showed her these pics, how it looks a lot like her room…we just need the bed frame and to add more details! I love the fabric hoops and lamp shade!!!

  43. Wow!!!!!!!!!! This is gorgeous Linds! What a great job you did! Want to come do my girls room???

  44. That room is gorgeous. I never shared a room & my daughter doesn’t (since she’s an only child).

  45. I love the room! You did a great job with all of the details. I can’t believe you got the beds for free and to top it off they are sentimental.

  46. Love Love Love! The embroidery hoops!! Adds to much pop 🙂 Featuring this idea at Blogland’s Fabulous Friday Finds.

  47. The room is Adorable!!

  48. Hi lindsay
    (sorry i’m doing some one finger typing here).
    I as one of 4 most of the time shared a room.
    Later as I got older I had my own room – age gap was too big and I did not share with my brother.
    All my kids always shared (we have 6 now). Sharing is good. keeps them accountable too. Girls with girls brothers with brothers though.
    We have tried separating them,but they always wanted to go back to sharing. i think it’s great. Less messes and easier when sorting laundry and easy with naptimes too. only every once in a while that feeling creeps in that i want to spoil them with their “own” space where they can have “their” own things, but more often i know that sharing is better!

    Nevertheless, I love your room!

  49. All I can say is this, AMAZING! 🙂

  50. I thought I commented already but I think i must have been not using my computer because I just flagged it as unread in my reader instead… Lindsay, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this room! I pinned it to go back to later. I just put Olivia and Nicole together last week, expecting it to be a total disaster, but it’s been just amazing. Olivia started sleeping through the night and they both started sleeping in later in the mornings. WHO KNEW. I find it a little hard to get too pretty with Olivia wanting to eat everything and also with her being in an oak crib and Nicole having a pretty white metal bed… you know what I mean, I hope, I can’t remember the name for the kind right now. Anways, when they are both in twin beds, THAT i am excited for. I was thinking bunk beds, but now we’re talking about adding an extra story to our house and if we do that, I want to knock out the wall between our current office and the bedroom they are in to make one huge room for them. Looking at pictures of those little beds beside each other… oh, it makes me imagine little girls whispering secrets to each other… climbing in with each other over nightmares or cold nights… sigh. And then you add in beautiful, girly (but not over the top frou four) design like yours… oh, bestill my heart!!!

  51. Congrads! This was the most viewed link last week at my party! You did an amazing job decorating the girls’ room. It is gorgeous. I am highlighting this today at

  52. I love this room. This is everything I want to do once my girls are old enough to share a room. Thanks for sharing.

  53. SO ADORABLE! I love this room! This is the exact color palette I’m using for my daughter’s room that I’m fixing up right now!

    I love the embroidery hoop idea — if it falls — no ouchies!

    Just lovely.


  54. Hi Lindsay! I found stumbled upon this post and made the embroidery hoop art for my daughter’s nursery. I linked to you here:

    I adore your blog! It’s fabulous, and I look forward to reading more.

    love, your newest follower 🙂

  55. Its so cute. The pink room always shows cute little girls in the house. Every detail in the room are very unique. The circle decor in the wall and the details in the table lamp. Everything is just so perfect.

  56. Beautiful! My girls ages 5 and 7 have always shared a room – we also nap in separate spaces, but they now really prefer to sleep in the same room at night (late night whisper/giggle session are part of it I suspect). Thanks for all the great ideas!

  57. I am planning my daughter’s room and stumbled upon your room in my google search. I just love it – great job! You’ve given me some great ideas. Do you mind telling me what the paint color is?

  58. Thank you all for you very sweet comments! I love reading each and every one of them.

    I can’t remember the exact paint color name, but I know it was a Potterybarn Kids color from Benjamin Moore. I know yellows are really hard to pick, so I figured Potterybarn would select a nice one :).

    If you all have any other questions, just shoot me an email at thecottagemama[at]gmail[dot]com.

  59. Love the girls’ room! I love the fabric in the hoops! What a pretty wall with little expense. The whole room looks like you spent a fortune!

  60. A gorgeous girly room. The bedroom concept looks so beautiful

  61. I love this room! I am just wondering what paint color you chose? I am trying to find a nice sunny yellow for my daughters room, but am having a hard time.

    • I’m not sure the exact paint color but it was a Pottery Barn Kids color. They seem to do a nice job selecting paint colors so I figured I’d trust them and I just LOVE this yellow. Wish I had the exact color name for you…..sorry about that.

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    Nesse curso você vai aprender passo a passo a fazer o fuxico, com fotos em boa qualidade e descrição detalhada.

  66. Thank you so much for sharing pics of the girls room. I’m in the process of converting a spare bedroom at my house for the grandgirls. Your ideas have helped me come up with some creative ideas for our extra small bedroom. I love the yogis on the lampshade and pillows.
    What did you use to attach the fabric to the shade,? I’ve used spray on glue in the past but found it shows yellow when the lamp is turned on.
    Thanks, Marnie


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