Fabric Organizers

Back in August I posted about my new sewing studio (we’ve since moved and I have an even newer sewing studio!)  Since then I have had quite a few people emailing about the fabric organizers I use so I thought it was time to give you the scoop on my favorite sewing organization tool of all time!  With Christmas around the corner, these would make a fun gift for anyone you know who is a true fabric lover or a fun gift for you from your husband or family (just forward them this post and say “hint, hint”).

Fabric Organizers


The organizers come in two sizes – large and small.  The majority of mine are large; however I do have about 25 of the small ones for smaller pieces of fabric and trims.

Here is how they work…….

You pop open the two tabs and place then end of your fabric underneath and lock them back into place.

Then you wrap your fabric around the organizer, pulling nice and tight for a snug fit.

This is what one yard of fabric looks like after you have wrapped it around your organizer.  The organizers hold up to five yards of fabric each.

I secure the ends of my fabric with two straight pins and then place them on my fabric shelves.

Here is some of my trim on the smaller organizers.  I find these to be really nice for ribbons because it prevents them from getting any creases and they are easy to see when you are designing.

Here are some of my smaller organizers behind my little trim basket.

My fabric use to take up so much space, but since I’ve been using my organizers, it fits nicely on two large shelves.  And I have a LOT of fabric!!

I considered making some of these organizers when I needed to order more, but I found the cost of making them would have been as much, if not more, than buying them.  I love how light-weight the organizer is – fabric can be really heavy, so the organizer itself doesn’t add any weight to the shelves.  If you try to make your own organizers be sure to not use any material that will hurt or damage your fabric.

Here is one of the shelves in my studio filled with neatly organized fabric.

Now while you may not have the shelf space for all of your fabric, you can certainly fit these easily into large plastic storage containers.  Then you can slide them under a bed or in a closet if need be.

Being able to see all of my fabric neatly organized inspires me to create.  So if your fabric stash has gotten overwhelming and is inhibiting your creativity, I highly recommend you get some of these organizers and get organized!!  You’ll be glad you did!

Click HERE to order your fabric organizers.
Fabric Organizers on The Cottage Mama. These are SO awesome!! www.thecottagemama.com
To view my past studio reveal click HERE.

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  1. Oh my goodness… I love it and want it- all your fabric that is! I would totally organize that way if I had as much LOVELY fabric as you do… Do you buy it all? Or is it sent to you by sponsors? I need the IN on getting more fabric 🙂


  2. I bought some of these organizers after your last post, and they really are great. I did end up making some myself out of thin foam board. They aren’t as good, but are cheaper. Im trying them out to see if I like them as much. Are those magazine holders underneath your fabric? What are they for? I apologize if you have posted about that before, but I couldn’t find it. Thanks! Cheryl

    • I tried making some foam core also but the edges are not satisfactory to me. Of I can figure a way to smooth the edges they might work.
      May some heat (embossing heater maybe?]
      Do you think its worth the time & effort?

  3. Looks like your shelf could use a little support 🙂 fabric is heavy!! Love this idea and hope to get some soon!

    • I was thinking the same thing! Just a thin piece of maybe balsa wood on each shelf over each other on each shelf… should help with the sag.
      I had to do this with my books, I think I used 1/4″ balsa wood & it was perfect.
      I live, love, love this idea though.

  4. I’m am drooling over that shelf of yours. Oh and so JEALOUS! I may be adding those to my Christmas list. Mine will be used in drawers though. Thanks for sharing:D

  5. I just found your blog from gracie lou’s blog and I love love love it!!! Can’t wait to peruse!

  6. I love reading your blog! You are so creative and have so many great ideas. Your studio is incredible, I would love to have one just like it at my house.

    Enjoy the rest of your day,

  7. I am drooling. Thanks so much for posting about this.

  8. I loved your original post of your sewing studio and beautiful, inspiring view! This is definitely going on my Christmas list for the hubby!!
    Thank you for the great gift idea!!

  9. Thanks so much for the link! I was so excited to find out they are literally right down the road from me!!! I don’t know why, but it made me excited. haha!

  10. these would be soooooooo good for my materials, why has no one done this before! 9where I can see it, at least, lol)

  11. Hi Lindsay,
    Thought I’d let Viv know that someone did think of this before. Check out http://www.polarnotions.com. Their product is less expensive and quality is much better.

  12. I took your survey and I would be lucky to have any of those gift packs! Happy 2013.