One Year Already and Fabric Giveaway

Time definitely flies when you’re having fun!  It’s hard to believe that today is my 1-year blog-a-versary (is that a word?…..probably not).  1-year ago today I started this blog with much encouragement from my friends and here I am a year later having met so many wonderful and talented people and feeling like I am truly part of a community.

It’s amazing to me how this blog has evolved over the last year.  Click here to read my very first post EVER!

What have I learned from blogging over the last year?

  • Blogging is truly a community
  • There are so many wonderful and talented people in this world
  • Blogging is a lot of work
  • Blogging is totally rewarding
  • Blogging is addictive
  • It’s so important to blog about something you are passionate about
  • There are many different ways to create the same thing
  • Blog when you have something to say, not just because you feel like you should be blogging
  • Good pictures are key
  • It is so important to stay true to yourself, your design style, your passions, your interests, ect…..if people like it, they will stick around.
  • Never start a blog because you want to make money – blog because you love it.

I seriously cannot thank you all enough for joining me on this amazing journey.  I love reading your comments and I love getting to know all of you.  And because I love you guys……….I’m going to do another giveaway today from my personal fabric stash to one lucky “The Cottage Home” reader.

So here is what I am offering to you………..
8 Half Yards of Heather Bailey’s “Nicey Jane”
So I’m not necessarily going to tell you which prints I will be sending, but it will be a total of 4 yards (8 half yard cuts) of the prints shown above.  This is my very favorite fabric collection, so this means I really love you guys……like, really, really, really………
There are three ways to enter (leave one comment for each entry).
1.  Leave me a comment and let me know what blog posts you enjoy the most here on “The Cottage Home”…….sewing, crafting, recipes, tutorials, family.  Or simply let me know why you became a reader.
2.  Follow “The Cottage Home” and leave me a comment.  If you are already a follower, please leave me a comment and let me know (thanks, by the way!)
3.  Become a fan of “The Cottage Mama” on facebook (click here).  Leave me a comment and let me know that you “like” me.  We have a great time over on facebook………come join our community!
This giveaway will be open until next Wednesday, October 13 (will close at midnight central standard time).  Winner will be chosen via
So again, thank you so much for making this last year of my life truly amazing.  I seriously value each and everyone of you and the sense of community that has developed here on my blog, The Cottage Home.  
Here’s to another great year!!

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  1. Ive beena follower of yours for a couple months now (:

  2. I do not have a favorite blog of yours. I LOVE your craft room that you have set up. I look at it all the time and go, dang I wish mine looked like that!!
    And I love the dresses that you make. Ecspecially the fall harvest one. Good luck on your first show! My first show with mom is Oct 23rd McIntosh FL.

  3. I’m already a fan of your blog AND fb page of course!!! I love it all!

    Fav posts are the ones of your work space! Drool worthy!!!

  4. i became a follower when i was looking for an example of piping and found a photo of one of your gorgeous dresses. i loved the fabric and the craft-(wo)manship!
    i most recently loved the birthday picnic post:O)

  5. i’m already a follower!

  6. I love your crafting posts. I particulary enjoyed the look at your studio a couple of months ago. I love to see people’s craft spaces and see where they get their inspiration.

  7. I am a very happy blog follower. 🙂

  8. and i like you on facebook:O)

    [email protected]

  9. I love the post with the snack bag, the fabric pumpkin post, boys and robots, what isn’t to love??

  10. I am also already following you.

  11. I am already a follower, but I would sure press the follower button again and again! I absolutely love your blog! I also am liking you on Facebook, and told you so yesterday! I was very surprised when you wrote me back to say that I made your day! Which in turn, you made my day!(blush)

  12. My very favorite blog post you did was on your sewing studio! Love, love, love your room! It is very similar to my little nook in my home!
    You are so clever with arranging fabrics too!

  13. I’ve been following you for several months now and I love the sewing posts! 🙂

  14. I love your recipes and just seeing new things!

  15. Happy Blogaversary!! You must have had a great year… you’ve built a wonderful following!

    I like your sewing and family posts the best.


  16. I’m a blog follower, of course!!!!

  17. I am also a fan on facebook!

    Woot for fabric!

  18. I follow your blog!

  19. Follow you on Facebook too! Oh, how I would love some nicey Jane fabric!

  20. I am a new reader of your blog. I am not sure how i came across it, but sure I enjoy reading all your posts. Maybe I like the sewing post the most

  21. I’m a follower!

  22. I’m a fan on Facebook.

  23. I love your tutorials!

  24. I follow you!

  25. I started following your blog, because you are such an inspiration to me and my blog. Thank You!

  26. I follow you in Google Reader

  27. I first found you through another blog where I had purchased some e patterns…and once I found you I was hooked…what do I like? Everything! I love your fabrics, your sewing room, your tutorials, your recipes, I love the clothing you make, loved your daughter’s birthday party..and on and on. I’m so glad I found you and feel like I’ve found a friend also. Congrats on your first Blog a versary!

  28. Hi! I’m a new follower after finding your shop on etsy.

  29. I am your fan on FB

  30. I love all things crafty and I’m always looking for a new recipe to try.

  31. I “like” you on Facebook too 🙂

  32. omg…where to start..I totally found you a few months ago when i became obsessed with quilting..I love your little dresses..well everything is awesome..I am always so happy when a post shows up in my google reader–you are a first click for sure!!

    happy blogging and good luck with your show

  33. I am already a follower:)

  34. I love the sewing/crafting posts! That’s what I primarily read for. 🙂

  35. I’m a follower!

  36. I don’t remeber how I discovered your blog….but I am so gla I did!! I love all of your post! and Nicey Jane!

  37. congrats on your blogiversary! I’m a follower

  38. Congrats on your one year blogiversary Lindsay! I love all of your post but especially enjoy seeing what you’ve made. Seeing your sewing projects always makes me want to go and sew something! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  39. Already a happy follower!

  40. I follow you on facebook too

  41. Already a follower 🙂

  42. Already a FB follower ;0

  43. I really enjoy everything on your blog but recipes and tutorials are great

  44. Yay!!!! Happy 1 Year! I started following your blog back when you did the LBB contest. I saw your pictures on Flickr and I came over and commented and asked you a question and you were so sweet and got right back to me with an answer. I love all of your posts but especially the tutorials.

  45. I just became a fan of yours on Facebook!

  46. I’m a follower but the nice kind, not the creepy stalker kind 🙂

  47. And I like you over on FB

  48. I have been a follower for several months. I love your clothes.

    Thanks for the generous give away.

  49. I love your recipes and the little girl clothes.

    Keep up the blogging. Your photos are always great and directions for the recipes very clear.

    I enjoy your blog. Congratulations.

  50. I “liked” you on facebook and I look forward to seeing your new offerings.

    Congratulations again.

    Janice Parker

  51. I’m following you!

  52. I like all the crafts of course, and recipes!

  53. I started reading because I love the tutorials and the beautiful things you create-it gets my juices flowing! And I love the beautiful fabrics you create with!

  54. i am a follower!

  55. and yes, I “like” you!

  56. I liked you on facebook!

  57. Yeah for blogging! I enjoy it so much as well.

    I just found you (via a tweet) so I look forward to reading. I like what I see so far!

  58. Off to officially become a follower…

  59. Love that fabric, one of my favs as well. I love the sewing posts the most. Love the eye candy!

  60. ps I am already a follower!

  61. I especially enjoy the tutorials. Congratulations on your blogiversery and thanks for the great giveaway!

  62. I’m already a follower!

  63. I “like” you!

  64. complimenti per il tuo primo anno, sono una tua fan perchè mi piace il tuo modo di lavorare

  65. ti seguo anche su fb con piacere

  66. I am a follower!

  67. I’m a FB fan too!

  68. I love your sewing posts – your little girl dresses are divine and give me inspiration!

  69. I love to read about your sewing. It’s “sew” inspiring!

  70. I follow you!

  71. I “like” you on Facebook too!

  72. I love the tutorials, but I also loved seeing your studio and how organised everything is, it made me very envious and I wanted one just like yours!

  73. I am a follower!

  74. What a fantastic giveaway – I love this line also!

    I love posts about sewing/crafting – because that’s what I do/blog about and I love getting new ideas!

    [email protected]

  75. I’m a follower!

    [email protected]

  76. I like reading the Cottage Mama blog because of all the great ideas, especially the sewing tutorials. I love to sew, but I am not as creative as my blog family. Thank you for all you do to help keep me sane and in stitches.

  77. I’ve been following your blog since I saw your Dress Shirt Sleep Sack featured on another blog.

  78. I have been a Cottage Mama follower for a while now. I look forward to new posts like Christmas presents.

  79. I like Cottage Mama on Facebook.

  80. I love the tutorials!!! So helpful!

  81. I’m a follower! 🙂

  82. I’m a FB fan too!! 🙂

  83. I love your tutorials!! I try almost every one that you post about – thanks for the GREAT ideas and EASY to follow directions!!!

  84. I like all things sewing and crafty so my favorite posts tend to be tutorials. I’m currently excited to try my hand at your play apron and fairy princess tutorial tutorials. I love making things for the kiddos in my life.

  85. I follow your blog and have for months now 🙂

  86. I have greatly enjoyed being a follower. I would love the fabric.

  87. I like you on facebook! 🙂

  88. I liked you on facebook.

  89. I am not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but it was true blogger love at first site! My fav so far is your sewing studio. It has inspired me to get a grasp on mine (what a nightmarreee!!) Planning to stalk you on facebook tonight and “like” you 🙂

  90. Thanks for the giveaway. I really enjoy your tutorials.

  91. I love the tutorials. I recently started a blog myself and your is so inspiring!

  92. And I follow you 🙂

  93. I’m a follower!

  94. I’m a fan on FB and here…love it!!!

  95. I started reading because i saw a forum post of yours on sew mama sew. I noticed that you are a seamstress and you are perhaps the only other seamstress on-line and within 1 hour of my home. I love the blog, and have found your personal advice invaluable. You have a loyal reader in me.

  96. I started reading for the tutorials!

  97. I’ve been a follower since I started reading!

  98. I am such a happy follower of your blog 🙂 Congrats on a whole year of amazing posts!! Here’s to many more!

  99. I just became a Facebook fan!

  100. I became a follower a while ago because of all your posts. I seriously love them all, from the tutorials to the recipes to your family… you have such a great blog here 🙂

  101. I “like” you on facebook (s. rager)

  102. I am a follower. I love the fabric by the way. Is that how you store your fabric at home. If it is I am so very in love with it. I have all my fabric in plastic tubs stacked on top of one another. No room for any other options. I have to keep a digital list of my inventory because I can never see all that I have at any one given time.

  103. I am also a facebook fan. I love to catch all the comments about what is comming up next on your blog. You have a great system with your blog. It is amazing to think you have only been doing this for a year. I can only hope I have it all together as well as you do in a year.

  104. I am a facebook fan too!

  105. Like your blog for sewing

  106. now following

  107. following on facebook

  108. I love sewing posts!

    [email protected]

  109. Hmmm, sewing crafting, tutorials I like them all!

  110. I follow Cottage Home.

    [email protected]

  111. I’m a FB fan.

    [email protected]

  112. Hi Lindsay! I’m fairly new to the blog world. I came across yours last month and so look forward to seeing new posts! You make the most wonderful little clothes! I love the crafts and sewing posts the best. Keep up the good work! Thanks -Jody

  113. I don’t have a favorite post because I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! You are so talented and never cease to amaze me with your talents. So happy you started blogging.
    Congrats hun!!!!

  114. I also follow you around on facebook 🙂

  115. I love everything! but mostly tutorials. you are a super talented lady!!

  116. I also follow your blog!

  117. AAAAAANd i like you facebook!!

  118. I love your sewing posts!

  119. I follow your blog!

  120. I follow on facebook!

  121. Hello Lindsay!
    I have been reading your blog for a few days now and I love all your posts!
    Greetings from Toronto Canada!

  122. I’m a new follower!

  123. Wow happy blog-a-versary! I have been blogging almost a month now and it’s exciting for me to think about reaching the one year mark and seeing how it’s changed and developed. My absolute favorite posts of yours would probably be sewing.

  124. I am a follower of yours

  125. Heading over to “like” you on facebook 🙂

  126. Happy Blogoversary Lindsay!

    My favorite posts usually involve sewing. That is why I started following you, My mom had given me her old sewing machine and I fell in love with all of your pieces. You are extraordinarily talented, and I aspire to sew as well as you do one day.

  127. Congratulations!
    I love your cooking tutorials! Im planning to make a few ot them at home.
    Thanks for this giveaway!

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  128. I’m a follower!
    Thanks for this giveaway!

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  129. I have been following you for a while now 🙂

  130. and I “like” you now on facebook. And again, congratulations!

  131. and I like you on facebook!!!!

  132. I just signed up to follow you! yeah!

  133. I don’t just “like you”, I “love you” on FB!

  134. I fell in love with the fabrics you use. The way you use them and of course the sewing!!!

  135. Im a FB fan! And by the waY.. Your sugar cookie recipe is the ONLY One I will use. ANd the cookies dont last too long around our house! Everyone loves them.

  136. Nicey Jane is my favorite too. I’d LOVE to win. 🙂 I’m a fan on Facebook (under Diana Miller). 🙂

  137. I love your tutorials! I found your blog randomly and fell in love with the colors and the way you explain things so well and with such good photos.

  138. I follow through google reader

  139. I’m a fan on FB!

  140. First of all, congratulation on celebrating one year! I love your tutorials the most, and that’s how I found your site, but I also love all of the rest of your blog too! Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful prize!

  141. I like you on Facebook, too! 🙂

  142. I love all of your sewing tutorials … hope you continue to add more!
    [email protected]

  143. I also follow you with Google Reader, because that’s the easiest way for me to keep up with your posts and not miss anything! 🙂

  144. I am a follower of your great blog!
    [email protected]

  145. I follow you on Facebook.
    [email protected]

  146. Wow, I can’t believe it’s only a year. I love your blog, especially the sewing. I am a follower, and have been for quite a few months!



  147. Oh, and a BEAUTIFUL fabric choice for a giveaway!!

    blog follower


  148. I love the tutorials – keep them coming! 🙂 Of course, your fabulous photos are total eye candy!

  149. Hi Lindsay, I absolutely love your blog. So many great ideas and treasures. I’ve been following for a couple of months now and follow you on Facebook. Favorite blog posts? I love to see all of the wonderful sewing that you do. I just love your choice of fabrics. Keep it coming.
    [email protected]

  150. I am a follower!

  151. I come for your fabulous tutorials – like the fall pumpkins, the t-shirt shrug and the new tutu.

  152. I love your blog but I dig the sewing talk in particular. I hope you have another great year and thank you for the giveway!

  153. I am a follower!

  154. I first saw your fabric pumpkin tutorial on U-Create! I loved making them so much that I knew I had to follow your blog (which I promptly did!). And from there I get to view your posts daily and be inspired!
    Thank you for sharing your talents!
    [email protected]

  155. I loved the post where you shared your craft room with us. I was jealous for weeks. I love to see anything you have done with fabric!

  156. hello,
    I’m loving that fabric – do you own the whole bales??? I’d love a shelf that looked like that. I’d like to join thanks! I like reading about sewing best on your blog, tutorials are good too but I mainly enjoy seeing what you’ve made.

  157. I’m already a follower!

  158. I follow you on Facebook!

  159. I really enjoy all of your blog posts, but really love the posts about the clothing you sew for little girls. I have a 3 year old little one and your posts get me inspired to make her stuff!

  160. O.M.G. Best giveaway ever!!!

    I became a follower because I just like your blog. I love the tutorials, I like your posts about what you make, and I just like reading about your life in general! (though that makes me sound creepy….)

  161. Of course, I’m already a follower!

  162. I started reading your blog because of Christy in TN.

  163. I love your tutorials!

    beckyfdavis at comcast dot net

  164. I’m already a follower!

    beckyfdavis at comcast dot net

  165. I’m a new FB fan! Glad to find you.

    beckyfdavis at comcast dot net

  166. My favorite posts are the sewing and crafting ones. And of course I love a good tutorial 🙂

  167. I’m a follower 🙂
    Thanks so much for the giveaway… very exciting!

  168. I love sewing posts, but I think my favorite post was your daughter’s first birthday party.

  169. I am a (long-time) follower!

  170. I follow TCM on FB!

  171. I became a reader because a friend recommended your blog. She happened to recommend it when you were showing off your sewing area and it was so beautiful . I love your tutorials and when you share your newest creations.

  172. I follow your blog!

  173. I am a fan on fb!

  174. I enjoy all your posts. I really love the tutorials since I am fairly new to sewing. I also enjoy seeing your precious models. Thank you for the giveaway.

  175. I am a follower!

  176. I like you on Facebook also….

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  178. I follow your blog as well.
    [email protected]

  179. I’m a follower!

  180. I already “like” you on Facebook

  181. My favorite posts are sewing… I love your ideas and projects!

  182. I’m a Facebook fan

  183. I’m a follower!

    [email protected]

  184. I am already a follower. Love your blog!!

  185. I love the crafting posts…lots of great ideas and it is very inspiring.

  186. My favorite part of your blog is the sewing and I LOVE the recipes! When my husband comes back from deployment I will definitely be making all of them!(I don’t really cook while he is gone, poor kids!)

    [email protected]

  187. I absolutely love your posts about sewing. I love sewing, if I could I would sew all day!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and great ideas!! Love it!

  188. I “like” you on facebook 🙂

    [email protected]

  189. I am already a follower

  190. Love your blog – crafts – tutorials – was glad to see you Facebook! Thanks for the give away!

  191. Hi! Congrats on one year! I became a follower because I love your sewing and tutorial posts. I’m also a “like” fan on facebook.

    [email protected]

  192. I *like* you on fb

  193. I found your blog recently through U Create. I love it!! It’s got good atmosphere, if that is possible for a blog? Anywho I recently checked out your recipe section which looks fabulously delicious!
    [email protected]

  194. I “like” you on facebook.
    [email protected]

  195. I’m a follower!

  196. I’m not really sure how I found you, but I’m glad I did! I haven’t read a post that I didn’t like so far!

  197. I “liked” you on Facebook!

  198. I love the sewing and tutorials! Such an inspiration for this self-taught sewer! Plus, I have sewing room envy! 😉

  199. I’m a follower of your blog!

  200. I like you on Facebook! Glad to know you sew at (almost) midnight too!

    arlamm2002 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  201. I love all of the areas of your blog,but my favorites are the tutorials 🙂

  202. Following 🙂

  203. I “like” you on Facebook

  204. I “like” you on facebook! I love your tutorials! Thanks!

  205. I must admit this is my first time visiting your blog (I think) but I know it won;t be my last! I have already found a number of sewing tutorials I want to try and some recipes too. I’m adding you to my “blogs to read” favorites!


  206. Wow! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway! I enjoy the sewing posts most. mamalusco @

  207. Follow you! mamalusco @

  208. Like you on FB! mamalusco @

  209. I’m now a follower too! I am excited to have found your blog!

  210. Oh I absolutly loved everything you did for Matilda Jane’s first birthday.
    I have a new niece that I believe is in need of a simular bonnet!

    I wish you much luck in your next year of blogging. I sit here in anticipation of what may come next.

  211. I fell in love with your tutorials and instantly became a fan. Your fabric choices are right on par with my personal style and I think you do absolutely stunning work with children’s clothing 🙂

  212. I love reading your blog! I like the sewing and crafting bits the best! I hope the next year of blogging feels even more rewarding for you!

  213. I found your site through my daughter Joy. I love all your fabrics & how wonderfully you put the different patterns together & they look amazing.

  214. I love the sewing and tutorials! Congrats on one year!

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  216. I seem to be having a problem posting… I just deleted my last duplicated comment… I subscribe to your wicked, awesome blog. 🙂

  217. I love the sewing posts the most!

  218. I am a follower!

  219. I liked you on fb 🙂

  220. I love all of your sewing posts. You do such a good job of combining fabrics and everything looks so wonderful.

  221. I’ve been a follower for a few months now and I “like” you on facebook!! I don’t think I can pick what I like best!! I love reading everything you post!! You inspire me to be more crafty 🙂

  222. I love looking at all your creations. Your creative space is to die for and am sooo jealous. On top of that your such a friendly inviting person. X

  223. I was directed to your blog after the post about your awesome fabric organizers. I’m now a fan!

  224. I’m a follower!

  225. I’m a follower!!

  226. I’m also a facebook follower!

  227. My favorites are your sewing blogs. I LOVE seeing all the cute cute cute stuff you make–especially for girls…i have 3 boys but maybe one day (sigh).

  228. I love your tutorials and am so glad you introduced me to wonder tape!

  229. I have been a follower for a few months and love ever post.

  230. I “like” you on FB too.

  231. I like the tutorials.

    lannywh AT hotmail DOT com

  232. I love this collection!

  233. I’m liking/loving you on facebook too!

  234. Your tutorials are super!
    [email protected]

  235. I already follow you.
    [email protected]

  236. Lindsay, I have just recently found your blog and have loved everything I’ve read. I especially enjoy your tutorial…they are so clear. Thanks so much.

    Congratulations on your blog-a-versary. The giveaway is very generous and of course I would love to win. LOL

    Have a God Filled Day

  237. Coryna Lopez says

    I became a follower after my aunt sent me to your blog. Absolutely LOVE it!!!! I’ve only started crafting, sewing and love what you do on your blog!!!

    [email protected]

  238. Lindsay…I became a “follower” as soon as I found your blog!!

    Have a God Filled Day

  239. I “like” you on FB also.

    Have a God Filled Day

  240. You have such a fresh blog, your ideas are inspiring and do-able, and I love your craft blogs. Thanks so much:) And yes, I’m a follower. Ciao

  241. i am a facebook fan:)

  242. i like the sewing and crafting best:)

  243. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon your blog. Your creativity is what drew me in and I come here daily!!

  244. I love your sewing posts and tutorials. I also love your photography. Keep it up!

    I am a follower

  245. Happy blogaversiary!!! I love to see the sewing and tutorial posts!

  246. I’m already a follower!

  247. I’m a FB fan!

  248. Hi!

    I’ve been following you for a couple of months and I like you on Facebook. My favorite posts are tutorials!! I love to see (and mayhap, learn) how the magic happens.

    Keep up the great work!

  249. I love the posts on tutorials and sewing! So fun!!

  250. Happy Blogiversary to you! And thanks for sharing this giveaway with us. I’m partial to the sewing and tutorial posts.
    spackattak7 at hotmail dot com

  251. What a terrific giveaway! I have never had any Nicey Jane! I like tutorials best. 🙂 ~Katie

  252. Love the tutorials specially. My office will be shortly brightened up with new covered magazine files (Just got some lovely Amy Butler paper to follow your instructions) and button magnets in my board. Also, it would be the perfect birthday present since it finishes on the 13th. 🙂

  253. I already follow your blog!

  254. I’m a fan on FB already!

  255. I love the mix of posts you put up. I love the variety of crafting, family, recipes, tutorials and sewing! I love watching all of your creativity and being inspired by it all!

  256. Congratulations on your blogaversary! What do I like the best on your blog … all that lovely jubbly fabric and the gorgous creations you make with them.
    wendzneil [at] googlemail [dot] com

  257. I have been a follower for awhile. I love your sewing posts and your recipes. Your photos are fabulous. Congratulations. I agree on all your “best practices” re blogging. Best to you!!

  258. Maybe I especially like your tutorials but I also really like “the mix” — a bit of this and a bit of that. All stuff I’m interested in. And your photos, too. Love the photos.

  259. I love your sewing posts the most–especially the ones you’ve done on giving basic sewing tips/tutorials.

  260. I’m a follower and love your blog!

  261. I’m a fan on facebook!

  262. The tutorials are my favorites!

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  263. I love reading your sewing posts.

  264. I am a follower of your blog.

  265. I love your blog! The sewing tutorials are my favorite part 🙂

  266. I’m a follower

  267. I’m following you on FB too!

  268. I started reading your blog because of the sewing but I keep coming back because I love it all! Thanks for sharing!

    Heidi Christianson

  269. Hi, I’m new to your blog. Love that you support the domestic arts!


  270. I’m a follower! 🙂

  271. I am now a fan on facebook! Cute stuff!

  272. I most enjoy the sewing, especially tutorials. I love how you coordinate your kiddos’ clothing!

  273. I love the tutorials.

  274. I follow you and LOVE your Blog

  275. I love everything about your blog…I’m always itching to see what you post next, I especially love the sewing

  276. I “follow” you:)

  277. So many of my friends like you on FB that I decided to join them!

  278. I “met” you on FabricFans and started following you months ago. I love you your craft blogs and posts the most, though!

  279. I’m a pretty new follower, but have loved your posts!! I’m a quilter myself, so all of your sewing posts hit home to me:)
    Congrats on one year!

  280. I’m already a follower!
    [email protected]

  281. I’m also a facebook liker:)
    [email protected]

  282. I like your tutorials the best, like the snack bag you did recently. And I love seeing your sewing space.
    vmfisher at yahoo dot com

  283. I follow your blog.
    vmfisher at yahoo dot com

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    And I am still baffled by your gift for picking out different fabrics and combining them in the most stunning ways.

    I’m glad to have you(r blog) “around”, congratulations on your first blogiversary and I hope that you will continue to find joy and inspiration in all that you create!

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