Dollar Store Tiered Party Trays

As I have mentioned, we are getting ready for Miss M’s Garden Party 1st birthday coming up this weekend.  I’m really hoping to be able to have the party outdoors (fingers crossed for good weather).

I have been working on some of the decor for her party and wanted to share these fun tiered party trays that I made from items from our local dollar store.

Now I cannot take credit for this idea.  I saw the tutorial for these trays by Julie on Joy’s Hope blog and knew I HAD to make these!

These are made from silver dollar store trays that have been spray painted to match the party decor.  They are attached to one another using dollar store super-glue and each tier is a dollar store crystal candle stick holder turned upside down.

Julie at Joy’s Hope spray painted the candle stick holders which looked super-cute.  She also used a rainbow of colors that made them look so fun and happy.  I decided to leave my candle sticks clear to up the elegance factor – I like the way the crystal looks.

I made three different sizes.  All of the candle stick holders are from the dollar store, except for the tall one which I just happened to have on hand.

Joy’s Hope has a great tutorial and will show you everything you need to get started making these pretty tiered party trays.  I think these would be so fun for the holidays – can’t you picture black and orange for a Halloween party or red and gold for Christmas?  For $4-$6, why not make them for all the seasons!?!

Cottage Mama’s Note:  Now if you plan to serve food on these trays make sure to put down some decorative paper or a paper doily – these are not considered food safe due to the spray paint that was used.  These would also make a great place to store your jewelry or in a girls room for all her hair bows and accessories.

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  1. Love them! I looked all over for affordable tiered trays like these for my baby’s birthday but never found any that I liked. I’m hitting the dollar store for my next party.

  2. Ca-uuuute!!! How crafty : ) My son’s 2nd birthday will be this August. I think I’m going to have to try these out for sure! Thanks for passing this tip along.


  3. I just love the colors…and I really like the crystal stems…they really do look so fancy!

  4. This is still going around on pinterest…Love dollar store decor when done right, like this. Thanks for sharing.