My Little Baby and My New Baby

I just feel like things have been go, go, go around here lately – I mean, seriously, where does all the time go?  I have all of these projects that I would love to get done, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  Maybe someday, I will get to everything……..

I’m trying to stay focused, which is very difficult for me – I tend to move in five different directions all at once but somehow get most of it done.  And honestly I LOVE to accomplish things.  Yes, I enjoy sewing and creating, but my favorite part is seeing the end result.  So this weekend my plan was to focus on sewing some custom orders (which I did) and working on my baby girls 1-year birthday party (coming up this next weekend).

But meanwhile, while trying to stay focused, I had a VERY exciting distraction come my way.  I have been wanting a new camera for a while and yesterday my hubby said that I could get my birthday present early (my b-day is July 15th) – eeeeeekkkkk!!  I couldn’t believe it………so check out my new baby:

image via
Yes, that’s right – I got a new Canon Rebel T1i kit with an additional lens as well!  I hope you don’t mind me bragging, but I honestly can’t believe I own this camera!
So this afternoon, I wanted to shoot some pictures of my youngest daughter Matilda in one of my “The Cottage Mama” dresses and I got to try out my new beauty.  My intention was to shoot pictures of my dress for the shop, but my darling little lady just captured my eye and this little photo shoot ended up being more about her than anything else.
This dress has been my top-seller in the shop. It’s such a fun dress with all the different patterned fabrics and makes a wonderful twirly dress for older girls.
The dress is made from Art Gallery fabrics “Girly Girl” line.  I am in love with everything Art Gallery lately – you should see the new fabrics due out this Fall!
Sometimes you have to stop for a cheerio break mid-photo shoot!
My favorite part about this dress is the piping in the round-neck collar and the fabric covered button closure.  I’ve thought about doing a piping tutorial if people would be interested.  I think piping is a great way to add a traditional finished look to any garment.  Did you know you can make your own piping out of any fabric?
Well, that’s all!  Thanks for letting me share some pictures of my little Matilda Jane (and letting me brag about my b-day present) – would you believe she is sick in these pictures?  Such a happy girl!
Cottage Mama’s Note:  I did not adjust any of these photos with photoshop, though I am dying to learn all about it.  We have the program (CS4) on my hubs. work computer, but I have no idea how to use it – if you know of any online tutorials for the program, please let me know!  I’d love to learn how to use it!!

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  1. I am so happy for you i dream of a new camera and hopefuly my sweet husband will soon give me the go ahead. LOOOOvvve the dress too.

  2. wonderfull!
    where do you find the models?
    you are very goog!

  3. Oh Lindsay, I am so excited for your new camera! I used to spend a lot of time touching up pics in Photoshop, and since I got my Xsi, I spend very little time doing that. Most go straight on the blog or off to the printer with no touchup needed. You will love it!

    I love that dress, and all Art Gallery as well. You have a great eye for design and pairing your fabrics just right.

  4. Lindsay,

    I would love a new camera as well, but my list of wants in never-ending, so we’ll see if the day comes around. 🙂 Your Matilda is just a doll and looks like she was very much enjoying the photoshoot. I would love to see a tutorial on piping! And I don’t know much about editing pictures, though I look back at pictures I’ve posted on the blog and wish that I was able to spend some time learning the editing thing.

  5. I too would like a piping tutorial!! Sorry she’s not feeling well – although you surely can not tell!!
    Is the dress pattern your own? I’d like to have a go at it for my three little beauties, if you don’t mind sharing that info as well!
    I found your blog not that long ago, now I visit quite frequently 🙂 LOVE your style!!

  6. My little guy was born on the 3rd of July and my birthday is the 16th. I am soo jealous of your new camera!!

  7. Hey Lindsay,

    Two things to say:
    1. I just got the EXACT camera set (did you get it at Costco?) for my birthday early 🙂 and am LOVING it.

    2. That baby and that dress are so cute it makes me want to squeal! Just amazing. I loved her birthday party pics too! So glad I found you…your blog and shop are completely amazing.