Lessons with Lindsay: Reusable Snack Bag Pattern

Lessons with Lindsay: Reusable Snack Bag Pattern by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage MamaIt’s that time again…….another Lesson with Lindsay. This week I’m sharing a very easy, beginner friendly tutorial for my Reusable Snack Bag Pattern. I posted a photographed tutorial of this project many years ago and it’s been a very popular free pattern here on The Cottage Mama. So I decided to make a video tutorial for all of you visual learners out there.

It was funny, as I was watching the edited version of this video (which, oh my goodness…..it’s always so weird to hear yourself talk), Josephine came up carrying one of the snack bags that I made before she was even born. She loves these little bags. Lately she likes to have her goldfish crackers in one. But when she walked up and saw me on the video, she said ‘Hey! That’s my bag!”. So anyway, my point in telling you this, is that A) These little bags will hold up for YEARS and B) Your kids are going to love them.

I love being able to pack the kids snacks in these reusable bags. Don’t get me wrong, we do have plastic Ziplock bags around here for the wet food and for some everyday stuff. But these are so great for the dry snacks and when you run out of your plastic bags, you don’t feel like you have to run out and get some more right this very second. We have quite a few now after making the original ones and the ones that I made to film this video.

Lessons with Lindsay: Reusable Snack Bag Pattern

Also, another idea for these little bags is that you can use them to store all kind of things for on-the-go……think crayons, small toys, medicine, mints. Anything you might need to keep contained and organized in your purse or bag. These are great!!

If you are a beginner sewer, this is going to be a great project for you. I talk about using velcro as well as clipping and turning corners. It’s a very simple, easy project that you can complete in no time at all. It will probably take you longer to cut out all the pieces and get everything prepped than it will for you to actually sew these together.

You can check out the original tutorial by clicking HERE. You will find all the measurements you need for completing these sweet little Reusable Snack Bags.

If you are new to The Cottage Mama, you can check out more Lessons with Lindsay step-by-step video tutorials in the Lessons with Lindsay Archives, by clicking HERE. Lessons with Lindsay is sponsored by Baby Lock Sewing and Embroidery Machines.

Until next time……

Happy Sewing!

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