Fat Quarter Baby Quilt & Burp Cloths

So, I think something must be in the air because all of a sudden there are babies everywhere!  Some of my friends are having their first child and some their second, but I have four friends that have all given birth within the last month (and more to come).  I’m SO excited for each and every one of them.  The birth of a child is a very magical time in a couples life!

Tomorrow, I am heading to a baby shower for our friends, Mike & Amy.  Amy was due to give birth to her little angel mid-March, but due to some medical complications, Amy delivered Mary Heather a few weeks ago via emergency c-section.  Mary has been in the NICU, but has not needed any oxygen and is doing great.  Their little peanut is only 4lbs. and is due to come sometime this next week!

Anyway, tomorrow is the regularly scheduled baby shower and it is moving forward as planned (even though Mary is already here!)  I guess we won’t be playing any games regarding Amy’s belly size!

I made a quilt for Mary Heather from a fat-quarter pack.  I love fat-quarters because when new line of fabric comes out it is a great way to get a sampling of everything in the entire line.  Then you can discover which fabrics in the line you gravitate towards.  Here are some pictures of the quilt & burp cloths.

Fat Quarter Baby Quilt

I used 12 different fat quarters for this baby-sized quilt.

I backed the quilt with cream colored chenille (I LOVE that fabric for baby items) and top-stitched the quilt with pink thread.

I also made a set of two burp cloths to go with the quilt in coordinating fabrics.

Fat Quarter Burp Cloths
I simply cut four fat quarters on the diagonal & sewed different halves of each one together.

I backed the burp clothes with chenille as well and top-stitched with pink thread.

And here is the completed set ready to go for Mike & Amy’s baby shower!

And here is my new business card!!  Yes, that’s right!  My business cards FINALLY arrived, which means “The Cottage Mama” will be opening soon.  I’m still waiting on my clothing labels, so until I have those I won’t be listing anything in my etsy shop.  I will keep you posted when I finally have some things for sale!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Beautiful!! You did a great job.

  2. Love it! Beautiful set. Lucky new parents!

  3. Gosh those are all so pretty. I love the fabric you used! Yay for the baby doing great-I’ve had two NICU babies and it is not easy on the parents. Your friends are lucky to have you 🙂

  4. For the quilt, did you use an entire fat quarter for each block or did you cut them down to a smaller size?

  5. OK, where were you when I had my babies? That little peanut deserves such a fab gift!

  6. Amy, I should have clarified this…..I used 12 fat quarters, but cut them down to 10″ inch squares (so I still have some of each left). For the burp cloths, I did the same…….I cut 4 fat quarters into 10″ squares, then cut them in half (on the diagonal).

    Sorry if that was confusing. A Moda Layer Cake would work awesome for this project as that already comes pre-cut into 10″ squares.


    Thanks for all of your kind words!!


  7. This quilt is SOO darling!! I love that you used fat quarters! Thanks for linking up at Oopsey Daisy for Baby Week! I adore your blog. Have a fabulous day!


  8. Love it. Do you use any batting or just the chenille?