Happy 9th Birthday, Matilda!

Dear Matilda,

Today you turn 9 years old. It’s hard to believe that you are only 9 since you always seems so much older to me. But here we are on your 9th birthday and there are some things I’d like to remember about you when you turned 9 years old and maybe some things that you’d like to know about your 9 year old self.

  1. You love pigs. Anything with a pig motif, stuffed pig, pig statue, pig picture is right up your alley!
  2. Your favorite food is still chicken strips and french fries with ketchup (LOTS of ketchup), but I’d say you’ve ventured into liking some new foods in the last year.
  3. You love space, math and science. You want to go to outer space. You were Sally Ride for your 3rd grade wax museum this last year. You had me order you a backpack for next school year that has the solar system printed all over it. You are going to space camp next week at the community college and are SO excited!
  4. You played soccer this last year and you liked it ok, but you’re not going to be doing it again next year.
  5. You love to sing and, I know I’m bias, but you’re really good and you’ve never had any training. You sang ‘Tomorrow’ from Annie this last year during your school talent show.
  6. You are incredibly shy around adults, but you are very comfortable around friends, other kids and on stage. We don’t quite understand it, but hopefully you’ll gain some confidence with adults in the coming year.
  7. This last year you participated in Girls on the Run and ran a 5K. You loved the program and did really well running. You ran the entire 5K at about a 10 minute mile. Pretty good, I’d say, for someone who has never really been into running.
  8. You are still playing the piano. This year you will be picking up a new instrument in the school band…..percussion. I think it will compliment your piano playing very well.
  9. You are also going to be participating in a choir for the entire next school year. You auditioned for it and you got in.
  10. You still love to have lots of cuddles, hugs and snuggles……especially from Mama.
  11. You love to bake. You got a great baking cookbook for Christmas and have made a bunch of delicious treats for us. You have a chefs hat and apron and you love to dress the part.
  12. You are going to be taking a cooking class for an entire week this summer and you can’t wait for it to start!
  13. For your birthday this year, you decided to have a party at a local chocolate shop. It’s a chocolate making party, so you and your friends will be making molded chocolates, chocolate pizza and chocolate dipped pretzels. YUM!
  14. Some of the presents you will be receiving this year are a suitcase, a FitBit Ace (since you love tracking fitness apps. on Mama’s Apple watch), high top sneakers with flip sequins, a bracelet making kit and some leggings that have the solar system printed on them with two matching tops.
  15. Of all the kids, you love to sew the most. I’ve been letting you play around with my sewing machine more this summer and you made the cutest stuffed kitty cat recently. You definitely have the creative bug and the focus to finish projects.
  16. Your favorite color is still blue.
  17. You love water. On your actual birthday, you just want to spend the day at the pool. You love to take super long showers. Water is your happy place.
  18. Speaking of happy places…..another happy place of yours is on the swings on our playground in the backyard. You love to be out there by yourself and swing as high as you possibly can go.
  19. You still sleep with your pink blanket that has a teddy bear on it. It’s called Blankie. You also like to have your purple gummy bear night light on every night (much to your sister, Savannah’s, dismay).
  20. You are a rule follower. You don’t like when people don’t follow the rules and are definitely a rule enforcement officer in this house.

Matilda Jane, you are one sweet, special cookie and we can’t imagine life without you. You are a complex child with so many unique qualities, talents and emotions. You are the first one to do something sweet for your brother or sisters (and the first one to go after them, if they make you mad). You are always thinking of others and how they might feel. You are a truly great friend who always puts others first. You are so SO special. Period.

I love you from here to the moon and back again!



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  1. Linda Clarke says

    I love reading your birthday letters to your children – what a fabulous way to remember the individuality of each of your kids and within the annual timeframe. I have 5 children who are all adults and I always prided myself on being able to remember all the details of their lives but of course as I age I can’t! I wish I had done something like this. Also wanted to say my nearly 19 year old still sleeps with her “blankie”

  2. really liked her dress ! can I ask if it’s handmade?