Apple Picking Bundle Box Pre-Order

Apple Picking Bundle Box Pre-Order from The Cottage Mama.

I’m excited to announce the Apple Picking Bundle Box Pre-Order now available over in The Cottage Mama Etsy shop! I know a lot of you were hoping to grab one of the first bundle boxes that sold out in under 4 minutes, so I’m please to offer you a new bundle box for this next month. Now, I’m still leaning towards doing a subscription service, but that is going to take my web developer a good amount of time to implement subscriptions onto the website incorporating all the features that I’m looking to have as part of that service.

So for this time, I am going to take pre-orders on the Apple Picking Bundle Box through August 12, 2016. So if you want a box, you can be guaranteed to receive one! I don’t know if you remember from my last post, but I had mentioned that by doing pre-orders, I am not able to show you the exact box that I will be sending. I have already decided what I want to include, but by the time I go to order after August 12th, what I want may not be available in the quantity that I will need. Does that make sense?

You are just going to need to trust that it’s going to be completely and totally adorable! You can check out the last bundle box HERE.

What’s Included in the Bundle Box?

  • 3-4 yards of coordinating designer quilting cotton fabric
  • 3-6 yards of coordinating trims
  • 4 buttons
  • 1 spool coordinating thread
  • 1 fun surprise notion (could be scissors, a cute pin holder, a little pin cushion……you never know!)

Bundle Box Pricing:

Each The Cottage Mama Bundle Box is $59 plus shipping. Shipping is $5 for US, $10 for Canada and $20 for International. Yes, I realize that the international shipping is steep, but there isn’t really a way around it. Usually I limit these types of sales to US only, so this time I’m happy to ship to those of you abroad, but I have to charge you what I will be charged for shipping.

Where can I pre-order the bundle box?

You can pre-order the Apple Picking Bundle Box over on The Cottage Mama Etsy shop (click HERE). If we do implement subscriptions in the future, then you will purchase your boxes here on my own website.

Can I purchase more than one box?

Yes, you may purchase more than one box, but they will be shipped separately. Each Bundle Box is packaged individually, so shipping cannot be combined.

When can I expect my box to arrive?

I hope to be able to get all of these bundle boxes ready to go and shipped out by August 31, 2016. So you should receive your box the first week of September. I won’t be able to order anything until all the pre-orders have come in by August 12th. The earlier you get your order in, the better idea I’ll have of approximately how much of everything I’ll need so I can move more quickly after the pre-order date ends.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] and I’m happy to help!

And with that, feel free to head on over and pre-order your bundle boxes and until next time………

Apple Picking Bundle Box Pre-Order from The Cottage Mama.

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