Bundle Box ~ Fabric, Trim and Button Kits

The Cottage Mama Bundle Box. Fabric, Trim, Button and Thread Kits for Sewing!

The Cottage Mama Bundle Box

As a lot of you know, one of my favorite parts of the sewing process is selecting fabrics and trims for the different garments that I create. I love mixing and matching patterned patterned fabrics, using unique, classic trims and paying close attention to details down to the very last button.

The Cottage Mama Bundle Box. Fabric, Trim, Button and Thread Kits for Sewing!

In the past year or so, I have sold off bundle kits of some of the fabrics and trims in my studio. I have completely loved putting these together. While this has been a lot of fun, I know many people have missed out on these bundle opportunities. I have decided to put together The Cottage Mama Bundle Box to give more people the opportunity to purchase bundles. I’ve heard from many of you that you don’t have access to some of the higher quality fabrics or it’s hard for you to mix and match when ordering online. I totally get that! A lot of the magic happens when being able to play and mix and match in the studio. Well, another reason I have decided to put these boxes together is to help make your life a little easier…….you will know that when you receive your box, that you will be able to use everything inside to create a stunning sewn project.

The Cottage Mama Bundle Box. Fabric, Trim, Button and Thread Kits for Sewing!

What is The Cottage Mama Bundle Box?

The Cottage Mama Bundle Boxes are hand-selected fabrics, trims, buttons and threads all chosen by me, Lindsay Wilkes, owner of The Cottage Mama. They are fabrics and trims that I would use to create a special garment for a child.

These bundle boxes are not specific to one certain pattern, but they can be used for a wide variety. This will also depend on what size garment you are making as well. If you are making a baby sized item, you may have enough for a coordinating sibling outfit as well. When I select these fabrics I always have clothing in mind, but you could also use these boxes for other sewing projects such as bags, accessories, home decor and quilting. The options are endless.

What is included in The Cottage Mama Bundle Box?

  • 3-4 yards of coordinating designer quilting cotton fabric
  • 3-6 yards of coordinating trims
  • 4 buttons (the buttons pictured are white; however, you will be receiving four coral or aqua buttons)
  • 1 spool coordinating thread
  • 1 fun surprise notion (this box contains these adorable embroidery scissors with bows)
  • From time to time, you may receive a coupon towards the purchase of a The Cottage Mama Sewing Pattern.

The Cottage Mama Bundle Box. Fabric, Trim, Button and Thread Kits for Sewing!

How many bundle boxes are available?

I have put together a select number of this first bundle box to see if you all like them. These boxes will all be the same (with the exception of the fact that some will have aqua buttons and some will have coral). Now going forward with other bundle boxes, each box will vary slightly with the amount of yardage and trim included depending on what I have selected. For example, in this Bundle Box you will receive approximately 5.5 yards total of 2 different trims; however, in a different box the next month, you may receive only 3 yards of 1 trim because it is a wider, high-priced trim or you will be receiving more fabric. Either way, the value will always be the same and you can count on receiving within the range of the items in the list above.

The Cottage Mama Bundle Box. Fabric, Trim, Button and Thread Kits for Sewing!

The Cottage Mama Bundle Box. Fabric, Trim, Button and Thread Kits for Sewing!

If these sell, then I will do more and if not, then maybe it’s that you all love picking the fabrics and trims as much as I do! And that’s fine too!! I know some people agonize over the fabric and trim selection part of the creative process and truly enjoy the sewing aspect, so if you are one of those people then these Bundle Boxes are for you! These also make a beautiful gift for someone creative in your life.

I’ve already got ideas in my head for a fall, Halloween and Christmas bundle boxes. My mind never stops thinking of ways to get creative with fabrics and trims. I also have a few specialty boxes in mind geared towards Liberty of London and another focused on thicker fabrics for outerwear.

Additional information and FAQ:

How much does each bundle box cost?

Each The Cottage Mama Bundle Box is $59 plus shipping. Shipping is $5 for US, $10 for Canada and $20 for International. Yes, I realize that the international shipping is steep, but there isn’t really a way around it. Usually I limit these types of sales to US only, so this time I’m happy to ship to those of you abroad, but I have to charge you what I will be charged for shipping.

Where and when can I purchase this first Bundle Box?

The first The Cottage Mama Bundle Box will be available on Friday, July 22, 2016 at 10AM (CST). You can purchase the boxes over in The Cottage Mama Etsy shop. Click HERE to visit the Etsy shop. When I have sold fabric bundles in the past, they can sell out in just few minutes. So if you think you might like one, make sure to set your alarm to be ready to go right when they go on sale!

Can I purchase more than one box?

Yes, you may purchase more than one box, but they will be shipped separately. Each Bundle Box is packaged individually, so shipping cannot be combined.

If you have any additional questions about this new offering from The Cottage Mama, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to respond to you. Or if you would like to email me directly, please send your questions to [email protected].


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  1. Hello Lindsay, I am interested in buying a bundle but could you please let me know what the shipping method will be, i.e. courier company or normal postal service? That way I am able to work out the charges here in the UK. many Thanks Kerstin

  2. Hi Lindsay, have you considered offering a subscription to a bundle box? you could offer a 3 month, 6 month, or yearly option. I’m a knitter, and this is something we do to get yummy yarns shipped to our homes. Love you patterns, fabrics, and trims!

    • Pam Loberger says


      I agree. A subscription service would be terrific. Your combinations are gorgeous!

      • You know what, I have thought about it! I just wasn’t sure if people really liked what I would put together, so I’m going to see how this box goes over. If they sell out, then it’s definitely something I will consider and that way people can be guaranteed to get a box and not have to worry they might miss out. Thanks for your feedback……I appreciate it!

  3. Belinda Gresham says

    Omg love this sooo much i shared it on my fb page #bellarubycreations im definitely going to be buying asap! Kits are the way to go now, so easy and speedy, i dont mind someone ekse doing the foormt work and all j have to do is get inspired by the wonderful items sent to me! Love love love this idea @cottagemama! Im sure itll be a smash hit!!

  4. Marsha Ratzel says

    I love the idea of a subscription box….you have such a good sense of colors and patterns that mix. I can never ever do that. I’d love to take advantage of your design talent….and just be responsible for finding the pattern and sewing it up.

  5. Very nice choices of fabrics and trims!

  6. Elizabeth says

    You are so creative with design and color – ABSOLUTELY interested in a monthly box. Will do my best to purchase one on the 22nd. …and YES, do more! I have two of your kits purchased from Martha Pullen site along with a video and simply amazed how it all comes together. I also have many of your patterns. Just one observation: is there a chance you can “suggest” how the fabrics can be used in any of your patterns (for those without your vision!) for a starting point perhaps in your blog or with the box? For instance, the small floral as the main dress, larger print for ? etc. Perhaps a blog/ video lesson in how best to use the fabric in one of your patterns?

  7. I would LOVE a subscription box, too! Choosing the fabric and trims is one of the hardest parts for me. Please consider! Seems I missed out on this one.

  8. Lindell Klebesadel says

    Did the bundle boxes sell out? I cannot seem to locate them on your Etsy site?

  9. I have been a fan for years. Love your pattern, book and ideas!!! My favorite picture of my granddaughters is in your Shortcake reversible dress. I live in NC and have a small shop that I sew samples for. Your dresses always sell, people buy the pattern and fabric I choose. I’m in on the next bundle. So sorry I missed the first one!!!