Sponsored Giveaway: Violette Field Threads 10 Sewing Pattern Bundle

We have quite a few new sponsors here at The Cottage Mama. Some of you probably don’t click over to the blog very often, if you subscribe in a reader or by email, but I’m finally getting around to introducing some of the wonderful new sponsors to you all that can be found in the right side-bar on the blog.

First up is the lovely Violette Field Threads. This duo team, Ericka and Jessica, are fellow paper and PDF pattern designers just like myself. I absolutely love being able to promote other designers to you all. Why? Well, because there are so many incredibly talented designers out there and we all create something unique and different. And maybe I don’t have certain pattern or design that you are looking for, but another company might have just the right thing, so I’m happy to point you in the right direction. My goal is to inspire you to sew, whether that be with my own sewing patterns / tutorials or with someone elses…….it’s all about being able to create!

Violette Field Threads offers a wide variety of gorgeous patterns in PDF and a selection of their patterns are also available in printed paper form.

Here are some of my favorite patterns from Violette Field Threads……..

 And last, but not least, the latest pattern from Violette Field Threads…..
I have this pattern and definitely plan on sewing this one for my girls for summer. To me, this is the perfect spring / summer play outfit!
So guess what? Today Violette Field Threads is giving away a 10 pattern bundle (you choose either PDF or paper) valued at $129.50 (paper pattern bundle) and $109.50 (PDF pattern bundle). I think this is a fantastic prize and I hope you do too!
To enter the giveaway please use the rafflecopter below and leave a comment on the blog telling us why you love ‘Violette Field Threads’ and also become a fan of Violette Field Threads and The Cottage Mama over on Facebook. That will give you three entries into the giveaway (you can do just one or all three)!

Also, Violette Field Threads is offering 20% off your entire purchase with the promo code: COTTAGEMAMA. So head over to their shop to pick up some of these adorable patterns!

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  1. Those patterns look great, I would love to try them!

  2. I’ve sewn the Chloe before nada few of their accessory patterns. Such cute and easy patterns

  3. I love sewing and their patterns are so cute and easy to follow 🙂 Thank you for this super giveaway!!!

  4. Oh my, so many gorgeous patterns! Thank you for the chance at winning!

  5. I love the rosalind flower pattern. And I think my little girl would too! Thanks!

  6. I love their patterns because they are cute without being too much

  7. They have a distinct look. I appreciate that!

  8. These patterns are beautiful! I’d love to win and sew some adorable things for my daughter and nieces!

  9. Oh my! The Lily Belle pinafore and leggings pattern is DARLING! They look like beautiful patterns without being too hard.

  10. Love the Vivienne skirt! These patterns have so much style!

  11. Patterns are so fun and feminine!

  12. I have had my eye on the vivienne skirt for awhile. Amazing giveaway!!

  13. I do not own any of these yet. I would love to sew all of them.

  14. Their patterns are so unique and fit my little one’s super girly style perfectly.

    weeshareblog at gmail.com

  15. I’ve sewed with their patterns before. They are easy to follow. The clothes fit well and are adorable. They use darling fabrics and the models are beautiful!

  16. The patterns look so fun to sew. I haven’t seen some of their patterns anywhere else.

  17. I’ve been a fan of her patterns for years! There’s never been a pattern I didn’t like or have to have! haha

  18. I love VFT!

  19. I have some of their patterns already & they are great! Would love to have more!! 🙂

  20. I have so many of these patterns ‘pinned’ and would love to make all of them!!!

  21. What great patterns! Cute!

  22. Awesome! Love all your patterns!!

  23. Love their patterns!!! SO classic looking 🙂

  24. Some adorable patterns!

  25. Love the birdie skirt with ruffle pedicoat, my girls will look so cute in it.

  26. Love their patterns! My favorite is the Vivienne skirt pattern.

  27. Gorgeous patterns with a flair of elegance!

  28. Love all the patterns!!! Would love to win:)

  29. VFT has such cute patterns and easy to follow instructions. I’ve got a few, but I’d love some more!

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  31. WOW!!!! I LOVE these patterns!!! They are lovely!!! And we have 4 girls to put them on 🙂 Thank you so much!!!

  32. Gorgeous!

  33. I love everything about Violette Field Threads. Their patterns are well done, easy to follow and the finish products are ALWAYS amazing. 🙂

  34. These are great patterns – I would love to make the wrap skirt with the button detail for MY Vivienne! And the last outfit for “big girls” is adorable.

  35. I have always admired their patterns, but never have brought myself to buy any. To win a bundle would be sooo exciting! Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. Those are super super fabulous. I’ll take one of each please. My little girl would look even more beautiful than she already does. Sewing machine is ready!!

  37. LOVE these patterns!! I would be so excited to win!!!

  38. Those are super super fabulous. I’ll take one of each please. My little girl would look even more beautiful than she already does. Sewing machine is ready!!

  39. Love the patterns! So happy I have granddaughters to sew for:) Crossing my fingers and types hoping too hear that I won!

  40. Love VFT patterns! I have a few but would love more. The patterns are easy to use and their designs are lovely!

  41. Cute stuff!

  42. I absolutly adore the vivienne skirt! Would love to make it for my little girl!

  43. I have wanted to try their patterns for a long time! The style is so in tune with mine…a little vintage, a little modern…just so beautiful!

  44. I love the selection and so convenient to shop on line and choose what patterns I would like.

  45. I have several of their patterns already and I love them because they are so classic! I can’t get enough of them!

  46. I would love to Win!!

  47. I have just started sewing for young children again and I love these patterns!

  48. LOVE these patterns! So easy to follow along and look fabulous!!!

  49. LOVE my one VFT pattern, and would LOVE to get many more! Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. I have been eyeing their patterns for awhile. I love everything about them! Their style is so fresh. I would love to win a bundle. Thank you for he chance!

  51. This is a beautiful package

  52. I haven’t seen VFT before, but now that I have, I have to have some of their patterns!!!!!

  53. Oh I love there patterns. So adorable and girly. I would love to win.

  54. Love VFT because their patterns for little girls are cute, but sophisticated 🙂

  55. I love so many of the VFT patterns – I’d love to get the newest ones!! Probably the biggest compliment I gave give is that when my older children (18 & 14) see many of the designs, they wish out loud that they came in their size! Cool enough for everyone.

  56. I love Violette fields. I have a couple of the patterns in my sewing queue for my little girl this summer!

  57. Love these patterns! My faves!

  58. I looove their style! Classic and yet fashionable but still girly enough I don’t feel like I’m sewing my child adult styles. Though most styles of theirs I want to wear…

  59. VFT patterns are so well written and easy to follow! And their designs are just absolutely DARLING!! Thank you for the chance!

  60. I love their patterns…they are so unique and give great results.

    rebekahricker (at) yahoo (dot) com

  61. Great giveaway! I would love to win this!

  62. I have been stalking the this week looking at all the pretties!!! Iill get one attern this week to try, Just getting started on PDFs , Thanks for thechance and would be so excited to win this!!!

  63. I just made the lilly belle and love it! VFT patterns are so beautiful, I would love to have more! Thanks for the chance to win this!

  64. I love VFT- their designs are gorgeous!

  65. I have so many of these patterns on my wish list! Fabulous give away.

  66. Love VFT! I would love more of their patterns. 🙂

  67. I would love to make these for my girls!

  68. I love Violette Field patterns!

  69. These patterns are gorgeous! Crossing my fingers!!!!

  70. Violette Field patterns are just so pretty!!

  71. What I like abot VFT patterns are the ruffles and the clean lines of the designs. All very femine and stylish for young ladies!

  72. Oh my these patterns are beautiful! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  73. I love them because they are new to me, and I haven’t had a chance to try one 😉

  74. Love the frilly style! And that they still do paper patterns – the paper, ink, & time for pdfs dont balance out for me.

  75. They have gorgeous patterns! I just love the new Lily Belle Pinafore and Leggings!

  76. Very cute patterns. Unique details.

  77. I love their patterns as they are unique. Very adorable and my girls would LOVE them.

  78. they have such great patterns to choose from!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  79. Adorable patterns! I have 3 little girls ages 7, 6, and 3. I would love to win this!

  80. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the patterns!!!!

  81. I always feel like they offer something more unique than other pattern-makers out there. Their patterns are as new and interesting as adult fashion.

  82. I love VFT patterns! They have the perfect combo of vintage & modern flair.

  83. Love Violet Fields! Great giveaway!!

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. VFT has wonderful patterns. Everytime I make an item using their patterns for a customer I get so many compliments!

  86. Love the Madelyn Shirt Pattern. Hope I will win them!!!

  87. amazing patterns and I have yet to buy any. 🙁

  88. The patterns are adorable! That Vivienne Skirt is gorgeous- I have 3 little girls in the family that would look precious in it! Thanks for a sweet giveaway!

  89. I love the Violette Field Threads patterns because they have a great vintage feel to them; sort of a Renaissance air about them.

  90. the patterns all look beautiful….i am anxious to try them…thanks so much for sharing this chance to win!

  91. I love their patterns! They are all so cute!

  92. I really want to try the Josephine dress and blouse pattern. So cute!

  93. would love to try these as my little ones are growing up.

  94. I love VFT patterns as they are simple yet beautiful to make. I would like to sew each design for my girl to wear 🙂

  95. would love to try these as my little ones are growing up.

  96. Fingers crossed I would love to win these.

  97. I really love the VFT patterns I own and would love to add to my collection and eventually own them all! I love the unique, very chic look to many of their designs!

  98. I sew for three gorgeous granddaughters (ages 6,7,8) and am always on the lookout for patterns to satisfy my girly girls. It would be sewing heaven to have this bundle to choose from!

  99. I loooove her patterns because they’re all GORGEOUS! Sophisticated, and set apart from the rest of pattern designers 🙂

  100. Their patterns are so amazing!! I love them!

  101. I love VFT patterns and the photos you have on the blog today are a great representation of them! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  102. I just always loved their patterns! So stylish and yet still sweet enough for little girls 🙂

  103. Hello! VFT has gorgeous designs! Most of them I want in my size 🙂

  104. I love VFT because of their unique design features. Their styles are classic and sophisticated.

  105. I haven’t tried their patterns yet, but they all look so cute and practical. Would love to win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. I would love to win these!!! They are so stylish and unlike most other patterns I have discovered so far!

    [email protected]

  107. The patterns are beautiful! I would love to make them for my daughter!

  108. A friend of mine has used her patterns and raves over them, I would LOVE to win this to make my niece’s some sweet dresses for summer!

  109. Such cute patterns!

  110. I finally have a little granddaughter that would look so cute in the VFT patterns. I especially love the Vivienne skirt. After many grandsons, I need to start my collection of girl pattern.

  111. The patterns look fabulous! I’ve wanted to do one for a while! I only started sewing in january, and am trying to get enough confidence to give one a try!

  112. I love my VFT patterns and would love to add to my collection! What a fantastic giveaway!!!

  113. I love how unique their patterns are. Can’t wait to make the Chloe for my little girl.

  114. Just ordered a pattern, thanks

  115. I LOVE their patterns! They are so sweet and girly, which is perfect for my house full of girls! Thanks!

    [email protected]

  116. I love all of their GORGEOUS patterns. I would love to own some of those patterns someday. I am beginning to sew, and LOVE creating things for my little girl. Thanks for this AWESOME opportunity.

  117. I have never used one of their patterns (though with 20% off, I might have to!) but they look adorable!

  118. VFT have beautiful patterns! Love them!

  119. Love their patterns! Thanks!

  120. How precious, and kind for her to give away her beautiful work! I’d love to do these for my daughter and nieces!

  121. Oh, I love their patterns! So many modern and unique ones, perfect for all my girls!

  122. Wonderful give away- a girl always needs more patterns!

  123. I just found these patterns. They’re so classically gorgeous, I can see my girl in many of these.

  124. Good thing the giveaway is for ten patterns…there are at least that many that I must have! Beautiful…

  125. Agree so many patterns would love to sew for my three year old 🙂 They are sooo cute

  126. Love VFT patterns. Have a few and they always sew out beautifully. Love the way they are written with clear and easy to follow instructions. Must have the rest of these.

  127. My favorite is the Vivienne skirt pattern, adorable.

  128. They look so girly and fun! love that!

  129. I am in LOVE with the Josephine and Emmaline dresses!

  130. I have been eyeing these patterns for quite a while…and I have the cutest 2 year old to sew for!!!

  131. Love VFT patterns because they are perfect styles for my 7 & 9 year old daughters!!

  132. Thanks for the giveaway:) Love the classy look of VFT!

  133. Love VFT!! I’ve been eyeing the Emmaline dress!

  134. I had no idea about their patterns until today and they are exactly my style!! Love!

  135. These are darling! Can’t wait to explore further!

  136. I love VFT because their patterns are all so unique!

  137. Such beautiful patterns!

  138. Love VFT patterns. So stylish and cute!

  139. I love vft such a great balance of delicate girlyness and sophistication! And they are so helpful if you have any questions. Omg I would just love to win this!
    Jwielandt at gmail (dot) com

  140. So sweet. Love them because they are girlie but not overly so. They fit nicely too!
    Leggings are a big plus. I do not like the over sized pant with the ruffled bottom.
    These are perfect! I need them! I want them! I must win them! ha!
    Great giveaway, thanks!

  141. I made the Josephine blouse and dress a few months ago, and they were adorable!

  142. VFT has some of the sweetest patterns around! I love them!

  143. I think these patterns are all adorable and I love reading your blog!!

  144. The patterns are Adorable!

  145. The patterns are Adorable!

  146. Oooh, I love VFT! I’ve sewed up the Evalina and the Ava flower and they both came out fantastically! Would love to add more to my collection!

  147. Those designs are so sweet! thanks for the chance to win!

  148. What absolutly lovely patterns. i love, love, love them!!!

  149. VFT patterns have such a sense of sophistication to them! Love it!

  150. Best classicly chic patterns for girls! Need them in adult sizes! Especially the Emmaline maxi dress!!!! (hint hint!!!)

  151. Love her patterns because they’re girly without being too over the top.

  152. The little girly patterns are wonderful.

  153. Gorgeous patterns, love the Vivienne skirt! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  154. Love Violet Threads patterns! Great giveaway, exciting!! 🙂

  155. I love the classic style of these patterns! What a great giveaway!!!

  156. I love these patterns! Thanks for the chance!

  157. I love, love Violette Field Threads! I have seen so many mamas make some fantastic and sweet garments for their children with these great, easy to use patterns. What a treat for any one to win!

  158. I love Violette Field Threads!! They were the first PDF’s I purchased and are still my favorites.

  159. What a wonderful giveaway!

  160. I’ve been dying to their patterns these since I first laid eyes on the Vivienne skirt but I don’t have a girl. Baby 2 is due any day now and could be the perfect reason for me to buy a bunch. I’d love to win some too!

  161. Thinking these would look great on my 2 little mini-me’s….

  162. I haven’t tried any of the Violette Field Threads patterns yet, but they look amazing! I definitely want to pick some up to sew summer outfits for my two girls.

  163. I love the sweetness of all the patterns! I really love the floral headband. 🙂

  164. Thanks for the chance!

  165. I love the over the top poofy awesomeness of the Chloe! People go ga ga over my girls when they wear their dresses!

  166. I love that they are not just like every other pattern out there. They are unique! Just the type of things I like to sew for my daughter.

  167. I love how simple the patterns are! Hope I win!!!

  168. Love their Patterns, thanks for the chance to win!!

  169. Love the Vivienne Skirt. Definitely need to make that! 🙂

  170. Very nice variety in style, perfect for any girl!! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  171. I have used several of VT patterns before and would relish the opportunity to win some of thede patterns

  172. I LOVE VFT!!!!! I have all of their patterns pinned on my Pinterest just waiting for funds. lol.

  173. I love the patterns are modern and cute! Thank you for this opportunity.

  174. I think VFT patterns are just gorgeous and would love to have some in my collection 🙂

  175. I love VFT patterns, gorgeous and just what a girl loves!

  176. I love VFT patterns!!! (^_^)

  177. Love VFT!!! Her patterns are so classy!

  178. Love VFT Patterns, so classic and stuff I’d love to wear too 🙂

  179. Love VFT via the new pdf group on FB! 😉

  180. I have lots of VFT patterns and each are sophisticated in their appearance but not too complicated to make!

  181. A whole lot of gorgeousness in all of these patterns…..easy to follow AND different what else is out there…..in a word FABULOUS !

  182. Recently purchased Chloe and Emmaline for my granddaughter. Can’t wait to stitch them out. Just gorgeous, classic g.i.r.l!

  183. All the patterns are absolutely beautiful. They are sure to please even the pickiest of girlie girls. I have two nieces that would look amazing in any one of the dresses.

  184. Love them!!

  185. I love the timeless look VFT patterns have, they are all gorgeous!!!

  186. Love these patterns, would love to win!

  187. AMAZING patterns their style is top notch love love love

  188. Their patterns are so beautiful and elegant!

  189. LOVE their amazing designs! The patterns are so detailed! Great patterns!

  190. i would love to win, need more gorgeous patterns to make for my little princess

  191. I love the super classic, super girly feel of VFT patterns!

  192. love how soohisticated but girly they are.

  193. Her patterns are so sweet and I would love to win!

  194. Love that vintage vibe!

  195. Gorgeous patterns 🙂

  196. I just bought the Chloe pattern from them to sew 3 flower girl dresses! But I would love some of their other designs as well.

  197. i have several of their patterns already and love them!! would love the bundle!

  198. I love VFT patterns and am making an Emmaline dress for my daughter now.

  199. Love Violette Field Threads

  200. Their designs are so original and don’t look homemade.Thanks for sharing some of their new patterns. I’ve had my eye on one of the skirt Patterns for awhile now. 🙂

  201. These patterns are beautiful!

  202. Love all of thes patterns!

  203. I d love to win to give me an excuse to by more fabric!

  204. How cute are these dresses!

  205. I love the patterns!

  206. I like the classy look.

  207. I love Violette Field Threads

  208. Thank you for doing this giveaway. I would love to try theese patterns.

  209. Congratulations on all the new page sponsors.
    Violette fields patterns are gorgeous, they inspire beautiful creations for young girls. I just wish they would make them in adult sizes too 😉

  210. I absolutely love Violette Field Threads’ beginner patterns! They are super user-friendly and reasonably priced! They are great for beginners like myself. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to win some of your fabulous products!! 🙂

  211. The patterns are so pretty!

  212. I love that these patterns are different from others out there…so cute! Can’t wait to buy one and try it out. (if I don’t win of course!) 🙂

  213. Love. Thanks so much!

  214. LOVE LOVE LOVE Violette Field Threads! They have such a sophisticated look but not in a snobby way or anything. I like that balance between playful and fancy. :0)

  215. Thank you so much for the chance to win. Her patterns are beautiful and it would be wonderful to win them

  216. I love Violette Field Threads patterns.

  217. My daughter’s Easter dress was the Emalinne maxi dress. I got a lot of compliments on it. I lo e their patterns! Fingers crossed I get picked! Good luck everyone. 😀

  218. Very cute patterns! Thanks for the giveaway!

  219. Love that Lily Belle pinny, it’s so swingy!! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  220. Wow — I’ve never seen Violette Field Threads before. They are awesome! I have 2 daughters I love to sew for (and rarely have the chance). I love that these patterns are girlie yet up-to-date.

  221. Love Violette Fields patters! I would love to win !

  222. Oh i would LOVE to win this prize. Violette field thread patterns are so classic in design and are just the style i love.

  223. The clothes are almost as cute as the models. So sweet.

  224. Oh i would LOVE to win this prize. Violette field thread patterns are so classic in design and are just the style i love.

  225. Beautiful patterns! They look so classic and girly!!

  226. They have great patterns! I love them and they are easy to follow!

    Sorry it posts hubby’s name

  227. Adorable patterns!! Especially love the last one, but they are all precious.

  228. I think that VFT patterns are wonderful!

  229. “When vintage meets modern” is my best description of these patterns! Sweet outfits, with precious details…

  230. Love their patterns!

  231. I love these patterns, but have never bought one before. I hope I win!

  232. I havent seen your patterns before now that I have Im in love

  233. Im in love with your patterns and would love to win the package

  234. I love Violette Field patterns because they are such a sweet mix of old-fashioned with a modern twist. Lovely details, very feminine!

  235. I LOVE VFT – Jessica and Ericka are the sweetest and I love how feminine their patterns are! 🙂

  236. I’ve never seen Violette fields patterns before and I have to say I’m truly impressed I just fell in love with that ginger pattern I’m going to have to go and have a closer look now 🙂 thanks so much for the giveaway

  237. Such adorable patterns

  238. I love that the patterns are so classic. Heirloom pieces that never go out of style.

  239. I haven’t actually used any Violette Field Threads yet but they are all so beautiful – both classic and modern! I would love to win these patterns. Thanks for the chance.

  240. I love VFT, I made my daughter the maxi dress for Easter, would love to try more!

  241. Such elegant designs for little girls! Love the modern vintage vibe!

  242. I love the details they offer in their patterns and would love to win a bundle!

  243. I have several of your patterns and love them all!!!

  244. I just bought my first VFT pattern this weekend! I love them because they will please my “big” girl (age 7)! Ha!

  245. Love these patterns!

  246. I’d love to make the ginger pattern and the vivienne skirt!

  247. I love Violette Field Threads for their sweet feminine dress patterns for little girls.

  248. I love them for their classic beauty!

  249. What DONT I love about these patterns! They are all amazing!

  250. Love the feel of VFT designs <3

  251. Oh, these are sweet, would love to try them!

  252. LOVE these gals. Just bought the GINGER to add to my collection. Have several little ladies I’m sewing for & it would be awesome to have the bundle.

  253. I would Love! a chance to win these patterns, everything looks so polished!

  254. very sweet patterns! My girl would love any of those pieces.

  255. I love their patterns. They are so sweet and not over-the-top, always just what I’m looking for.

  256. Love all those impeccable ruffles!

  257. Would love to have any of the patterns. Classic and elegant styles that have the right touch of ‘girly’ :).

  258. They are so unique!

  259. Oh, I love these! They have such a unique yet classic look to them!

  260. I love the. Violet Field Threads patterns because they are so timeless and glassy.

  261. I love VFT! Beautiful designs, well written, and always get compliments! I need more of those fabulous patterns! 🙂

  262. VFT patterns are so beautiful! I love the clean looks.

  263. I already have a couple of patterns and love them! This is an awesome giveaway!

  264. I love the Lily Belle pinafore, what beautiful patterns.

  265. I love them because I have a three year old girl that would be so beautiful with those dresses ^_^

  266. OMG they have the most gorgeous patterns, I have everything crossed.

  267. Oh my goodness! I love all those patterns but I’ll be making the Vivienne pattern for my granddaughter first.

  268. I have enjoyed the Violette Field Threads patterns also! Thank you for this giveaway! Hope to see many more new patterns in the years to come!

  269. Patterns look so beutifull. I’m sorry, I don’t have Facebook account – I do not want to have it.

  270. VFT patterns are so easy to understand and beautiful to make

  271. I fell in love with Violet Fields from the first sight of the Chloe pattern, you could say it was love at first sight.

  272. I appreciate seeing sweet patterns for little girls–why make them look grown up sooner than they have to?! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!
    [[email protected]]

  273. Oh! I love Violette Field Threads Patterns!!! Would LOVE to win! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  274. I love the style of the patterns. My favorite is the Vivienne skirt and I would love to win the bundle. Thank you for the opportunity!

  275. Beautiful Patterns!!

  276. I so love VFT patterns I have three. Would love to add to it with a few of their new ones. thanks

  277. I like that she offers kits for the flower headbands. So much easier than trying to find all the pieces when you don’t live near any craft stores. Her patterns are amazing and the models are adorable.

  278. Placing my name in the hat (LOL)! I just began sewing/embroidery and am in love with Violette Field Threads patterns already!!!!

  279. oh I love their patterns-you can do so much with them!!

  280. VFT patterns are too cute!

  281. Oh, my gosh; I’ve not seen VFT prior to today, and I can’t wait to make some things for my granddaughter. Think I’ll start with the Ginger pattern.

  282. Seriously gorgeous stuff! I recently made the Chloe dress for my niece at Easter and she LOVED it!

  283. I love Violette Field Threads because they are such creative patterns that can’t be found elsewhere. They make it easy to individualize and make sew up pretty pieces that look professional!

  284. I have one of her Emmaline I’m cutting out soon. All of the patterns are super cute & my oldest granddaughter can’t wait for me to make her some. Thanks for the opportunity to win more!

  285. I love VFT designs. These are some talented ladies! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  286. Love all of the Violet Fields patterns!

  287. i adore the girly frufru patterns. makes me wish i had a little of my own instead of a favorite niece….

    [email protected]

  288. Wow, what beautiful pattern ideas for girls! I have two little grand daughters that I will be making some of these clothes for!!!

  289. I love them because they are just too adorable! Sweet little girls patterns, but very stylish and what my kid wants to wear.

  290. I love how girlie the patterns are.


  291. I love VFT patterns! They are so easy to follow and help create a really well finished product.

  292. I adore these patterns and met some of the VF ladies at quilt market, so nice!

  293. Such sweetness and vintage style! Thanks for a chance at a fun giveaway!

  294. Im working on three vft patterns right now, I love how detailed they are and great pictures!!!

  295. Im working on three vft patterns right now, I love how detailed they are and great pictures!!!

  296. Holy Smokes. Now that I have a little girl… I’m a whole lot more interested in little girl clothing patterns. Great stuff!

  297. I would love more of Violette Field patterns. They are so lovely!

  298. I love their patterns!!

  299. Hi, first of all…thanks for the AWESOME giveaway! I am new to Violet Field Threads so I can’t say what I love most about their patterns but I do see a few that I am for sure going to try. So anxious to get started on them!

  300. I love the ginger pattern, I would love to make this and a matching one for my best friends little girl. They would look so cute in them. the patterns are gorgeous!!!!

  301. I love Violette Field Threads patterns because they are cute without being too over the top frilly and fussy. They really suit the style of clothes that I like for my little girl.

  302. I love VF because their patterns are unique. They are fun and easy to work with as well. My daughter says that the clothes I make with my current VF patterns are “so her style”….LOL funny coming from a 4 year old.

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  307. The styles put a modern twist on traditional children’s clothing. I like children’s clothing styles that don’t look like miniature clothes for adults. Kids should look like kids. Violette Field Threads accomplish that goal.

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  313. So many adorable patterns! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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  315. So many adorable patterns! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

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