Repurposed Picture Frame Tray Tutorial

About a week ago, several of my girlfriends and I headed to the flea market for a Mom’s day out. When I attend the flea market, I am always on the hunt for sewing related antiques, furniture for the house, or unique antique decorative items. We happened upon this one booth that was filled with more garage sale like stuff rather than antiques, but this gold frame caught my eye. It was only $1.00 and the second I saw it I thought that it would make a cute little tray. So I scooped it up and told my friends what I had planned for this little beauty.

I think I saw a tray with this frame because the frame itself is a little angled, but you can give this project a try with any style or size frame you would like. This picture frame tray will take you minutes to complete and there is no-sewing involved (I know, kind of rare around here lately). Let’s get started……

Repurposed Picture Frame Tray

by Lindsay Wilkes from The Cottage Mama


1 picture frame

1 scrap piece of fabric


Grab a picture frame. Use one you already have on hand or hunt for some inexpensive frames at your local flea market, garage sales or thrift shops. Like I said above, I liked that this frame was angled, so it seem to make a nice tray, but choose any frame you would like.
Flip the frame over and remove any hardware on the back. This frame was really easy to take apart, I simply popped the stand and hardware off with my hands. If you have a more stubborn frame, you may need to pull out your pliers.

Above is what the back of the frame looked like after the hardware was removed. If the holes bother you or you plan to give this as a gift, cover the holes with a piece of decorative paper or fabric. You could even write a nice note to the gift recipient. Adhere the paper to the back of the frame with heavy duty glue or mod podge.

I simply flipped the back of the frame over and used the other side because the holes didn’t show nearly as much. This little tray is for me, so the bottom didn’t need to be perfect.
Measure the inside of the frame to figure out how large to cut your fabric. My frame had a paper insert inside the frame, so this was the perfect template for cutting the fabric. You could also use decorative paper instead of fabric, if you prefer. Cut the fabric or paper to size.
Insert the fabric into the frame and slide the back of the frame back into place.
And then step back and admire your sweet little tray.
I’m planning on using this as a jewelry tray, but the options are endless!

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  1. How gorgeous is that?!?!

  2. This is so gorgeous Lindsay. I am always so inspired when I see your work, and this is no exception. Flawless, as always.

  3. This very pretty and yet very simple to do!! Thanks Lindsay.

  4. I adore that frame! And as a jewelry tray…love! 🙂

  5. That is super cute Lindsay! Love the bright fun colors.

  6. This a pratical idea 🙂

  7. super pretty frame! I looks like it was meant to be jewelry tray!

  8. Love it! I actually bought that EXACT frame today at a local thrift shop. When I googled “how to make a jewelry tray out of a picture frame,” this was the first informative link I found. I’m so in love with this frame so I’m not quite sure if I just want to repaint it (I’m thinking of making a wall collage) or use it as a tray, but regardless I love yours!