Come Sew with The Cottage Mama at The Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion

I cannot even begin to tell you how much sewing has been going on over here at The Cottage Mama. You wouldn’t even believe it if I told you… has been a lot! You know how much I love to share with you all, but most of it has to be kept as a big surprise until my book comes out next October. But that’s the way these things go and it is truly a blessed opportunity. However, I finally have some pieces that I can share with you and I wanted to let you know about a really fun event coming up this February.

Have you heard of the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion? Yes, no, maybe? The Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion is a semi-annual, week long event held in Huntsville, AL that focus primarily on sewing for children. The majority of classes focus on heirloom style techniques, but they have started to incorporate some more modern sewing, adult fashion, pattern drafting and quilting.

Well, guess what? The folks over at the Martha Pullen Company have invited me to teach this February 2013! To say this was an honor is a total understatement. In my opinion, the ladies who teach at this event are the rockstars and legends of the heirloom and classic children’s sewing world. Not to mention that Martha Pullen is a legend in her own right. But they invited me. Can you believe it? I am pinching myself to have been given this amazing opportunity, but I am so excited to be part of this community.

I wanted to personally extend an invitation to all of you to come sew with me at the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion. I will be teaching three pre-day classes as well as a full, four day school in a Pfaff classroom. The pre-day classes will take place on February 3 – 6 and the four day school will be on February 7-10.

The pre-day classes are each six hours long for one day and we will be sewing one garment from start to finish. My school is a bit different and it is four full days in the classroom with me. We will be sewing six pieces and you will find out every bit of information that is in my brain with regards to sewing……from mixing and matching fabrics, using trims, embellishing, machine embroidery, finishing techniques and more! The event includes meals, special events, not to mention that this will be Martha Pullen’s 70th birthday celebration!

When you sign up for one of the pre-day classes or the school, the price includes all the fabrics, trims and patterns. I have chosen to sew all of my classes with the Tilda fabrics from the UK. These fabrics are exclusively sold by the Martha Pullen Company here in the US and I thought this might be a fun opportunity for the students to use these fabrics that they may have not worked with before.

So what exactly will we be sewing? Here are the garments that will be completed during each class and we will be using these exact fabrics and trims. Plus I may have a few extras up my sleeve for my students.

Monday Pre-day Class
We will be sewing Shortcake Dress pattern by The Cottage Mama with the double ruffle front. I think this dress is going to be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Plus your little one will be able to wear it next year as a top. Class is for sizes 6 month through 6 years. More information on this pre-day class found here.

Tuesday Pre-day Class
This is one of my favorites! The Ruby Ruffle Dress by The Cottage Mama looks beautiful in the Tilda fabrics. Again this dress will grow with your little one as it looks adorable paired with pants next year as a top. Class will be taught for sizes 6 month through 10 years. More information on this pre-day class found here.
Wednesday Pre-day Class
We will be sewing the Janey Jumper from start to finish using the beautiful floral Tilda fabrics. Class includes all fabrics and buttons and will be taught in size 6 month through 10 years. More information on this pre-day class found here.
Pfaff School with Lindsay Wilkes

The Pfaff School is the four day school I will be teaching. All students will be provided a Pfaff Creative Sensation sewing and embroidery machine to use for the four days. This will be an amazing opportunity for us to spend four days sewing together. Anything you ever want to learn or know from The Cottage Mama, Lindsay Wilkes, will be learned during these four days together. Again, all fabrics, trims and buttons come as complete kits for all the garments shown.
Here are the pieces that will be completed during the school……..

We will be sewing the Charlotte Apron Dress by The Cottage Mama; however, I will be showing you how to make the apron as a separate piece that is also reversible and ties in a big bow in the back of the dress. The apron can be worn with the dress or also used by a little one for pretend play. We will applique the apron and there will be different design options available including the one shown, machine embroidery and several original applique designs by The Cottage Mama.

We will be using the Summer Separates pattern from the Sew Beautiful Collection to construct these darling bloomer capris / pantaloons. These can be worn underneath the apron dress or paired with the ruffle front shirt that we will be making.

We will be focusing on applique and embellishing techniques. Other options will include using machine embroidery and exclusive applique designs by The Cottage Mama.

Finally we will be sewing this darling, bow front twirl skirt that will coordinate with one of the embellished t-shirts. This skirt is fully lined and features french seam techniques. Again, I just adore these Tilda fabrics!
So what do you think? Who wants to come sew with The Cottage Mama at the School of Art Fashion in February 2013? There are a limited number of seats in each class, so if you are interested, I would head over to the website for more information and details. I would absolutely love to spend some time with you all. This also might be a good gift to add to your holiday wish list or how about a getaway with some girlfriends? I hope to see you there!
If you have any questions about the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion feel free to leave a comment or email me at thecottagemama[at]gmail[dot]com.
All Tilda Fabrics can be found at the Martha Pullen Store, just click here.

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  1. Dang. You’re so stinkin talented, woman!

  2. Congratulations, Lindsay. That’s quite an honor, and you certainly deserve it! I’ll be anxiously waiting for the registration to open up for those pre-day classes on the 21st. (If I’m understanding correctly, registration opens then to those not attending the full school.) If I can arrange child are, I would LOVE to take the Ruby Ruffle Dress class!

  3. I can’t believe you are coming to Alabama… OH I would love to come and meet you. I don’t have a need for children’s clothes, but I just love everything you make! I hope you have a blast in Alabama!

  4. Me! I want to come sew with the Cottage Mama! Unfortunately, I have no little girls for whom to sew (I’m too old for a baby, too young yet for a grandchild, thank you!), AND I can hardly sew on a button, but you sure make me WANT to sew, Lindsay! Everything looks so lovely and adorable. Gorgeous fabric, trim and buttons. Anyway, just saw this come in my Inbox and wanted to stop by to say Congrats on this recognition that you have been given, but you do deserve it. And I didn’t realize you will be having a book come out — Congrats on that also! Well, have fun in Alabama. I’m sure you will be a big hit!

  5. Oh! That’s really quite something! We did some embroidery designs for her daughter – Joanna – some years back. They are both very nice and very talented!!

    I really like the bow front twirly skirt!!

    Have a great time!!

    All the way from India

  6. They are just wonderful.You are very creative!1

  7. Ooohh wish you weren t so far away would love to make for my granddaughters.

  8. phillippa price says

    I know I’m a bit late to this post…and in the UK..!
    But I love the twirl skirt with the both. Is the pattern available anywhere please.
    Thankyou so much x


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