Free Tutorials Coming Soon ~ Vest, Shirt and Dress

Summer is in full swing over here and life has just gotten so busy, but I wanted to let you know about three new free tutorials that will be showing up on the blog towards the end of June, beginning of July.  You will find things like how to draft your own patterns and create a vest for little boys and a create and grade a little man shirt.  As well as a free PDF pattern for the Little Line Dress.

Dapper Vest for Boys
I will be showing you how to create your own pattern from clothing you already own.  I will also be sharing some of the tools I use in drafting patterns.  It’s a lot easier than you think!
The Little Man Shirt
This will be another tutorial where I share with you a little bit more about drafting your own patterns.  I may offer the printed pattern in one specific size and help you to grade it up or down.  Or we may construct a pattern using clothing that you already own.  Not entirely sure yet…..
Little Linen Dress
Yes, I promised you this pattern and don’t worry, I have not forgotten……it’s coming soon!
Check back in a couple weeks and I will get the ball rolling on these!
So, what do you think…….excited?  I hope so!

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  1. I am VERY excited to get more information on drafting my own patterns and learning how to grade it. Can’t wait to read the posts!

  2. Way excited!!! And thankful you are sharing your time for this series:):)

  3. que lindo

  4. Very excited, thank you! And if it helps you decide, I’d rather learn how to grade an existing pattern. There are other tutorials for that out there, but all the ones I’ve read have been confusing to me.

  5. Super excited! I have two little guys and one little gal to sew for (and no free time). 🙂 Thank you for this!

  6. Nancy E in MN says

    Can’t wait for the drafting tutorials! Lindsay, I’m enjoying the guest reviews of your patterns, but….I’m missing you and your special flair for quality awesomeness!

  7. This is great! I have made a couple items for my daughter from “scratch” but I’m sure that there are MUCH easier ways to go about it than my methods and I have no idea where to go to learn how to draft my own patterns although I would love to learn how. I’m excited that you are going to help us learn some of the techniques so we can try to create on our own, that is soooo kind of you!