Halloween Costumes ~ Princess Witch and Princess Ballerina

Every year I have made my kids Halloween costumes.  It’s something I looked forward to ever since Savannah was born.  I have some of the best memories of the costumes my mom used to create for my brother and I.  I loved those costumes and always felt really special wearing them to school and showing them off to my friends.  There’s nothing quite like handmade.  I know they only wear the costume for a day, but those memories will last forever.  Trust me, I still remember being Daisy Duck, a clown, a bird, a bunny rabbit, ect. 

It took my girls a little while to decide exactly what they wanted to be for Halloween.  They started out both wanting to be witches, then they wanted to be hummingbirds, then some sort of insect……..but they eventually made their final decision ~ a princess witch and a princess ballerina.  I was pretty surprised that Matilda chose a different costume than her sister, but pleased that she seems to be developing her own sense of self.

I wasn’t exactly sure what these costumes were going to end up looking like, but I figured they couldn’t be too tough.  So here is the finished product……….

I didn’t use a pattern for either of these dresses.  I went to Joann Fabrics and let the fabrics just kind of guide the way.  I do that a lot.  I go into a store having no idea how something is going to turn out, but once I start pairing fabrics together a vision starts to form.

Miss Matilda loves her princess ballerina costume.  When I finished the look, I tried it on her to make sure it fit and she danced and twirled around for about an hour.  I think she might be my little ballerina, but only time will tell.

This dress was incredibly quick and easy to make.  I simply measured Matilda’s chest and measured from under her arm down to where I wanted the dress to fall.  Then I added and inch on the top and bottom to allow for hemming.  I cut a piece of elastic 1″ smaller than her chest measurement for the top of the dress and added a ribbon to act like a halter top.

The flower detail in the front of the dress was all stitched after the elastic had been threaded.  These were flowers that I found on a long branch at Michael’s craft store.  I simply cut them off of the branch and arranged them on the front of the dress.

The head piece has a backing made of felt and the flower trim and lace is hot glued to the felt.  There is a clip through the felt to hold the head piece in place.

One of my favorite aspects of this dress is the flower trim around the bottom hem.  This is something I happened to already have and I think it adds a nice weight to the dress and makes it really fun and special.  The entire dress is lined because the outer, sparkle fabric is pretty rough on the skin.  Plus I didn’t want the dress to be too see-through.

My little sweetheart keeps saying, “Thank you, mama, thank you!” about her special costume.  She makes all the time and effort that goes into creating an outfit well worth it!

The princess witch costume was really fun to create!  It took a little more time than the princess ballerina but that was because there was more detail involved.

The princess witch costume is a double layered skirt with a solid cotton bottom layer and a spider-web top layer.  The top layer is somewhat stiff so it adds a nice volume to the bottom of the dress.  The bodice has a corset-style detail and ties with black satin ribbons on each shoulder. 

I used a large artificial flower I found a Michael’s craft store for the detail at the waist and on the hat.  I cut all the petals apart on the flower and placed them how I wanted them.  It’s amazing how far one giant flower will go and I still had some petals left over.  The dress is completed with the plaid ribbon around the waist and the coordinating bow on the hat.


I can’t believe how old my 3.5 year old princess witch is getting.  It’s hard to believe that is my little baby in the picture above.  Time really does fly by!  

I am really looking forward to seeing my two princesses in their costumes going door-to-door trick or treating on Halloween night.  I think they are going to have SO much fun together this year.  
Hope you have a super Happy Halloween!

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  1. oh my goodness – those are SO SO cute Lindsay!!! I love that Princess Witch – fabulous!!!

  2. How adorable…. both the costumes and the girls!! They look so cute in them, and you did such a fabulous job. I really love the very last picture… she just has this look that is so cute!

  3. both of those costumes are gorgeous! your girls look beautiful in them how lucky are they to have such a crafty mama:)

  4. Hi, a random here intruding just to say wow, wow, wow! Those costumes (and the photographs of them) are just amazing. I soooo wish I could sew, but wouldn’t even know where to start. Oh why oh why aren’t there more hours in the day to teach myself all of these things.

  5. Awwww… you did a fabulous job! They look so festive and pretty! Neato!

  6. Aww, they’re both gorgeous (girls and dresses)

  7. These are so great!

  8. Absolutely adorable, Lindsay! The girls are just so so cute! Glad to see that you’ve been able to get back on your sewing machine!

    Happy Halloween!

  9. And you are creating patterns to go with these adorable little costumes…right?! I can definitely picture my little girls in something similar next year. I get so tired of buying costumes – and these are perfect for lil’ angels (mine are 3 1/2 and 18 months). If you decide to make a pattern, count me in!

    Happy Haunting!

  10. These are adorable!! And so beautiful!! You are amazing!

  11. they are gorgeous (the kids AND the costumes!!!)

  12. I love the pink little princess dress. So cute for my little one.

  13. They are both really beautiful!!!!!

  14. Wow! These look fantastic! I wish I had this much imagination.

  15. You did a great job!

  16. Your girls just look adorable in these gorgeous costumes you made! I totally enjoyed this blog. I’m a granny with no girls….can’t tell you how much I love to see what you make for your girls !And by their expressions, I can tell they are very pleased! Happy Halloween!

  17. These are just so beautiful! You did a great job.

  18. Love these! You are “sew” creative!!


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