Sew Magazine: Blog of the Month

Several months ago I was contacted by a UK sewing magazine, called “Sew Magazine” and asked if they could feature my blog as the “Blog of the Month”.  I couldn’t believe it…….really? Little ole me?  Well, it was true!  They said they like to feature an inspirational sewing blog each month and they had chosen my blog for the September 2011 issue.  Wow!  To say I was flattered would be the biggest understatement of the year!

Last week I was sent my copy of the magazine.  To be honest, I’ve never purchased this magazine before, but I think I may have to going forward.  Not just because they were so sweet to include me, but because it is a truly beautiful sewing magazine.  It came packaged nicely in plastic and each copy of the magazine includes a monthly sewing pattern.  This months pattern is a knit dress with a really fun, funky jacket.  There is a whole section of the magazine dedicated to sewing with this pattern that includes ideas, inspiration, and helpful hints.

When I flipped to the “Table of Contents”, I couldn’t believe my eyes – is that my little girls bedroom?  Sure enough, pictured under “Sew Living”, is Savannah and Matilda’s Shared Toddler Bedroom.  Pretty cool.

And then flip to page 50 and there I am.  I had no idea they would be including MY picture in the magazine, but there I was with little Miss Matilda.  They wrote a nice feature about the blog and how I got started in blogging.

I seriously pinch myself every time I have something featured in a print publication.  There is just something so, so gratifying about seeing your name or business in printed form.  It’s definitely something you can hold and keep forever.  Like I said above, I am beyond flattered to have been chosen as Sew Magazine’s “Blog of the Month”.

You can click HERE to check out Sew Magazine’s website and you should be able to find the magazine where a large selection of crafting and sewing publications are sold (such as Barnes and Noble).  The magazine is loaded with information and has free patterns, templates and projects throughout.  I would definitely say their target audience is a bit younger, but I think everyone could find some great information in this publication.

Thanks for letting me share these exciting moments with you all.  When I started this blog almost 2 years ago, I had no idea these are the types of opportunities that would come my way.  
I feel blessed, very blessed!

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  1. Double congratulations are due! First for your precious little baby boy Caspian, he is just adorable and for the wonderful magazine feature! Your blog and your clothing along with your children are all just beautiful. I love following your blog and seeing what you are creating for children! The room for your daughters is just the cutest too!

  2. Congratulations !I love following your blog!Emerencia.

  3. That’s great! Well earnt for certain. Thanks for the intro to the magazine : )

  4. Well done!

    I almost bought this magazine in Tesco on Friday but then I remembered mum has a subscription so I’ll be nabbing her copy!

    I love the patterns that come in the Sew magazine, they’re often great big name patterns and sew up quite well 🙂

    Fab to see your blog featured!

  5. wowserz!! congrats:)

  6. Congratulations Lindsay!

  7. how cool! thanks for sharing this magazine! i’m always looking for new sewing magazines (hate when i get one and there’s only one article or so that peaks my interest! UK magazines seem to be ahead of the game, i love SewHip if you haven’t read that one!)
    and congrats on the addition to your family!

  8. Woohoo, congrats! I have to admit that Sew and I fell out a couple of months ago, but I’ll not hold that against you lol

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  10. Congratulations on being featured in the magazine, how exciting!

  11. Wow. Congratulations! How exciting for you. Great job!

  12. This is so neat!

    And wow did you make an adorable baby boy! He is SO cute! So question on your vbac? I’ve had one normal delivery and then 2 c-sections. How many c-sections did you have? I’d still love to not have a c-section next time around!

  13. So fabulous! Looks like a great magazine too.

  14. Congrats on the magazine and I am not surprised they would feature you in their magazine. You are awesome and you know I am definitely a fan. I am always getting inspiration from your blog. I love it! Hope you and your little ones are doing well. Denise

  15. Well done! It looks like a great magazine 🙂

  16. Yay to you. You must be stoked. I have been looking for a sewing mag and I hadn’t found one until now. That’s awesome!

  17. How exciting, Lindsay!! Congratulations! I haven’t seen this magazine, but I’m definitely going to keep my eye out!


  18. Wow…awesome..congratulation Lindsay! for being featured in this magazine.I am so happy for you!

    Good day..

    Ayu M.

  19. Congratulations on being featured! I’m going to have to check into that magazine.

  20. Linda Zielinski says

    Way to go Girl…you are just oozing with talent…I tell all may family & friends about your blog. And we all love your recipes…keep them coming!!