Felted Fingerless Glove Tutorial

I wanted to share my Felted Fingerless Glove tutorial with you this week because Christmas is practically upon us and I think this is a great last-minute gift idea.

I don’t know if you remember this post on felting wool, but I felted SO many sweaters that I am up to my neck with felted wool in my house.  I pulled out my gazillion felted sweaters for another project (to be shared next week), stuck my hand inside the arm of one of the sweaters and thought, “ah, ha!”……Felted Fingerless Gloves!  I had also seen Shannon’s “Comfy Wrist-Warmer Tutorial” recently so I think that idea was sitting in my subconscious and helped to inspire this little tutorial.  Thanks Shannon!

This is pretty much a NO-SEW tutorial (except if you decide to hand-sew on some embellishments).

Let’s get started…….

Felted Fingerless Glove Tutorial
1 felted wool sweater
Optional embellishments:
Fabric flowers
Fabric yo-yo’s
Hand-sewing needle
Grab your felted wool sweater.  If you are unsure about how to felt wool, please check out my tutorial HERE.

Cut off each arm of the sweater.  I wanted my gloves to come up right below my elbow, that way I can avoid getting any snow up my sleeve.  You can cut them as long or as short as you would like.  The lovely thing about felted wool is it will not fray so we do not need to worry about finishing any of the raw edges in this tutorial.

 Here are the two arms of the sweaters cut and ready to have a thumb hole added.

Put the sleeve on your arm.  I am using the cuff part of the sleeve down around my hand because it is tighter than the upper part of the sleeve.  Check and see where your thumb comes together with rest of your hand and cut a little slit in the wool.

Here is my thumb poking out of the slit I cut in the felted wool.  Make sure not to cut a slit too large, just about a 1/2″ will do.

You can stop right here, but if you want to make these gloves extra special, follow the next step!

Next, choose your embellishments for your gloves and hand-sew them with a needle and thread.

 For my gloves, I chose to add a couple rolled-roses (click here to learn how), a little fabric yo-yo (click here to learn how) and a green button.

For my other glove, I did two rolled-roses and sewed a button on top.  I like each glove being a little different…..kind of gives it a more eclectic look.

Felted Fingerless Gloves – how easy was that?  You know what these gloves cost me?  $1.00 for the sweater from my local thrift store and barely anything for the embellishments.  Pretty good, if you ask me!

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  1. Love those upcycled projects, especially on an old accidentally shrunken sweater! Lol

  2. Love it! This is fabulous! Thanks for linking as well 🙂 Great minds think alike right? Gotta love wristwarmers..I can’t get enough of them.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. I have a perfect sweater for this that I accidentally put in the dryer and when I found out, it was the size of a toddler’s sweater so it is perfect for this fingerless gloves. Thanks again! 🙂

    Adin B

  4. Love this!
    I have a whole stash of felted wool as well… this Christmas, I’m trying to make my way through some of it, so I keep making felted wool projects. So fun. 🙂

  5. What a great idea. I just made a pillow out of a cashmere sweater and was trying to find something to do with the sleeves. This will be perfect for my 10 year old daughter.

  6. Pretty nifty idea! And one I can finally do, since I can’t sew, but I CAN use scissors! 😉

  7. Thank you pertaining to sharing this. I have a excellent sweater because of this i accidentally make the dryer so when I found out, it had been the dimensions of a new child’s cardigan so it’s suitable for this fingerless gloves. Thanks again!

  8. Hi I just linked to this tutorial on my blog, hope you don’t mind! Loving your work.

    Suze x


  9. Your winter glove tutorial was just featured this on my blog– with other wonderful glove tutorials! thanks for sharing it. http://www.patchworkposse.com/blog/2012/12/winter-mitten-tutorials/

  10. Ive been making fingerless gloves this way for about 10 years and they always sell well. I alter the decorations each year making each new batch slightly different, but must admit I fall in love with the jazzy colours so often I have a bag of them for myself, so I can match gloves to seasons and jackets lol
    Great tutorial n pics : )


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