The BIG 3-0

So today I enter a new world – I’m 30 years old!  To be honest, I don’t feel any different about being in my 30’s.  I’ve kind of always felt like an “old soul”, so age has always just be a number to me.  I never “felt” 21 or 24 or 29 years old, I’ve just always felt like me.  I kind of wonder if I will feel the same way when I turn 40, 50, 60, or 70?  I guess only time will tell.  But I have to say, 30 definitely sounds a bit more grown up, don’t you think?

When I look back at what I’ve done and where I’ve been for the last 30 years, I can honestly say that I am really happy with where I am right now (as self-indulgent as that may sound).  I’ve graduated from college, I’ve had a career in banking and real estate, I’ve married the love of my life, I own a home and a car, I’ve started my own business and more importantly I’ve brought two (almost 3) amazing little souls into this world.  Not too bad.  Of course there are plenty of more goals and ambitions that I have for the next 20, 30, 40 years, but it’s always good to take time to reflect and appreciate life.  And though I can admit that I can get caught up in our fast paced society, I am truly grateful for the life that has been bestowed upon me.

So, let’s see, for this birthday, here are 30 things about me (non-crafty/sewing related)………..

1. I was born in Indiana.
2. I’ve lived in Indiana, California, Texas, Ohio and Illinois.
3. I have a bachelors degree in Finance.
4. I have one brother who is a chef in Boulder, CO.
5. I am very sensitive.
6. I love coffee.
7. Shrimp is my favorite food.
8. I love cooking, but don’t love doing the dishes.
9. Fall is my favorite season.
10. Red is my favorite color.
11. I’ve been to Scotland, England, Ireland, Mexico and Canada.
12. I drive a mini-van.
13. I love grocery shopping.
14. I like to start the day by making the bed, though it doesn’t always happen.
15. Having children is more work than I ever thought.
16. I would much prefer french fries over chocolate.
17. I am not very patient (though I’ve gotten a lot better since having kids).
18. I like things done a certain way.  Slight control freak.
19. I love wine (only a month and a half until I can indulge again).
20. I don’t mind being pregnant.
21. I love music.  I love to sing, dance and listen to it.  All different kinds.
22. I’m not really into movies.
23. I like reality TV.  I won’t go into what shows because it’s very embarrassing.
24. I don’t like bugs.
25. I always have 101 ideas swirling around in my head.
26. I currently have 6 “to-do” lists going, but I couldn’t tell you where they all are at this moment.
27. I am passionate……..about everything.
28. I love organizing.
29. I very rarely follow a recipe when cooking.
30. I hope the next 30 years bring me as much joy as the first 30.

Ok, so that’s enough about “The Cottage Mama”.  
Is there anything you would like to know about me?  I always find it so fun to get to know people a little better, so if there’s ever been a question pondering in your head about the woman behind this blog, this is the time to go ahead and ask………I’m an open book!  
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Thanks for posting the 30 Things list…it’s fun to get to know you a little better 🙂 I hope you enjoy celebrating today/this weekend.

  2. Happy Birthday – and welcome to the 30 Club. (Although, at 35, I believe 40 is quickly approaching!)

    How did you get interested/started with sewing, and what are your inspirations? And, how do you choose your fabrics? Your combinations are wonderful.

    Have a happy day! Thanks for a great blog!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!! I have to agree that your age is just a number. I have seen many people in their 60’s and 70’s that have more energy and enjoy life more than many younger ones including me, lol! However, when I turned 35 this past December shortly after having my first child I realized that life only began once I had our little Sophie Bee… and I only wish I had her earlier in life as now I do feel the passage of time!!! Once again, congratulations, may your 30’s be full of happiness with your family!

  4. Happy Birthday! Today is my birthday too although since I am turning 38 it was my birthday first ;P Reading through your list of 30 things about you I can identify with quite a few. Must be something about being born on the same day. Enjoy yourself!

  5. Grandma Jane says

    Yes, dear Lindsay… I will predict that in another 30 years, you will feel just like “you” on the inside. As we get older we look different in the mirror with a few (or alot)more wrinkles, pounds and gray hairs, but your heart will still sing with the same joys and love that you feel today and you will always be YOU on the inside! Happy Birthday to a wonderful daughter and friend!

  6. Happy Birthday and welcome to the club!! Thirty wasn’t bad for me, 28 was for some reason. I am new to your blog and I’m glad you posted the 30 things about you, we have quite a bit in common. Anyway have a wonderful day!!

  7. Happy Birthday Lindsay! The 30’s are just breezy, trust me…next year I hit the 40’s and am getting nervous! LOL…hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday!! 🙂 I love your 30 – July 10 I turned 27 years 🙂

    hugs from Szczecin – Poland! 🙂

  9. Nikki Loans says

    Happy 30th! I loved turning 30 – was a real milestone in my life & I suddenly felt a lot more self assured & at peace with where I was in life. Enjoy your birthday weekend!

  10. Hi Lindsay! Happiest of happy 30th birthdays to you! I don’t know you personally but I absolutely adore your blog. I follow several thousand blogs (not really but it feels like it) and yours is always the first one I read. 🙂 Your work is so inspiring. Thanks for your tutorials and creativity. You’re an amazing person!
    🙂 Cameron Lawracy in Alabama

  11. Happy birthday (: I’m glad they’ve been such great years, here’s to the next thirty!

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. happy birthday to you – 30’s nothing – I’m 40 – and loving it- Tone

  14. Happy Birthday! I liked getting to know about you! I hardly ever follow a recipe either, except for baking and I am totally with you about the bed thing. It just starts the day off right!

    Hope you have a great time celebrating!


  15. welcome to the 30’s girl! 🙂 Hope you have a good b-day.

  16. Happy Birthday and the 30’s are great years. I would like to know who was your favorite teacher and why?

  17. Happy birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday to you!! Thanks for posting 30 things about yourself. It’s a fun way to get to know you better. I currently live in your home state but have also lived in MN, NE, MI, and MO.Enjoy your special day!!

  19. Happy Birthday Lindsay!!! Let the sun shine your life…after 30:)

  20. OH darn, I was too busy yesterday to stop in and check your part of the blog world. And look; I missed a big day for you. 🙁

    Happy Birthday one day late. I hope you were totally spoiled at some point of your big day. I was smiling as I read that list because about 85% or more could have been written by me. I totally agree with the ‘not feeling’ any different with each birthday as I’ve never had that either. I’ve got a few friends that totally freak out about 2 weeks before their birthday because they’re going to be a year older. NEVER understood that at all.

    Have a good day.

  21. I turned 30 this year too and I would have to say the weirdest thing was when I went to the doctor and she asks me how I handled turning 30 because she wasn’t there yet. 😉 Happy birthday!

  22. wishing you a very happy birthday from old England!

    With love, Anita x

  23. Happy Birthday! I remember turning 30 and celebrated it. Last year I hit the 40 mark and it didn’t really phase me. Enjoy your 30’s!

  24. Belated birthday wishes lindsay. Wishing a fabulous thirties with three kids. I turned 40 last month and I couldn’t remember my 30th birthday. This decade went fast like a supersonic jet especially the last five years :).

  25. Hi Lindsay,
    Happy belated birthday!
    Guess what? my birthday is on the same day as yours!
    And we have so much in common…
    I have a minivan, my kids are my Blessings and joy, I have a huge to do list too and don’t know where it is at the moment, and I too constantly walk around with idea’s swirling in my head. (nuts).
    But, I am only one year away from the big 4 O. Even though it feels like an old number. I loved the sound of the 30’s better.
    I hope you had a great weekend!

    I would love for you to visit my blog. I have some great Ca. beach pictures. Please hop over.