Week 1 Project Run and Play – Winter Wonderland

Project Run and Play starts TODAY!

Our first weeks challenge for Project Run and Play (the blogger version of Project Runway for kids) was “Winter Wonderland”.  I have to admit, when I saw this theme, I was 100% stumped.  I just couldn’t wrap my head around it.  I think part of it was the theme being so wide open and the other part was that I was insanely nervous about what my fellow bloggers would be bringing to the table.  Have you checked out the competition?  There are some seriously talented ladies!

But luckily, I am married to a very creative husband who suggested that I go into my studio, look around at what I have, and see what speaks to me.  So, I thought, ok, it’s worth a shot.  And it worked!

I started out with this vintage crocheted collar that my grandma Ethel had sent me.  It just looked like a delicate snowflake that I thought was definitely “Winter Wonderland” like.  Then I dug through my pile of felted sweaters and found this dreamy, blue/green cashmere sweater that was feminine, cozy, and warm.  Finally, I had purchased a bunch of Sandi Henderson’s “Meadowsweet 2” and thought this light speckle damask fabric would be perfect for the skirt and the circles reminded me of snowflakes as well.

And here’s what I came up with for my final look……….

I wanted this to be a very feminine, romantic winter look.  I gathered the sleeves a little bit and added a small shell button at the top of each gather.

The bottom of the dress is finished with felted cashmere ruffle and picot edging at the very bottom of the hem.

The hat incorporates recycled sweaters and I used strips of the cashmere sweater to accent the top.

The back of the dress has a coordinated fabric covered button where the vintage crocheted collar meets.

Our snow had mostly melted, but as we were shooting these pictures inside, it began to snow outside.  Perfect weather for a “Winter Wonderland” shoot!

In the past, Savannah has not been a huge fan of modeling for me, but she seems to be warming up to the idea.  She told me that this dress was “beautiful and SO cozy”……..well, that’s cashmere for you…….the girl’s got taste, that’s for sure!!

I’m so, so happy that I am participating in Project Run and Play – it is definitely going to be a great exercise to stretch my creativity and it’s always fun to change things up a bit.

The competition starts today and the voting is open to the public, so head on over and vote for your favorite look!
Click HERE to visit Project Run and Play and VOTE!!
Fingers crossed that I make it to the next round!  If I happen to win this round, I’ll be sharing the pattern and tutorial for this dress over on Project Run and Play!

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  1. Super cute. Voted for you. I really liked some of the others, but I could see putting my girls in your outfit the most.

  2. I would love this outfit for my daughter! Very pretty and looks so confy too. Great job!

  3. Lindsay this dress is absolutely beautiful!!! You inspire me!!
    Good luck on the Project Run and Play!

  4. THIS is the most beautiful dress ever! LOVE it! Going to vote for you now!!!!

  5. just voted! this dress is darling!! LOVE it!!

  6. It’s beautiful! Definitely winter wonderlandy! I particularly like that you added the cashmere ruffle.

  7. OH my gracious this is one of the sweetest little outfits Ive ever seen! You’d better win!

  8. I voted for you – though there were so many nice pieces. Good luck in the competition – I think you are super talented

  9. You got my vote. Some of the others are cute, but this one with all the details and the coziness of the cashmere, just screams winter. I’m dying for the tutorial cause my winter babies both have birthdays coming up and I’ve been looking for the perfect party dresses. This fits the bill perfectly.

  10. This dress is gorgeous! I’ve put my vote in .. Good luck with the competition.

  11. Lindsay, LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And the pictures of Savannah are too cute.
    Way to go, friend! 🙂

  12. This is adorable! And the little model is beautiful, as well. I am going to go vote for you! Love all the little touches…perfect!

  13. Oh, Lindsay!! This is to die for. I want one for me and my three girls. Please… I’m headed over to vote and check out the other entries, but I can’t really imagine anything more winter wondery!! And you know I LOVE the ruffle (and the picot trim – perfection!!)

  14. Your dress is hands down, gorgeous!

  15. I have to say, I just love this outfit… I wanted to reach in my computer and snatch it for my little Miss O.

    I hope you succeeed!

  16. Gorgeous!
    Really, really wonderful.
    And the pictures are so so nice too!

    Good Luck!

  17. So cute!!
    Great color and love the gathering along the dress

  18. You are so talented, this dress is beautiful. I wish we had some little girls in our life, so I could sew some dresses.

    I’ll be sure to vote.

  19. This is BEAUTIFUL! And I looked over at all of the submissions and still loved yours the most. 🙂 So I voted for you! Beautiful!

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS……this is 1 outstandingly outfit…..I would love this outfit for my 3 yr old…what a lucky lil girl that gets to wear this dress

  21. Oh. My. Goodness!!! I absolutely love this beautiful dress – it is QUITE DARLING! And I want one! I voted for you and I hope you win because I WANT this pattern. I am even capable of crocheting my daughter’s own neck trim. Please do share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. And I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to post a link to this on my blog right now,…so people can vote for you even more, and hopefully I’ll get the chance to see your pattern! Thanks!!!

  23. So gorgeous!! I voted for you 😉

  24. You absolutely got my vote! Stunning – truly!

  25. Heart stopping cuteness! Great job!

  26. Its so pretty! I love the ruffle on the bottom… so pretty!

  27. Beautiful dress on a beautiful little model! I went over and voted for you! Good luck!

  28. Golly…what a sweet crocheted collar…I could make one like that! And the dress is very pretty…love Sandi’s fabrics!

  29. This is stunning! I was only an occassional reader but this dress is so amazing I will be back much more often. I voted for you and if you don’t win it’s a sin. So gorgeous, the girl and the dress!

  30. Hi!!!
    I voted for you..among all other entries yours just popped!

  31. I totally voted for you. I love it I want to make one just like it. Now if I only had a collar like that and a cashmere sweater and that cute fabric where did you get it. There was some amazing entries, but I just kept looking back at your s. Great job.

  32. This is seriously so cute and creative.
    I need to go out and find some old cashmere sweaters.
    Good Job!

  33. So beautiful, Lindsay!!! You are amazing. Yours and Katy’s were my top two favorites!!

  34. I hated that I’m late seeing this post…the voting period was way too short. I think this outfit and the photos are so ADORABLE!! It was my favorite out of the bunch for sure.

  35. Yours should have won! I love the sleeve detail, the vintage crochet collar, the colors, texture, everything. You should do more like this! Definitely talented there.

  36. Lindsay, I would love to have the pattern for the dress! It is wonderful!

    What really makes this outfit a winner (IMO) is a) the wearability of it – this is a real dress for real girls in real life. Plus, it looks so cosy and soft and warm 🙂
    b) the eye for detail! Like the tiny picot at the hem is both so fragile and snowflake-like – what a wonderful idea!

    Your sewing room sure spoke to you, and I hope that it babbles a lot more in the future! 🙂

    Sabine, Belgium

  37. This is simply beautiful – well done. Sadly I missed voting but will be sure to check in on time next time! I would love to make this for my niece – I don’t think my 3 boys would appreciate it!
    Laura, UK x

  38. Hello Lindsay – I feel certainly inspired by your Winter Wonderland dress and am pondering making a dress based on it. But… I find myself wondering whether there is something one should pay attention to when sewing a felted washmere to a cotton? It seems as if they might differ quite a bit in thickness and texture, plus I suppose the cashmere is a little stretchy whereas the cotton isn’t?
    Is there any advice you could perhaps share on this? And how about washing/drying/ironing?

    Thank you!

    sushi (at) telenet (dot) be