The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale

As you know from my previous post, my family and I hit the road and headed down to Tennessee for my very first show.  I was invited to Lafayette, TN to be part of The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale that is owned and coordinated by Christy Donoho.

I am going to warn you right now, this is probably going to be my most picture heavy post to date.  But I was just so inspired by everything going on in this small town, that I had to document everything!

Thursday evening was the preview night for the sale.  There was a $10 admission charge (which was donated to a local organization) and that meant these folks got to shop first.  There were also complimentary food and beverages as well.  So when we arrived at the barn sale around 3:00 on Thursday afternoon, this is what we pulled up to……

There were several artists painting some signs in preparation for the preview night.  Christy had done a fabulous job setting the scene for this unique fall sale.  There were whimsical pumpkins, scarecrows, bails of hay…..pretty much anything you could imagine for fall.

And now enter the barn……..

I was so inspired when I entered the barn – I wanted one of everything!  But seeing as though I was actually trying to make a little money myself, I had VERY good self-control.  There were gorgeous fabrics, fun lamps, old frames, luscious handmade soaps, adorable aprons, amazing vintage finds, furniture and so on.

I was set up outside under a large covered area……

I had my clothing displayed on a garment rack and a vintage drying rack, both of which we brought from home.

Pictured above is my garment rack that was divided based on size.  I made these designer size-hangers from items from our local craft store.  I love how they turned out – they fit right in with The Cottage Mama look.

I brought my fabric pennants that I made for Matilda’s Garden Party, which I think blended in really nicely.  The items on top of this lovely teal dresser were brought from my sewing studio.

This was the very first piece that sold during the preview night – size 2T.  It is one of my favorites for sure!

Here are my shopping bags and tissue paper used to wrap up orders.  I store them in this old vintage crate.  I got this crate for $3 and the label was falling off really badly.  But it was nothing that a little mod podge wouldn’t fix and now it is just right!  I actually ended up not using my bags since the Strawberry Patch already had their own.

Above are all pieces that sold during the first day and a half of the barn sale.

 I didn’t sell my Fall Knot Dress, but I did, however, take a custom order for one in size 7.  The 3T (seen here) is now listed in my etsy shop.

These are very simple covered button hair ties that I sold to match my little dresses.

I handed out a ton of business cards during my day and a half at the sale.  I’ve learned from this experience that is is very hard to know what sizes to bring.  I had a range of sizing from 3 months through 6 years, but I had quite a few inquiries up to size 10.  I am able to make a lot of my pieces that large, but since I’ve never had any orders larger than an 8, I didn’t think to bring any larger sizes……live and learn, I guess.

Above are just some more items that were displayed on top of the dresser.  I sold a few kitties, some burp clothes, and a handful of hair accessories.

This skirt sold rather quickly.  I think if it were smaller, I probably would have kept it for my girls – I just love the colors!

There were about three artists painting while the sale took place.  It was very exciting seeing their works come to life before my very eyes.  I’ve never done much painting, but I was inspired, to say the least.

Here is the lovely Christy Donoho, founder of The Strawberry Patch Barn Sale.  She is just a gorgeous person inside and out.  She welcomed my family into her home and made us feel like family.  I feel very blessed that I have had the opportunity to connect and get to know her………she has such a warm and inviting energy about her and is a true joy to be around. 

A few more things from inside the barn…….

There were a couple other children’s clothing and accessories designers that presented their items at the sale.  Here are a few of their pieces that I loved……..

Evelyn had her pottery for sale and worked on her wheel during the sale on Friday.

Here is one of my little ladies, Matilda (below).  She was such an angel during the sale……she just hung out and took everything in.  I don’t have a picture of Miss Savannah – she was too busy racing around with all the “big” kids.

There were a couple jewelry designers from etsy that had their work on display.  One was Beadworks by Marcy – it was so nice to meet her and chat for a little while.

Here is a painting that was done by an artist during the sale and purchased on the spot by this lovely lady.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  The colors are just amazing!

I loved this blue truck that was on display behind all of these fun pumpkins.

And if the sale wasn’t incredible enough, I have to give you a little peak inside Christy Donoho’s home – I have never been in anything quite like it.  She has inspired me to do some re-decorating for sure!!

So, that’s it folks.  It was an amazing, busy, tiring, inspiring, creative and crazy weekend……..but I’m so glad we decided to make the trip down there.

And there were several groups of people that made the trip all the way from Nashville to meet The Cottage Mama (to say I was flattered would be an understatement)….I still can’t believe it.  For those of you I missed on Saturday (Christy told me you came all that way), please email me ([email protected])……..I have a little something for you!

This world we live in ceases to amaze me.  The creativity, talent and artistry that exists in truly astounding.  You never really know where life is going to take you, but I was lead to TN for a reason and boy am I glad I was, it was a truly inspiring weekend out in the country.  I can guarantee you that there will be a few things coming up on this blog that were inspired by my journey this weekend!

Have a great week!

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  1. Love this post, Lindsay!! I almost feel like I was there – thanks for all the pictures!! I’m inspired just by the pictures! Sounds like you had a very successful first show – CONGRATULATIONS!! Love the size hangers. And can I ask where you got your children’s dress forms? My birthday is tomorrow and that is number 1 on my wish list. 🙂

    Have a super week!


  2. I’d have gone crazy there! What a great event. I’m glad you shared so many pictures with us.

  3. Thank you for all of the eye candy! I would have loved to have been there. Amazing talent!

  4. great post! Your dresses and display were absolutely amazing!!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend. What a fun trip to be able to make.

  6. I can’t believe this…I just discovered you and your amazing products today. I promptly added your blog to my google reader and became a fan on fb. Now I read this blog post and am so sad. I live just south of Nashville and would have absolutely made the trip up to Lafayette to see your items in person and shop at this fabulous sale. The silver lining is that now I am aware of it, and can look out for another one in the future. Thanks for all of the fabulous pictures!

  7. such inspiration in this post. thanks! glad your selling went well!

  8. Congrats on completing your first show! Your display looked so lovely, and your creations, DIVINE! I am glad it was successful for you. Great photos too, by the way!
    Best regards,

  9. Oh my! I think my heart skipped a beat just looking at all of these amazing pictures! What an awesome sale! I wish I lived closer & I would have loved to come! I hope you ended up doing well & get lots more contacts for the future! Those owl pillows are so fun! One of my favs! I just love your kitties too! So adorable!

    Thanks for a fun & inspiring post! 🙂

  10. Hey Lindsay! I was one of the ones that drove from NAshville to see you! I saw your blog about the show and am so glad I did. My sister and I had a lovely Saturday together – and scored some cute things at the barn sale. My sis got one of your kitties. 🙂 Anyway – congratulations! And thanks for the great pictures – I forgot my camera so my blog post is lacking in pictures!

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  12. Hi Lindsay,
    I must confess that I ran across your site while websurfing for photos of The Strawberry Patch barn sale to add to my vision board. I plan on being a vendor next year – that is my vision! I love all the photos you’ve posted and am so glad it was a wonderful experience for you. Thanks so much for sharing!